Latest Update on John

By John Martinez

Latest Update

Today I received word that John has finally been released from the hospital and is now at home resting. His family is so very grateful for the help and prayers and they ask that you please continue praying for John that his mental state will return to normal.



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May 12th

Hi everyone,

I apologize for all the confusion in regards to John.  First, his condition.  John has a mass in his brain.  The other week he became septic and has lost the ability to walk.  He can hardly speak and is struggling to see.  But the worst part of his condition is his inability to distinguish between what is real and what is not.  So if any of you reach out to him (which I know some of you have his direct number) please be away of this.  He will be having surgery soon in an attempt to stabilize him, but his condition is more of a 'touch-and-go' situation and, although I am hoping and praying for a full recovery, his family knows that the Lord may be about to call him home any day now.  So please keep him in your prayers.

Now, as to the donations.  His family is so very grateful for all the aid you all had poured upon them in their time of need.   But after the GoFundMe had been posted their family reached out to them and stepped in to their aid, and so John's wife feels that they can no longer accept any further charity in good conscience since their needs are now being met.  She has decided to start the process of refunding donations that go beyond what they directly need.  Please do not be surprised if you receive a refund in the coming week, and his wife asks that you please do not be offended.  She is so very grateful for all of your generosity and is praying for all of you that you will be blessed 10 fold for your charity.  (Please note that I personally have no way of knowing who they will refund and who they will not, so PLEASE don't email me, I wont know.  All I know is that their family is very humble and only wish to accept what they need and nothing more.  Beyond that, they will just start returning what is in excess.  If you are going to receive a refund, you will be emails within the week.)

Lastly, John's wife asks that you please pray for him.  If it is God's will that he remain with her a little longer, than she is praying that the Lord will at least clear his mind and grant him a peaceful heart that he can endure this new trial.  She is praying for you all before the blessed sacrament and loves you all.

God bless.