My Divine Mercy

By Jennifer

February 21 and February 22, 2022

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Words from Jesus


My child, I tell My children that your time on earth is not to be wasted. Each day, each hour, you are here to build up the kingdom of heaven. Let your time on this earth be fruitful. Let your work be done in My Name. Live, live out your vocation. When you are married, honor your spouse by being fruitful in your marriage, always striving in prayer and holiness to bring each other to heaven. Your children are each treasures of My Kingdom. They are too be loved, nurtured, and tended to as a farmer does to his crop. You are called as a mother and father to speak to your children in patience and love, for each one is a knitted masterpiece of My Father in heaven. Teach your children and form them as young disciples to go out in the world as a witness and example of the Gospel Message.

I say to My Priests, My Chosen Sons, you are called to unite My Children at mass. It is the time when heaven and earth are united. Each time you consecrate the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, you are bringing through your hands all who are gathered into heaven’s sphere. Each mass that is said, each time that My Children come before Me in Adoration, they enter the sphere of heaven. It is time to call your children together and unite them with the truth, for I Am Jesus.

My Chosen Sons, you are entering a time when your vocations will be tested, when it will appear all is lost in My Church. Stay close to My Mother and you will be guided always as her son to her great triumph. When it appears that there is no tomorrow, do not lose your faith because great victory is coming. This is your calvary, My Sons. Those with true consecrated hands must carry the cross for you are My Hands and Feet on this earth. Now go forth, My Children, for this world is changing in the blink of an eye and it is through you that many souls will be saved. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.



My Child, I tell My Children to gaze upon My Image. It is not just blood and water that poured forth from My Wound representing an ocean of mercy but an ocean of Divine Love. The only thing that can release a soul from the bondage of sin is My Mercy. The only hope for a soul to be released from the bondage of hatred, lust, gluttony, pride, hardness of heart is My Divine Mercy, for I Am Jesus. My Child, I tell My Children to come and reconcile themselves to My Love. Come to the seat of My Representative seeking hope, contrition, and a renewed spirit that seeks to live each day, each hour, being My Disciple.

I gave the keys to the Kingdom to Peter and My Church was built. There is no other that can complete your soul with the fullness of My Love. There is no other that can consecrate the bread and wine into My Most Precious Body and Blood than My Chosen Son, My Priest. Each one of My Priests is an ordained extension to Peter. There is no other than My Church that can release your soul from the bondage of sin. I am calling My Children to come to the great fountain of My Mercy, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.



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Countdown to the Kingdom

Darkness from Russia and China

Our Lord Jesus to Jennifer on February 15th, 2007:

My child, My peace be with you. Come to Me dear child, come to Me for I desire for you to be with Me. The hour is closing in, for changes are coming forth. The lights of cities will be blackened and sirens of man-made warnings will ring out. The winds will shift coming from the East and in the midst of chaos and destruction, the world will see its hour of judgment. I have warned My people to watch for darkness coming forth from Russia and China, for this war is just beginning. Mankind’s only peace will come from his trust in Me and My Divine Will for I am Jesus. Recite the Saint Michael prayer each hour and be attentive; remain on guard, for the days of change are coming forth.

My child, pray for your friends in Rome, pray for the protection of the Holy Father, for My son is soon to be surrounded by dangerous missiles. I come to you with My words, so be confident in what I tell you out of great love. Now go forth for I am Jesus, and be at peace, for all will be done according to My will.