The Rapture

By John Martinez

I would like to thank all of you for your amazing spiritual support and prayers.

There are some areas that some of us Catholics and non-Catholics have difficulty understanding and discussing. My mission is not to condemn, bring doubt or convert non-Catholics. I am to share and teach our brethren on possible certain areas that might bring division among Christians.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if all of Christianity came together as one Church, one Body of Christ? Our mission should be to bring all to the knowledge and conversion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are many false prophets that have created division within the Body of Christ. This should not be! When I first started my ministry; I was shocked by the attacks of some non-Catholic pastors. Many non-Catholic pastors and their congregation continuously contest the Catholic Church. For the past 100+ years, the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church has declined to counterattack non-Catholic churches.

Recently, I received an email by a good Christian from Holland on the "hot topic" of the RAPTURE. His intentions were honorable and good. His sources made the point that, if the Rapture occurs, then we do not need REFUGES.

Hi, I just read your commentary #2 on the AfterTheWarning website where you say:

I saw a "One World Organization" in complete control of mankind, and giving orders for all this torture and destruction. Neither money, gold nor silver could save people. Millionaires and the least of God’s children were all affected equally by this chastisement. I saw men wearing black masks in military uniforms; they were killing and torturing people. I was shown Oriental military soldiers on the West Coast and European military soldiers on the East Coast. Many women, children and men were being herded into trucks to detention camps that had been prepared years ago. Trains similar to those shown in the holocaust in Nazi Germany were taking people into the unknown. I saw stacks of bodies that were dead being prepared to be burned with some type of liquid gas. The stench and smell of burning flesh and decayed bodies was unbearable. In addition, Satan’s slaves had released man-made generic gases/viruses; this was happening world-wide. There seemed to be no help coming to these people as evil gained complete control. Women and children cried out for death and it would not come. There was no day or night, just a green-brownish mixture of fumes and fog. It was very difficult to breathe. Sorry, there will be no Rapture! Christians and non-Christians were all victims. Only those that pledge themselves to the antichrist were spared. All I could do was stare and cry.

If you say there will be no Rapture why the bible is telling us this (luc 17:34-37)?

There can be only 1 truth and nothing but the truth ...

God bless, Pieter (Holland)

I have attached an explanation of the Rapture by a protestant pastor [Read the article at: The Rapture: Scriptural Fact or Man-Made Fiction By Lt. Col. Jack Mohr] indicating that the Holy Spirit revealed to him the truth of this view. As I indicated in my last commentary #2, I regret to say that there will be no Rapture. Unfortunately, some Catholics have left the Catholic Church due to this false teaching.

In my spiritual journey, I have met many wonderful, God-loving, non-Catholic pastors who have changed their minds on the Rapture, and who have come to that understanding through Holy Scripture and led by the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Jim Bakker, Rick Wiles, and John Paul Jackson are only a few non-Catholics who tell their audience that there will be no Rapture. Below is an article on the Rapture that was highly recommended by a non-Catholic pastor. It might be a little long, but every sentence you read will open up your spirit for a clearer understanding of this doctrine.