Do not believe in the deceptions

By Enoch

March 17, 2021

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Message from Our Lady

My Beloved Children, may the Peace of My Lord be with you all and may My Motherly Protection always accompany you.

My Beloved Ones, I feel great sadness to see how many of you play the game of the emissaries of evil. It grieves me and saddens me to see how the Houses of my Father in many places are closed, destroyed or turned into museums; the flock of my Son walks confused and disoriented, wandering like sheep without a shepherd, because many of its shepherds are more concerned not with shepherding the flock, but with following the protocols of a pandemic that seems more like a conspiracy against the Church of my Son. According to the enemies of God, only in temples and holy places is there any danger of infection.

Oh, what a great deception they have instilled in my beloved ones and in the flock of my Son! How can you think that only in the House of God do you run the risk of becoming infected? The Spirit of God dwells in it and God does not infect. The Holy Mass is healing and liberation for the flock of my Son, do not believe in the deceptions and conspiracies of the enemies of the Church. Open the doors of the Houses of God, beloved children! Do not make yourselves accomplices of this great deception, for the emissaries of evil are trying to put an end to the faith of the People of God, aided by many of you who have forgotten that you must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29). Beloved children, do not be guilty of guilt, so that tomorrow you will not have to complain when you get to eternity.

In hell, My children, lie many consecrated souls who were once clothed with the Priestly Ministry, but who forgot to serve God in this world to pasture themselves, neglecting the flock entrusted to them. Wake up, Beloved Sons, and remove the blindfold of deception from your eyes, for the flock of my Son is proceeding scattered and in many places is being lost for lack of pasture! You were called to serve God to lead and shepherd His flock, which many of you have neglected to do the will not of God, but of men! I ask you, faithless shepherds, what will you answer tomorrow to my Son when you reach eternity? When you will be judged and the Voice of God will say to you: what have you done with the flock I have entrusted to you? Remember, to whom much has been given, much will be required. Do not be like the useless servant, who through neglect and fear guarded the talents and gave no profit to his master (Matthew 25:14, 30).

Again I say to you, beloved children: the Body and Blood of my Son, you must give it in your mouth and preferably on your knees, maintaining due respect for his Divinity. Giving Communion in the hand to his flock is an affront to my Son; many Consecrated Hosts with this detestable practice are used by the children of darkness to perform satanic rites and cults with them; millions of particles fall to the ground daily and are trampled on because of many of you, my beloved ones, when you distribute Communion in the hand. Reflect, beloved children, and do not continue to distribute communion in the hand; concern yourselves with leading and shepherding the flock of my Son, which is being lost and scattered because of many of you who walk in obedience to men rather than to God. No more closed Temples nor more communions in the hand, I ask you with all my heart, beloved children!

Remain in the Peace of My Lord, My Beloved Sons.

Your Mother, Mary the Sanctifier

Make known, My children, the messages of salvation to all mankind and especially this one to My beloved children.


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