Prepare therefore, my people, for the Great Trials

By Enoch

January 4, 2021

Message from God the Father

My people, My Inheritance, My Peace be with you.

My People, you are already entering the days of purification, great trials are coming; if you remain steadfast in faith and trust in God, none of your hair will be lost. The liberation of My People is approaching; rejoice, for no trial, no matter how difficult, will be able to compare with the joy, happiness and fullness that awaits you in My New Creation.

My children, your faith will be tested, and only those who remain steadfast in it will be able to reach the Crown of Eternal Life tomorrow. Trials of faith, mortification of the senses and purification of the flesh are some of the many trials you will face. When my Son will be expelled from His Houses for the Abomination of Desolation, the Holy Spirit of God for three and a half times will depart from the vast majority of mankind, and they will know what it means to be without the Spirit of God, Who is the Life-Giving One. Only those who walk with God and are faithful to Him will be able to overcome this most severe test. In those days of spiritual desolation, the enemy of your soul will tempt you, mortify you and steal the souls of all those who remain in sin or spiritual lukewarmness. That will be the time of the harvest where the weeds will be separated from the wheat; three and a half years, the time of the last reign of My adversary, where you will be totally purified; only thus, purified, can you be tomorrow My chosen people in whom your Father will be pleased.

My people, do not waste any more time on worldly concerns and vanities, for all these things, so ephemeral, are part of this world that will soon pass away. May the salvation of your soul be your highest priority and the treasure you must seek; for the rest is vanity of vanities, serving only to satisfy your ego and to create attachments that bind your soul, steal your peace and the joy of the Spirit. Therefore, prepare yourself, My People, for the great trials that will refine you in body, soul and spirit and make you shine like a crucible. Only in this way, purified, will you be able to be called, tomorrow: My People, My Inheritance.

My children, do not fear, trust in your Heavenly Father and in trials, praise the Glory of God and everything will pass like a dream for you. The time has come to abandon yourselves in your Father's will; keep calm in trials; pray, fast and do penance, so that purification may be more bearable for you. Do not lose your heads and do not feel alone; remember that Heaven will not abandon you; my Daughter, Mary and your Mother, will be with you in the company of my Angels. She will show you the way and, at the end of the trial, she will show you my Son Jesus, the blessed fruit of His Womb, who is waiting to welcome you into the New Creation.

Rejoice, for your liberation is near, do not fear; remember that your Father knows how far you can bear the trials; accept with love and trust in God the days of purification that are coming, for they are necessary, so that tomorrow you may enjoy them in fullness, in My Heavenly Jerusalem. Come on, it is only a little while before your eyes see the light of a New Dawn.

Remain in My Peace, My People, My Heritage.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the Creation

Make known, My children, the messages of salvation to all humanity.

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