The prophecy of Daniel is fulfilled

By Enoch

June 30, 2021

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Message from Jesus the Good Shepherd

My flock, My Peace be with you.

Sheep of my Flock, the Luciferian government of the New World Order has already begun to subjugate humanity; its agenda has begun with the existing pandemic vaccines, with which it intends to decimate much of the world's population. His evil plans also include sponsoring riots and demonstrations against democratically constituted governments in order to create chaos and anarchy, which will destabilize democracies, weaken them, and thus be able to introduce atheistic communism to gain strength and take over countries and governments.

The persecution, especially of Christians and Catholics and the destruction and desecration of temples and religious places are other of his plans, with which he tries to put an end to the faith of the People of God. The pretext of the pandemic has been used to close the Houses of my Father all over the world. I feel a great sadness to see how many of my Pastors have lent themselves to the game of conspirators and wicked men, to weaken my Church and suppress my Holy Sacrifice. New conspiracies and deceptions around the pandemic will be invented by the emissaries of evil in order to keep humanity confined for longer periods of time and thus be able to close my Temples permanently, to desecrate and destroy them; thus the prophecy of Daniel is fulfilled, which speaks of the cessation of the Holy Sacrifice and the abomination of the desolation of the Temple. (Daniel 12:11)

My flock, in the time of crisis and famine, the Elites who direct the New World Order want to start weakening the economies of the world, especially those of the poorest countries so that when the planned war comes, paper money will disappear forever. They also want to reduce agricultural and meat production, to flood the world with transgenic foods, created in laboratories also to decimate the world population, with the appearance of new viruses, diseases and pandemics. These genetically modified products will be shipped and distributed to people in poorer nations or in developing nations. Everything, my flock, has been planned by the children of darkness to subdue the nations and to decrease the world's population, so that when the Antichrist appears everything will be subdued, and he will find no resistance and so he can be praised as the savior of the world and as the awaited messiah. Therefore be prepared, My flock, materially and spiritually, for the time of the great conspiracies and deceptions is approaching; time of the great spiritual combat, where you will be purified like gold in fire.

I leave you My Peace, I give you My Peace. Repent and be converted for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd

My flock, make my messages of salvation known to the whole world.