The Time of Your Purification is Coming

By Enoch

January 17, 2021

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Message from Our Lady

11:10 A.M.

Beloved children, may the Peace of my Lord be with you all and may my Motherly Love and Protection accompany you always.

My children, the days and months of this year that is beginning will be shorter; go and prepare yourselves for your passage through the desert, for these days are already coming. Humanity very soon will enter into turmoil for the arrival of events that will change the course of its life; fire from the sky in quantity is about to enter the space of your world, and fire from the bowels of the earth is about to be unleashed for the awakening of volcanoes. The life and daily routine of mankind is about to change and this will cause an overwhelming majority to lose their minds; panic and fear will take hold of many, only those who have their faith and trust in God will be able to overcome the trials.

The evil days, of which I spoke to you in the previous messages, are coming; keep calm and at all times praise the Glory of God, so that the trials of purification will be more bearable to you. Read the messages from Heaven and put them into practice, for it is through them that we will instruct you in this end time. It is already time, My children, to put aside non-perishable foodstuffs and much water, for the days of drought and famine are approaching. See that I announce you in advance, so that the trial of famine will not take you by surprise when it knocks at your door. Take advantage now that money still has value to get you food and supplies, because very soon the money god will roll over the ground and no longer serve to cover your needs. This god, with the fall of the economy, will lose its value and will become garbage that no one will collect anymore.

Spread, my children, the Rosary of Providence, which Heaven has sent to you through our prophet Enoch, so that in the days of drought and famine, you will not lack the daily Manna that My Father will send you. The Rosary of Providence must be prayed after the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, so that you may receive the blessing of Heaven. This Rosary, my children, must be recited in all the houses of the People of God, because with its prayer my Father will send you the providence of each day tomorrow in the days of famine. Heaven, my children, has sent you, through Enoch, three fundamental pillars for your salvation and passage through the desert of purification. These three pillars are: the complete Spiritual Armor, the Rosary of Providence and the Armor of the Blood of the Redeemer; a spiritual fortress, this one, that will keep you firm in the faith and protected in the days of the great tribulation that are approaching.

My children, the Schism in the Church of my Son is approaching; pray with me with my Holy Rosary, so that the Calvary that the Church will experience may purify it and thus be able to rise tomorrow strengthened by the Grace of the Spirit and continue to be the light and guide of the People of God. Therefore, my children, prepare yourselves, for the time of your purification is coming; love one another and help one another, so that the strength of love and service may help you to overcome all trials. Remember, I, your Mother, am already in your midst in the company of the Angels of Heaven and the blessed souls. Pray at all times with my Rosary, for by its prayer you will find peace and be covered by my Mantle, so that nothing and no one can harm you. Do not forget my promise: the house where you pray with my Rosary will not be lost, nor will any of my faithful children and their families know eternal death. I promise you this!

Remain, my children, in the Peace of my Lord.

Your Mother, Mary the Sanctifier

Make known, my children, the messages of salvation to all mankind.