The mark of the beast will be introduced

By Enoch

February 1, 2021

Message from Jesus the Good Shepherd

Sheep of my flock, my peace be with you.

My flock, everything is being consummated in its totality and this ungrateful and sinful humanity continues without awakening from its spiritual lethargy. The time of darkness has begun and many will be lost because they are far from Me. You are already in the midst of wolves, my flock; be humble, prudent and astute, and do not reveal your heart to just anyone, because you well know that the wolves are looking for someone to devour. Great events are about to unfold that will change the destiny of humanity; viruses and pandemics will intensify and will continue to be present in your world; as the population begins to be decimated by pandemics, panic and fear will take hold of humanity.

No vaccine will give you protection, only spiritual protection and the remedies that Heaven has sent you will serve to counteract the viruses and pandemics that will ravage humanity. New viruses will be spread in the air that will create more lethal pandemics, humanity will be decimated and the economies of the poorest nations will roll to the ground because of the intensity of the quarantines. The horseman of famine and pestilence is already in your midst and has begun to pour out his cup upon the inhabitants of the earth. Millions of souls, because they are not spiritually prepared, will be eternally lost when death comes to them because of the pandemics.

The pains for humanity are beginning and how sad I am to see so much lukewarm and sinful humanity that will be lost for not wanting to heed my calls to conversion! Tribulation, tribulation, is what awaits you and the immense majority continues without awakening! The bad news will be your company and will follow one after the other; this humanity will not be able to rise up when another misfortune and misfortune will touch it; all the seals have begun to open and everything written for this end of times is being fulfilled to the letter. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. (Matthew 24:35)

The mark of the beast in the vaccines will be introduced to you* and the immense majority of humanity will be lost for not wanting to heed my calls; the same will happen to many of my sheep that for lack of knowledge, will perish. It will then be fulfilled once again what the prophet Hosea said: My people perish for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4, 6) I make an urgent call to my faithful flock, to spread my messages of salvation of these last times, and to instruct my lukewarm sheep and all those who have no knowledge of what is to come, so that they may prepare themselves and not perish at the passing of the trials of purification that are approaching.

My peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd

My flock, make known my messages of salvation to all the ends of the earth.


Web Master's Comment:

Before I start getting flooded with emails for or against the vaccines and how we will know if it is the 'mark' or not, let me give my opinion.

On this site there is only 1 article I have not written exclusively about, and that is the mark of the beast. It's not that I don't want to, but that I just don't have enough information to say "Here it is, avoid this!!" or "This is how we will be forced into accepting it".

In my opinion I don't think that the mark will be introduced until after the Illumination. It's not that the governments are waiting till the Illumination to introduce it, but that the Lord will interject before it is presented.

Scripture says that the mark represents the Antichrist's name or number and that we must willingly accept Him and receive His 'mark' in order to buy or sell or own anything. [" one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark..." -Revelation 13:16-17] This indicates that he must be present in the world and visibly on the world stage for all to see. And, we must willingly choose him over Christ. This means that it can't be secretly introduced into our bodies against our will, such as in a vaccine. It has to be presented to us as a choice: one or the other. You want to be able to go into a grocery store? Or gain employment? Or have a bank account? Or receive that stimulus check from the government? Or that medicine your child needs?  Then accept this 'mark'.

So far we know that the mark is connected to the Antichrist and that accepting his mark also means accepting him over Christ. But when will it be introduced?

If the emerging global government and this 'antichrist' had their way, it would be introduced under false pretenses without its direct connection to this 'man of sin'. They would get people used to the idea of being vaccinated, crush any dissenting opinions (sounds like the media today... huh?), and climatize people to the idea of a 'vaccination passport'. To ensure that the current fear continues, more diseases will need to be introduced, more vaccines will need to be created, and the cycle continues. Finally, they will demand that everyone needs to be vaccinated for the common good of all humanity. And to enforce this, all economics need to be connected to a person's proof of vaccination. No vaccine? No bank account. No employment. No entering a grocery store. No cash. No church services. No entertainment. Nothing!! And the final 'proof' of vaccination will be some kind of mark. Then, at last, everyone will be connected to a centralized banking system. All people will be controlled. If you dissent, everything is cut off to you. No food, no transportation, no employment, nothing. The world will be forcefully re-educated into the progressive, communist world mind-set with no room for God.

BUT!!! The Lord has other plans. Jesus says that He will interject into this plan with an Illumination of Conscience. Just at the moment when the New World Order's victory over the world appears in site, this 'Warning' will disrupt all of their plans and, without drastic measures, will ensure their complete ruin. The warning will enlighten all to the fact the God DOES exist. It will break the wills of countless people who today are deceiving us, but on that day will speak openly as to their intentional deceptions they perpetrated and their public denouncement of the wickedness they had been promulgating. (Can you imagine President Biden stepping down after publicly admitting that they cheated in the elections and handing power back to the true winner.) To salvage the 'New World Order', the orchestrator of this global cabal will be forced to come into the open, presenting himself as the savior of the world. Having all global powers centralized under his command (and the powers of Satan at his fingertips), he will fool the populace into believing that he himself is the supreme being. His puppet, the false prophet, will then demand that everyone must be 'marked', showing their allegiance to the new savior, so to gain access to their finances, food, medicines, entertainment, and basic living.

So, if before the Illumination the plan was to gradually deceive humanity into getting marked, now they are forced to reveal its true purpose... the rejection of God. And this is why those who accept the 'Mark of the Beast' will be condemned. Condemnation via the mark needs to be a willful choice. No one of the age of reason will be able to claim that they did not know that accepting the mark also meant rejecting Jesus as our savior. Everyone will be presented with a choice: either you will choose Jesus (and possibly loosing your life for Him) or the world and its 'savior' (and guarantee that you loose your life after the defeat of the Antichrist).

Now, this is all just my opinion though. I can certainly be wrong. But if this ‘mark’ condemns souls, then the world population MUST know that accepting it REQUIRES apostatizing from the true faith. I can’t see that happening without the Illumination which will point out the true faith to all humanity and prove once and for all that Jesus is the savior of the world and apart from Him no one can be saved.