Our Lady Bringing Her Children Together in World-wide Prayer and Fasting

By John Martinez

As the days of prayer and discernment unfold, it has become clear that Our Lady is continually guiding us to come together as a world-wide family.

We have received multiple emails and questions from many corners of the globe, focusing on the communication we presented regarding living the next 30 days centered on our God, and particularly on prayer and fasting.

Many of our brethren, even those in isolated areas, and those simply seeking God’s truth, are receiving almost the same messages but in different ways. This is not a coincidence!

Many of you indicate that you are praying and fasting, but do not know why for this has been instilled in your hearts. I do not know the reason why either, nor do I have an easy answer.

All I know is that I feel a strong urgency that we must now join with each other in declaring a month of unified prayer and fasting.

The battle is on, and we are called to join Our Lady, the Holy Spirit, and the Angels and Saints in Heaven.

United with God, there is no power on earth that can stop His blessed Will.

John Martinez, Jr.

Mary Ourbeaconoflight

Personal reflection on the 30 days of prayer and fasting:

As I was driving in the Texas Hill Country I was curious regarding the meaning of these 30 days. Our Lady spoke immediately. She shared that we are all called to be united in Her Son Jesus. She gently told me that we were to become “Beacons of Light”. She asked for us to reach out to all, providing help in prayer and intercession for our personal needs and for Her task of bring the whole world to the person of Her Son …..JESUS!

She asked for us to be a point of communication with all of God’s children throughout the world. She again requested that we take one hour of prayer at 10:00 pm CT, and She indicated that thousands of people would be praying with Her for the suffering that is in the horizon. There are many seers, prophets and anointed people of God that must come together as one. She desires that we keep you updated as events are beginning to unfold.

She also requested that if any of you are receiving messages, visions or spiritual foresight, that you email us so that your graces can be shared with others as we become closer to one another as a family of God.

We are contacting several well-known anointed people of God to help discern emails that we receive as discernment is so necessary as the battle against evil intensifies. We will need your permission to post any messages or spiritual communications that we receive. As you send them to us, please indicate if we have (or do not have) your consent to share.

The following are a small sample of the many emails that we have received from the last sharing: “COMMUNICATION - The Next Thirty Days

Marion writes:

I'm sure you are aware of the fact that today marks Rosh Ha Shanna 5775- The day all souls pass before God for judgment. In Judaism this judgment refers to what's been done or not done during the past year. However, on a global or eternal scale it may involve much more. Interesting that a thirty day period of prayer and fasting has been called for beginning this day.

May the peace of the Lord and our Lady be with all of us in the days to come.

Your friend and sister in the Lord

Peter (Paris, France)

Dear John,

Hello again and hope things are well with you. I just wanted to alert you to two urgent videos for your discernment from Rick Joyner of Morningstar ministries in South Carolina concerning two conditional prophetic dreams he had regarding a major terrorist threat connected with the US southern border. In the second of these he directly mentions the possible consequences for Texas and the Hispanic community in particular.

Urgent Warning...

Urgent Warning... continued

Rick Joyner is a senior figure among charismatic evangelicals whom I take extremely seriously. I have studied several of his prophetic books (The Final Quest, The Call, The Torch and the Sword, The Path); not only did I find nothing in them contrary to Catholic doctrine, but many of the visionary experiences and visitations he relates are very similar to those of the Catholic mystics, such as being taken back in visions to witness the Passion and scenes from Christ's life. As you will see in R.J.'s second video 'Warning continued' he is working in partnership with Father Marc van Rossem, a Dutch Catholic priest and exorcist who did doctoral work at Morningstar University. Interestingly, this partnership seems to have come about partly because of a prophetic word imparted to an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who is a friend of Rick Joyner and who informed him that wisdom in dealing with the current crisis would come through a Catholic priest.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I urge you to read this message sent out by John Servant of GOD and do what our LORD and Our Blessed Mother Mary is asking of us. I believe this message is true. I know John Servant of GOD. I’ve prayed with him, attended The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass with him and his Spiritual Director. I find him to be a very humble servant of GOD.

Before I read this message tonight, my wife was explaining to me that the series of shows on TV started this week, and since we don’t have cable, we can watch them on the computer. Immediately, I heard our Blessed Mother say, “Don’t watch anymore television, you must pray without ceasing each day. I request that you also fast and offer many sacrifices every day. Tell my children to pray, fast, and be reconciled with GOD.

Just this week, I shared with my Spiritual Director that the LORD had placed a heaviness on my heart to pray more daily and to remain in the state of Grace. JESUS said, “you have entered into a year of judgment (year of the Shemitah). The world will know that GOD is real and that HE is calling His children to Himself.”

Please pray and discern this. Taking into consideration the state of the world, and of our country, I believe GOD is preparing to intercede. What, how, or when that might be, I do not know. Years ago I was told to say this prayer daily.

Blessed be the righteous hand of GOD. 
Blessed be His holy wrath. 
Blessed be His perfect Justice. 
Get right with GOD. Pray, Pray, Pray. 
GOD love you. Johnnie

Hopenjoy from the Pacific Northwest, US, writes: 
(with permission from her priest)

From her Prayer notes (Wednesday September 17, 2014):

I am pondering how it feels like things are speeding up and happening. I can hardly stand to read the headlines, it is coming too fast. I say "Here I am, Lord, speak Your servant is listening, what do I need to know and do now and the next few months?"

What comes to me:

  1. Review everything the Lord has told me already (review prayer notes)
  2. October 17 it's coming down (I have a quick word of knowledge, I see the old "Mousetrap" game, a pile of jackstraws, a Jenga game, a house of cards….in each, one thing is pulled and everything starts collapsing)
  3. I wonder about a recent vision where I saw some kind of bursting lights, explosions, bright splashes like water balloons falling on concrete

The Lord [then gave] me a long personal message.

Specifically related to your article and October, the Lord said:

"Yes, you have discerned well about the October date. You have a month of serious prepping ahead but rest assured that My mother has most of the bases covered for you already. I know you feel uncomfortable about the ammo so that is why I have laid it on (husband's) heart to bring it up in conversation. Unfortunately this is an area of preparedness you will need to address in short manner."

"In seeking wisdom, understanding and clarity it is very crucial for you to be still and quiet and minimize distractions, do you see My plan is giving you this somewhat boring non-demanding job? I have opened up great windows of quiet in your life for My purposes"

At the end of the message He said:

“As the enemy stirs and things unravel so do My plans become more and more glorious and resplendent in response! Ready yourself.”

Kim (Ohio, US)

Hello John and Maria.

Thank you for being faithful and helping us prepare and be forewarned. It's all very sad, mostly because I see and hear my husband and his friends and regular people going about their business in a secular/materialistic way.

Fall came too early here in Ohio and with it, a sense of dread. You just verified that in your latest posting. Not only are we preparing the house for a colder than normal winter, but for an unknown future. It's hard to explain what it's like to live in the Midwest and live through 4 seasons in a year. The thought of upheaval when the weather is very cold and snowy leaves a person twice as helpless. But, sometimes that can bring the best out of neighbors or people. Because we are more helpless, we rely on others (hopefully God) more to get by until the snow/cold/ice goes away. These things have come to mind when I hear about people wanting to attach us.

They know when we are most vulnerable, because the evil one has taught them that.

The corn crops are drying. I gaze at them as we drive through the neighborhood and to the fall festivals. But all I can think of is that they are good places to hide and for protection if someone needs to go from place to place unseen. Then I think, how silly of me. Why do I make myself sad like that? I'm being reminded of what God started in me long ago. I'm 50, and I always knew it would happen in my lifetime. I always wanted to be wrong.

Without faith, people will despair and be frozen in hopelessness. I love the prayer said at the end of the Divine Mercy chaplet where it says "that we may not despair, nor become despondent".

God bless you and yours always.

Rex (Philippines)

Yesterday I’ve read Communication # 1 and I will comply as ordered (prayer and fasting). Anyway, although it is not my place think what God is thinking but as I read your communication no# 1 something hit me.

Basically it reminds me of the book of Revelation Charter 8, 1-5. It says that when our Lord broke open the 7th seal, heaven was silent for about “30 minutes”. An Angel came with incense and pour in before the altar with which includes all the prayers of God’s people then the angel took the fire from the altar and throw it back to the earth.

Of course I’m just wondering…. About the possibility? Could the 30 minute silence be the 30 days silence? Could the incense (prayer of God’s People) represent Our Mother’s request for prayer for the next 30 days and other prayers said prior to it? Could the Fire that the Angel throws back to Earth means God’s answer to his people? Could the Fire mean the 2nd Pentecost and/or The Great Warning?

You said that your wife was told not to buy anything big, and you said before that prior to entry to the place of refuge, the faithful will be given 30 days notice, could this be it?

If you read the full chapter 8 you will know that it’s about the 7 trumpets, the chapter also mentioned that those who are sealed by God on the forehead will not be harmed. It is an interesting Chapter full of God’s Just Wrath.

Again I don’t want to speculate but its been nagging me since I read your communication No# 1 and the Bible after remembering the “silent 30”. And it intensified this morning that I was compelled to write to you. I know you cannot answer these questions, and I don’t expect you to.

At any rate, you are right in saying that a prayer of discernment is needed. I have said my peace, and go about as ordered (pray and fast), again please pray for me, as I hope to be seared by God’s seal.

Until then God bless you and your family, and may God have mercy on us all...

Germana (Ireland)

My name’s Germana and I’m writing to you cause I’ve read on Ned Dougherty’s website that many seers are closing their websites or whatever for the next 30 days.

I’ve got the idea something will change dramatically in the next few weeks and it’s all about giving the Holy Communion to the divorced.

Pope Francis is going to take a decision about that and many cardinals are against his decision.

Will Church split in 2?

If you check carefully the [event] is going to start, everything, the 28th of September until the 19th of October.

It’s just my speculation.

Dorothy (Florida, US)

I read your newest article, and I am so grateful to you for writing another soul feeling piece.

You wrote about next 30 days… I can share with you my feelings, even though the number 30 did not occur in my heart the strong the desire to pray continually did. I started saying Divine Mercy Chaplet few times a day, without understanding why I have this need to pray so much. All this happened just few days ago, also the word fasting came to me .... I am not going to ignore and thanks to your article will plan on fasting specially next 30 days.

Yesterday when I studied with my daughter for bible test, one of the question was when did Jesus start his active ministry, and the answer was about the age of 30 she repeated this to me few times.

Mr. Martinez what if we have only 3 more years left.... what if 100 years from Fatima points toward 2017.... My heart and soul are in revolution and I do not understand what is going on. Why such urgency.... Are we truly that close to Jesus’s coming .....

How can we pray for other souls when our own are so sinful.... I still do....

Jim (AfterTheWarning.com)

The morning before I received “The Next 30 days” from John, I was driving to work. Usually I always listen to something religious and educational as I drive, but half way through the broadcast I was listening to, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a “need” to turn off the show I was listening too. I felt an impulse to keep it off for an indefinite amount of time (felt like a need to keep it off for weeks) and pray. Confused, I brought this strange impulse to prayer. Only after reading the commentary the following day did this impulse make sense. I realized that, along with the Rosary I was praying daily, I was being asked to also pray the Chaplet daily. Not sure why yet, but I'm sure we'll be finding out soon.

By-the-way... the 2nd of 4 blood moons is October 8th. Coincidence?

Mother of God 

Sharing the following video: The Time of Times is Upon Us

Dear friends, let us not delay one more minute, but approach Him under our Mother’s mantle with humility and repentance, interceding unceasingly for this weary world. Join us for an hour of Prayer on each Thursday at 10:00 pm (CT).

In His Peace, John