The veil of protection upon America is soon to be lifted

By Jennifer

April 5, 2024

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Words from Jesus

Message from Jesus

My child,

I tell my children that I am not the conductor of fear, rather I am the vessel of hope and love, the artery of mercy for the whole world. My children, I have warned mankind in great repetition that the time has come to turn away from sin and seek out my mercy. Do not delay out of fear or slumber from removing the filth that has consumed your soul. My children, you cannot grow in holiness if you are not tending to the soil in which seeds are to be planted.

My children, there is a great pursuit for your soul and you must recognize that Satan's lies and deception are unrelenting. I warn my people that the veil of protection upon America is soon to be lifted if it does not repent. My Mother has kept this nation under her mantle but if her children fail to atone then the veil will be removed for a time. The injustice brought upon my little ones has provoked the just anger of My Father. The world is soon to be brought to Calvary when the hour of warning comes. Take heed, my children, for you are being given this time of grace to repent and live your life in conformity to the will of your Heavenly Father.

Now go forth for I am Jesus, and be at peace, for my mercy and justice will prevail.