Seeking our place of refuge we must first find ourselves

By John Martinez

I have seen and read many websites of people sensing urgency as to what is coming to mankind. Many do not know what to do or whom to contact. However, the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother are preparing Refuges for us; we will know exactly what to do. There is no doubt that what is coming is real and the SIN of mankind is causing a chastisement as the world has never seen before. The true believers will be prepared and saved.

Many are doing what they feel needs to be done by prayer, saving food, building shelters-----all of that is very good. At the very beginning of my journey, I was of the same mind set. The Lord has taught me that I must seek Him first and all things will be revealed at the appropriate time. On my last writing, I shared that I saw the whole world in blackness. As Our Lady was lowering me down to earth, I asked Her what the "White Lights" were, and she told me that those would be Refuges that the Holy Spirit and Her Son Jesus were preparing. The Black was SIN and it would be destroyed by God the Father. She said that all evil must be destroyed before Her son would return. These Refuges were for God’s Children. It was hard to understand then, but now I recognize the meaning of this message.

What is reality? What I will share with you is the "reality" that I learned from Our Lord and Our Lady. It’s important to realize that I continue to learn and be taught each day. These messages and revelations are not for any certain religion, but for all Christian children of God, regardless of Christian denominations. The first lesson is that we must understand that we are living in Two Worlds. The Spiritual and the Natural, and that each affects the other. Angels and demons are all around us and we need the Grace of God to protect ourselves from the evil ones. I will explain Spiritual Warfare in another teaching, but now we must understand that if the whole world is against us and we stand alone with God, we are in the majority.

One of my experiences of reality came In the mid-sixties. We had the Vietnam War with many pros and cons concerning this conflict. Families were at home watching Walter Cronkite reporting on the fighting taking place in Vietnam as some people joked and discussed the deaths and destruction of a country that no one really knew. We saw it from our living rooms and kitchen tables. It was almost like watching a movie. We had no idea what was really taking place in Vietnam. I was one of them. When I received my Military Orders to go to Vietnam, I was happy to fight for my country. We departed from Travis AFB in San Francisco and we partied all the way to Saigon. As we arrived at Tan Sa Nut AFB, reality started to set in. When the door to the aircraft was opened, all of us felt the heat of reality as we saw and smelled death. It hit us beyond belief as we departed the plane and, on the runway saw the body bags of the men who had been killed. Choppers and sirens carrying the wounded were all over the runway. We saw helicopters fly with their weapons shooting at the enemy and we jumped into bunkers as the bombs were hitting the runway. This was my introduction to the "Reality" of Vietnam.

Once each of us senses in our spirit that there are significant events coming, we must seek God. He is the only answer, and His protection and love are beyond our understanding. This is the reason I titled this message that we must first find ourselves in order to be prepared and ready to serve God. The Lord is calling each of us to be his servants of love. I believe that the Lord is forming His warriors for the spitual battle that is to come. Are you open to be part of this Army of God? It will not be easy, but the rewards are beyond words.

The first thing we need to do is to pray to God and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We need to ask Jesus to baptize us in the Holy Spirit, to open up our eyes and our hearts so that He can show us what He wants from each of us. We need the Holy Spirit to guide us to other brothers and sisters that have the same sense of urgency. The greatest gift we can give to each other is our true Christian fellowship and love.

If you have had a Christian baptism, regardless of your denomination, you have the Holy Spirit. Most of us take it for granted. When we ask for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, we are asking for the "Release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit" that we received at baptism. Many of us may not be aware of this tremendous Helper and Gift. We can ask our pastors, our Christian friends or go directly to Jesus and ask for prayer for the release of the Holy Spirit in us. Remember, we live in two worlds.

More On the Refuges

What I was told and shown is that we will know before events take place. The Lord and Our Lady are reaching out to many Christians to be part of the preparation for Chastisement. A warning will take place first. God will give everyone a second chance to choose Him or the evil one. I am sharing this with you because we are called to form communities of believers in several parts of the USA and other parts of the world.

Some people have been shown visions of different refuges. I can only share what was shown to me. The Refuge that was shown to me in the Texas Hill Country was over 300 Square miles. The presence of angels and Our Lady would be there. People with different skills will work in order to serve the Refuge Community. I will share more as the Holy Spirit leads me.

Many people are building bunkers, storing food and spending thousands of dollars in preparation. That is okay, but may not work because this war consists of Spiritual Warfare. If we are not prepared spiritually with God, we are wasting time and money. I ask that you pray and ask the Lord as to what to do. He has the answer for each of us.

I was also shown different parts of the country that would no longer exist. (I ask for your discernment on this). This will not be a man-made calamity, but due to natural disasters.

This is the first general sharing that I have done in 32+ years. I was waiting for Him to tell me when to share with my Christian brothers and sister. There is still much more that I need to share and I hope and pray that these few comments and sharing will give you some insight as to what I have been shown.

I ask that you pray for me and my family, and for all people of God that are being anointed and selected to do the Will of God.

I leave you with this beautiful prayer from Ephesians 3:14-19

This then is what I pray, kneeling before the Father, from whom every family, whether spiritual or natural takes its name.

Out of His infinite Glory, may he give you the power through His Spirit for your hidden self to grow strong, so that Christ may live in your hearts through faith, and then planted in love and built on love you will with all the saints, have the strength to grasp the breath and the length, the height and the depth; until knowing the love of Christ, which is beyond all knowledge, you are filled with the utter fullness of God.

John, Servant of God