My Rosary is Protection and Spiritual Strength

By Enoch

January 11, 2021

Message from Our Lady

My children, may the Peace of my Lord be with you all, and may my love and protection as Mother Help of Christians accompany you always.

My Son's flock, the course of your life is about to change; peace and tranquility will very soon be lost; great events are about to happen that will completely change your life and daily routine. The time of my adversary and his emissaries of evil is beginning, and what awaits humanity, and especially the People of God, is repression, persecution, imprisonment, submission, slavery, mistreatment and death. The New World Order, in the service of my adversary, has already begun to dominate the world; its program of tyranny has begun with the plan of vaccines and vaccinations against the existing pandemic; vaccines that are not the solution, but the beginning of the holocaust that will lead to death, transhumanism and the implantation of the mark of the beast, to millions of human beings.

I ask you, my children, to return to God with all your heart, because only in Him will you find peace, security, trust and the solution to all your problems; only God can destroy the traps and deceptions that the emissaries of evil will set for you! The pretext of the pandemic will be used to subjugate and enslave humanity; the confinements will be more severe, because what they seek is to keep humanity submerged in fear and panic, so that it cannot protest; they also seek with the confinements to destabilize the economy of many nations, especially the poorest ones, in order to exercise dominion and control over them. Bankrupt nations will be granted loans, but in order to access them, they must unconditionally accept the entire New World Order agenda. Each subjugated nation will lose its sovereignty, its governments will lose their autonomy, and they will be governed by the laws and policies of the New World Order.

The "Hammer and Sickle" will rule the New World Order and all who rebel against this regime will be made to disappear. Private property will be lost in the nations ruled by the New World Order, and even the parental authority of parents over their children, especially the very young. Everything will pass into the hands of the State, which will take charge of alienating the property of citizens and families. God's people will go into exile; only those with the mark of the beast will be able to buy, sell and enjoy the help and services of the State.

My children, from this year the sorrows for humanity will begin. What sadness I feel in my Heart as Mother of humanity, knowing that the immense majority will be lost because they are far from God! The great tribulations are beginning; injustice, deception, mistreatment, repression, submission, slavery, hunger and death will be the desert you will have to cross; only if you remain united to God and taken by my Holy Rosary, will you be able to overcome these trials. Once again I say to you, flock of my Son, do not neglect my Rosary, for it will give you great victories over the forces of evil; pray in chains with my Rosary and all the plans and deceptions of my adversary and his emissaries of evil will roll to the ground. Flock of my Son, my Rosary united with your Armor is protection and spiritual strength, with which you will defeat my adversary and his hosts of evil. My children, the time has come to be united in prayer and recollection, for darkness, sin and evil already cover the earth. Therefore, adhere to my instructions and do not neglect my Rosary, so that you may be victorious in all trials.

May the peace of my Lord remain in you and may my Maternal Love and Protection accompany you always.

Your Mother, Mary Help of Christians.

Make known, my children, the messages of salvation to the whole world.

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