A Request for Prayers

By John Martinez

This morning I have spoken to John, and he is asking for prayers for his mother and his entire family. His 92 year old mother's name is "Guadalupe" (who is also her patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe). Guadalupe has just called all her children to her because her journey here with us is coming to an end, and a grander journey is about to begin.

John explained to me that he didn't know his father because, at age 17 (shortly after the attack of Pearl Harbor) he enlisted in the military and fought in world war 2. At age 21, he died in battle about 18 miles from Paris, leaving his mother to raise him and his younger sister.

Years later she remarried and had a total of 12 children, who are all gathering beside her.

She currently is only 68 pounds and is not expected to make it another 24 hours or so. Please pray for him, his mother, and entire family.

As a side note, he also told me that next week he'll be again working on more articles for the website, so keep your eyes open for them as they come.