Latest Messages from Jesus

By Jennifer

October 22 thru November 23, 2020

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Words from Jesus

6:30 PM

My Child tell My Children it is time to put on their armor of faith. Too many are being manipulated by fear from those who have no power over Me for I Am Jesus. Many are waiting for justice but I say to you now is a time to pray as if justice is coming today for you do not know the day or hour but change is on the horizon. My child from east to west a great shaking is about to be felt all around this world. When man comes to face the reckoning for the crimes against My Little ones, know that the earth is going to respond according to the depth of mans sin. Now is the time to awaken at this world around you. Now is the time to come before your creator and repent or your sins. Woe to those who strive to manipulate My Creation, My Plan. Woe to those who seek to close the doors of My Church and strip My very existence off the face of the earth. The earth is not your domain. You are here on a mission designed by Us Your Triune God with the purpose to love and serve. I warn My Children in love and mercy to not let your heart be captured by this fear, that the enemy is seeking to thrust you in. I have already conquered sin and death and to My Faithful ones your reward will be great in My Kingdom. Do not fear, do not fear for what is done in darkness to deceive My People is about to be brought to light. Now go forth for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

5:00 PM
My Child, I Am soon to bring light to a nation that has been cast into darkness in the name of greed. For I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

9:25 PM
My Child, I tell you this that the one who seeks peace will continue to lead for no one can silence that which I have appointed. My Children’s prayers are being heard and it will soon send a message throughout the world that the darkness is soon to be diminished. My Children have been silenced, their voices masked from speaking the truth but I tell you this that the greater virus is the sin that has taken over hearts The way this world will rid itself of the evil that has infiltrated is through prayer and fasting and when the great hour comes when I shine My Light into souls of mankind. Take heed My Children for it is time for you to make peace with your neighbor. When you begin to look at your neighbor with eyes of love, you then begin to heal the wound and My Mercy begins to flow from you. This is the greatest hour in which the world will begin to shift From east to west every corner of the earth will hear My Voice Command the earth to be extinguished of any light but only that of which I come with. You must begin to prepare and recognize the darkness that is lingering around you seeking to capture your soul. Do not be like the foolish virgins, for you are being distracted by the great enemy of fear. It is time to wake up My Children and recognize the times in which you are in, for the great test of humanity is on your doorstep. Now go forth in prayer for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail

My Child, the great unravelling will continue, in order for mankind to come to know and understand My Mercy. Mankind can no longer hide as Adam and Eve did when they realized their disobedience. I come to tell you this that the unraveling of hearts will be shown and My Great Light is going to shine even brighter into the souls of mankind until he chooses to repent or continue on the path of darkness. The great correction is coming, and My Children can no longer hide from My Light. Great victory is coming for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.