There is a trembling that is beginning

By Jennifer

November 26, 2023

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Message from Jesus

My child,  the world is soon to understand true humility. There is a trembling that is beginning to happen in the conscious of mankind, for that is why the world is lacking peace. Many today seek to act in a way that harbors pleasure and happiness, but I say to you, sin and joy do not conform to each other. 

I say to my children, you must have greater vigilance for the enemy seeks to draw you in by your past sins. It is through prayer, by calling on the Holy spirit, that you will be given the grace to recognize the signs all around you. This earth will begin to rock and tremble. A great wall of water will come forth in the South Pacific and inundate towns and villages, and many will be caught off guard. The Rockies will shake, Jerusalem will be surrounded by missiles, and your communications will come to a halt. Just as you see this great sign come from Jerusalem, know that the true cleansing of My church has begun. 

It is time, my children, to bind your rosaries and pray for peace because without prayer, chaos will erupt all around this world. Now go forth, for I am Jesus and be at peace, for my mercy and justice will prevail.