Messages from the Mailbag

By John Martinez

 The following is an email John had received from one of our readers.  He felt that it would be wise to pass this along to our readers.  As always, please pray for discernment before proceeding.

-Web Master

Dear John,

Having followed your writings for a few years now and reading on the new website that the Blessed Mother had requested people to share any visions or messages they were receiving, I wanted to communicate some insights I have received over the last few months as they might aid the faithful in persevering through the events to come since they relate to global events affecting everyone.

I am an American-expat living in the United Kingdom and I only receive the visions during mass or when I pray in the chapel at the seminary our son attends. The visions relate to events in the world, the church and our family life. Since I was a boy, I have intermittently had dreams or visions of the future but they have increased dramatically in the last six months. I will only describe the visions likely of interest to the remnant.

The visions are usually a static image with a meaning accompanying it. Words from mind arise to give expression to the images and ideas received. I remain fully conscious and alert during a vision. When attending a Latin mass ad orientem, the visions and knowledge are richer than during a Novus Order mass. I believe the increased ‘signal strength’ of the vision relates to the greater graces and stronger link to the Holy Trinity in the Latin ad orientem mass.

Finally, being well aware of the potential for deception from the evil one, I take extensive precautions to guard against being deceived.


On Sunday, June 11th, 2016 , I saw in quick succession the following images.

    • Wind blowing rain in a hard storm, like in a hurricane
    • Earthquakes
    • Volcanoes erupting
    • Stones falling from the sky, (meteors)
    • The sun going quiet with no sunspots (which causes global cooling and more frequent volcanic activity)
    • Severe cold, snow, and ice
    • Intense heat, high humidity, rains and floods


The cycle repeated. Jesus then said, “These events will continue until I hear a cry of repentance from the earth.”

It seemed as is if the visions were describing the weather patterns during autumn, winter, and next spring.

In August, there were a series of visions that related to the church, which essentially communicated the following ideas.

    • I saw the Holy Father disappear. I sensed Pope Francis will be martyred sometime after Easter 2017. I do not know the perpetrator but suspect the terrorist group ISIS is the culprit as they have stated Pope Francis is a prime target.
    • I saw an empty space instead of a new pope. A new Pope will not be elected because subversives in the church hierarchy will block an election. The Church will be without a Holy Father.
    • I saw the Eucharist disappear from the tabernacle. The subversive hierarchy will implement or force changes in the mass that will cause the transubstantiation not to occur.
    • I saw a bigger group of people bullying and shouting down a smaller group. Many in the church, leaders and laity, will follow this new way saying it is contemporary and will argue with, refuse to listen to, and shout down anyone who disagrees with them.


In August and September, the visions gave some definite indications of times and events as well as general feelings or moods of people starting in America and then going on to the rest of the world.

    • By Thanksgiving, many people in the U.S. will deeply suspect that things are very wrong and they will be alarmed at the direction the country is headed.
    • By Christmas, many people in the world will be on the verge of panic.
    • In the first quarter of the new year, everyone in the world will be brought to their knees.


On September 11th I saw several very sobering visions. I have my own ideas about what the visions mean, but have just presented the vision, the meaning communicated, and a little of my own interpretations.

    • An interior sense revealed that in the first part of next year the world would be in mourning. I saw a grey curtain in the sky that hung like a mourning veil over the earth. I knew that the people of the earth were mourning the great destructions that had happened, the great loss of life, and the awareness of how their own sins had caused all the problems.
    • Next, an interior feeling indicated it was the month of June. I saw the Chinese military gleefully send soldiers and many weapons to all the little islands in the South China Sea. China was gleeful because some unidentified event or disaster had happened in America that caused America to be perceived as weak. The Chinese government believed they could now seize control of the South China Sea islands and that no nation would be able to remove their forces from permanently controlling the islands.
    • I saw a U.S. aircraft carrier battle group steaming toward the South China Sea in response to the Chinese military occupation and seizure of the islands.
    • Next, I saw many of these same ships underwater on the ocean floor. It was not revealed who fired the first shot. I sensed America did not reengage China militarily because the aircraft carrier battle group, the foremost power projection instrument of the U.S., had been destroyed. The U.S. did not want to risk losing more ships or personnel and appearing even weaker to the world.
    • I then saw China experienced an outbreak of an unspecified disease. The cause of the disease outbreak was not revealed.
    • Next, I saw a map from overhead looking down. The map appeared small, as if far away. I saw dots on the maps representing Oceanside cities in different nations. I saw concentric circles emerge and spread out from these cities on many continents. The meaning was a bit ambiguous but I think that the circles meant several things. First, that the Chinese military had activated its military bases on the ‘string of pearls’ (and elsewhere) and had militarily seized control of these cities which were along strategic maritime choke points. Secondly, the circles might have meant that disease outbreaks and disturbances occurred in many cities throughout the world.
    • Finally, an interior feeling indicated it was the same time as present exactly one year from today: i.e., September 11, 2017. I saw that I was at my own home looking into the yard facing west. The sky was black and grey, large fiery ashes were falling from the sky from fires burning in many cities throughout the earth. I sensed that in the oceans there were no ships moving cargo, all the shops were closed, and there was a famine throughout the earth. There was no electricity, no running water, and no natural gas service. Everyone was afraid and in their homes. No one ventured out. It was not revealed what caused the fires in the cities.
    • Next, I saw angels flying, lots and lots of angels flying all over, but I did not comprehend the meaning of the angels flying. I wondered if the angels were taking people to refuges, but this was my own idea and not an insight from the vision.


I sense the visions will shift from global events and focus more on spiritual preparation for our family. Nonetheless, I will share any other visions that might be beneficial to the faithful.

Yours in Christ,
Steve (United Kingdom)