The tides of change have come

By Jennifer

December 31 and January 4, 2021

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Words from Jesus

3:22 PM

My Child, I tell My Children you are merely a grain of sand and yet even a grain of sand is accounted for even those that lay in the depths of the sea. Just as grains of sand can be scattered and forgotten and swept away as if it has no value and purpose like My Little Ones to the sin of abortion, I know their value. Everything has an accounting. I see every time a soul remains silent in the face of turbulence and every time it failed to use its voice to defend the truth for, I Am the Truth for I Am Jesus. The day of accounting is coming in leaps and bounds. When it appears that all of hell has been unleashed upon mankind and no light remains remember that My Light upon this earth can never be extinguished. Those who have taken heed to My Words, the Gospel Message will find they have nothing to fear. When you find yourself in fear it is when you are lacking trust in Me. I tell My Children do not lose hope for the time of cleansing is coming. What has been done in darkness behind closed doors is being brought into the light. The trueness of hearts is being revealed for one cannot conceal himself in lies without it being extinguished by the truth. The greatest suffering in a soul is being separated from the truth for it will never find peace. It is time to rise up and live the mission you were sent to do. Now go forth for I Am Jesus and be at peace for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.



My child, those who have committed these injustice acts upon My Little Ones within the womb and outside the womb are bathing themselves in the blood of the innocent. When they seek to destroy My Creation, My plan, know that the hour of justice is coming. It is in the blood of the innocent that mankind will find that his hour of reckoning has come. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

My Child, I tell My Children it is time to prepare! It is time to repent and turn away from sin. The world has entered into a new corridor in time, and it is only through prayer that you will find your peace, find your strength, for what lies ahead. The tides of change have come, and the storm clouds that have taken over are soon to be cast away by great light. I Am the Light of the world, for I Am Jesus. The trumpets are soon to ring out all around this world. Take hold of your rosaries and pray for the great number that are soon to face the great judgment seat. The walls that hold back the water are soon to come down in a region of the world that has immersed the world into great suffering. Those who live by their comforts of money and lust cannot stop the great shaking that is soon to come, for the grains of sand will begin to shift. When the ocean floors begin to crack, and the water begins to inundate, what good is your money when you have surrendered your soul to the custody of hell. It is time to arise, My Children, for you need to begin to cleanse your soul and purify your hearts to the truth by living the truth. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus, and be at Peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

My child, the shackles of justice are coming.