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By Jennifer

March 3 and March 22, 2022

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My child, who is to comfort Me when even some of My priests, My chosen sons, are not armored with proper prayers? My heart weeps, and yet the only consolation I have is when I see those of My chosen sons who desire to live out their vocations, their eyes always fixed on Heaven seeking to do the will of My Father, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and jJustice will prevail.



My Child, when My people seek to ask My Mother to intercede for peace in this world, heaven hears the cries of My Children. When it is done by those who seek to show the world a false light and false prayers in the name of peace and unity, no merit will come from it. Fruitful prayer only comes when hearts are pure, and holiness is being sought. Do not misjudge Russia because many do not truly see what is happening behind closed doors. Now go forth, for I am Jesus, and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.