The Next Thirty Days

By John Martinez

At times, it is very difficult to know what God’s Plan is. It is so perfect that, often, we have no idea as to what to expect.

Thus, we come to the purpose of this memo.

We are aware of various visionaries and messengers who have (amazingly) received this startling and parallel communication without prior knowledge of each other’s messages. The communication is this:

Stop activity for the next 30 days and pray intensely (or variations of this statement).

My thinking is that mutual communication of this sort is one of many ways the Lord is creating to keep us informed in the midst of the spiritual battle that is taking place. As always, I ask for your prayers and DISCERNMENT.

Here are some examples of other folks that have received this message in one way or another:

My wife Maria:

My wife Maria was sharing with me that after praying the Rosary heard the voice of Jesus tell her not to purchase any large item for the next Thirty days. We were both puzzled and could not understand what was going on.

John Martinez, Jr.

I went into prayer and asked Our Lady about what the next 30 days was all about. She gently told me that it was not meant for me to know yet. She told me to share with the world community that she is requesting for the entire world to be united in prayer and fasting for the next 30 days.

Mother of God Website – Shut down for the next 30 days.


I received an email from the founder of the Forum for The-Mother-of-God and it reads as follows:

Mother of God:

Hi Everyone,

I was praying to Our Lady yesterday evening and got strong sense the she wanted me to lock down and close the forum for a period of one month. I took some time to consult with other members of the forum for discernment. Upon returning to Our Lady in prayer I got a very strong urgent prayer confirmation that I should comply with her wishes and this is what I have done. So the forum will be closed until the 21st of October.

Why does Mary wish this? I have no idea, I wasn't told. I could speculate it might be any one of a hundred things, to protect the forum from attack , or to cause us to pray more, or to slow things down, I just don't know.

I do know I have had strong feelings about dramatic events in our poor world next month.

It sounds like a really dumb idea closing a busy forum like this for such an extended period, but then the Wisdom of God often appears mere foolishness to men. I do know in going again in prayer to the Feet of Mary I receive even stronger interior confirmation that this is Heaven's will.

So do not be too hard on me, I only try to follow what the Boss says. She knows what she is doing even if we don't.

I had hoped to leave the PM function open, to let people access the site without posting and to leave the prayer requests open for posting but this does not seem technically to be possible.

It sounds trite but I am really and truly missing you all already. I better go before I go all mushy. God and Our Blessed Mother Bless you all.

Remember her requests, Pray, pray, pray the rosary. 
Engage in radical personal conversion. 
Stay close to Mother Church. 
See you bright and early on the 21st, of the month of the Holy Angels, October.

Jim Fifth:

It has become apparent to me that Heaven is becoming silent as of lately, almost like the silence at the eve of war when the 2 armies are face to face, just waiting for the first to strike to occur. Many visionaries and mystics have fallen silent with the sense of a need for prayer (which has left me with little to post as of lately). Even our protestant brothers and sisters are experiencing similar nudges. For instance, Rick Wiles, host of, felt a prompt by the Holy Spirit to drastically alter his broadcast from one of information to one focused on prayer and intersession. Truly, Heaven's silence is almost deafening.

I have heard this message from sincere Christian brethren throughout the world; we do not have an answer as to its meaning, but need to be obedient to Our Lady and the Holy Spirit who are telling us to be united as a world-wide-community.

Again, let us to pray, pray, pray with all our hearts and fast for the next 30 days!

Let us be united in Jesus through Mary,

John-Servant of God

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