Arise from your slumber

By Jennifer

February 22, 2023

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Words from Jesus

Message from Our Lord


My child,
I cry out to My Children to arise from your slumber. I call each one by name and tell you that the hour is at hand. Prepare, prepare, prepare, for the day is coming when humanity will look around and ask where is my brother, where is my sister? Many are not prepared for the disruptions that are soon to come all around this world. Nation upon nation will feel the earth begin to tremble and many will fail to see that this warning is from heaven. Do not listen to those who speak of science, for I Am the Creator of all the living. Just as I commanded Lazarus to awaken, I will command the world on the day of warning that his ways are not pleasing to Me. I tell My Chosen Sons, My priests to prepare, for your flock will come running. Do not wait for this hour, rather open the doors to the confessional. Do not seal off the doors to My Church because you are giving way for Satan to take hold of My Children. The days of darkness are no longer in the distance for communication is soon to be extinguished. Do not surrender in fear, but rather act in humility and with great discernment because the enemy is lurking at every corner. My Children, allow my mother to take you under her mantle, for I am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.