Latest Messages

By Jennifer

June 24 and June 25, 2020


My child, I ask My Children why do you spurn with one another? Why do you seek to waste time arguing with your neighbor? Take heed My Children for I tell you this, that those who seek to spend their days seeking to divide that which is indivisible, you are wasting time and not fulfilling your mission. My Children, I am a God of Mercy and a God of Justice and you must come to understand that this world is all knitted by the same hands. The same hands that knitted you in your mother’s womb are the same hands that knitted your neighbors. You are united by the same hands and feet that were nailed to the cross for your salvation. You are united by the same blood and water that poured forth from My Open Wound that showered the world with Mercy. My Children the division that is spreading throughout the world is because of sin. It is being driven by the same deceiver that manipulated Adam and Eve in the garden because they failed to heed to My Laws. My Children it is time to arise from your slumber and begin to cleanse your soul from the filth that has consumed you. It is time to reach out and love your neighbor by seeing they are created by the same hands that created you. By the same voice that commanded the seas and the stars, the mountains, and rivers. The same feet that walked this earth and the same voice that commanded Lazarus to rise from the tomb. I Am not a God from long ago for I Am as present today as I was from the beginning. My Children, the enemy is using this time that you have been given on this earth as his domain to trap you into eternal darkness. Do not be fooled for your time on this earth is but a blink of an eye. Come to Me for I Am Jesus. Go forth cleanse your soul and walk in My Light, live in My Light for your place in eternity has been prepared. Now go forth for I Am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


My Child, I tell My Children you are not called to indulge in the pleasures of this world that are being illustrated by the ways of the enemy, rather you are called to uphold My Commandments through your words, actions and love toward your neighbor. Too many today believe they are a god unto themselves, that there is no accountability beyond this world. That they are entitled to heaven because of their godly persona that is truly being driven by the deceiving serpent. Wake up My Children for you are not awakening to the deception around you. You are becoming complacent in a world that needs you to use your voice to speak the truth. Pray My Children for that is where you will find your strength, find your peace. I tell you today that the hour you are living in has been foretold of before. Now is not a time to become sleepy for you have entered your gethsemane. You have entered a time that will be the greatest awakening mankind has endured. Come to Me for I Am Jesus and turn to My Mother, your Mother for her hand is extended to embrace you in her Most Immaculate Heart. Now go forth for I Am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail