The Coming Refuges

By John Martinez

Before I share my story

Until recently I have been very hesitant in revealing what I am about to share, telling it with only a few trustworthy people I knew.  But in recent years many others who were shown similar events have come forward with their own testimonies.  So, I feel it is time that I share my testimony as well. 

The messages regarding refuges were given to me over 35 years ago by Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. As always, please pray for discernment before proceeding.

Do not quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt
but test them all; hold on to what is good...

—1 Thessalonians 5:19-21


The Coming Refuges: A Message from 1982

One day in 1982 I was driving and praising the Lord when suddenly I began to pray and sing in a strange language I did not know. A tremendous sense of peace and love washed over me.  I then felt a sense of detachment where it seemed like someone else was driving my truck and I was just along for the ride. Then, God the Father spoke to me and showed me a vision of the future, a revelation of coming events. Most of what was shown to me I did not fully understand at the time.

The Lord told me that in the future, this part of Texas (the Texas Hill Country) was going to be a very large "Refuge" and that I was going to play a part in His plan. He indicated that it was Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit who would be preparing this, and many more, refuges all over the Earth for a time of great upheaval and persecution that was coming to the world. The Refuges would be a place where no sin would exist, and that his Holy Presence would be our protection.

Texas Hill Country

The area in Texas was very large, and thousands of people from all directions would one day be guided by their guardian angels to gather in this area for sanctuary and protection. He also indicated that there would be many refuges throughout the earth to save God’s people from harm and to prepare for the coming of His Son. He then stated that there would be several persons that he had chosen for the preparation of this place of refuge, selected and anointed by God himself. If I looked for these persons, I would not find them. But at the unfolding of His Plan, I would know them by their Spirit. Lastly the Lord said that someday in the future I would also move to the Texas Hill Country.  [15 years later my family and I did just that.]


The Refuges: September 8, 2016, at Holy Adoration

My wife and I went before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at our parish, St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It was 10:30 at night, a typical evening like so many before, when suddenly Our Lady appeared in a vision as our Lady of Grace. She looked sad, but I could see love and hope in her face. She wore a blue shawl and a long, beautiful white dress with a brilliant white mantle. There was several saint kneeling before her (I believe Saint Pio was one of them) and tears were slowly sliding down her face. Her presence was so overwhelming words just can’t describe her.  After a few moments the vision ended without her saying a word.

Our Loving MotherA little later, as we continued praying before the Blessed Sacrament, Our Blessed Mother appeared again to me. This time, while kneeling in prayer, I was spiritually lifted into the sky.  Through the clouds and beyond the atmosphere I traveled. Within a moment I could see the entire earth, but it was completely black. I asked Our Lady why the earth was completely black, and she responded that “the BLACKNESS was the SIN of man covering the earth”.

As we were gradually returning towards the earth, I noticed many white lights piercing through the darkness.  Some were large, others were small, but they were all over the world.  She then explained to me that these were sanctuaries that she was preparing to protect God’s children.  Each refuge appeared to be covered by a thin dome and protected by the Glory and Magnificence of God and no evil would see nor know where the refuges were.

As we descended back to earth, she took me to the top of a beautiful mountain inside a Refuge.  We were surrounded by miles of green trees and rivers. There, I could feel the love and presence of God to such an extent that I could just breath Him in; the wind, the grass, the trees were all gently moving and humming in harmony. The grass was perfectly green and lush, swaying as if like velvet waving gently back and forth with the wind.  The beautiful melody that came forth from the trees and all our surroundings were singing in harmony and giving praise to The Holy Trinity.

I asked Our Lady if She would tell me more about the Refuge.  Our Lady asked me to look up and I saw hundreds of angels flying and carrying many holy items into the Refuges. It seemed like an evacuation---- as if something horrible was going to take place and they were preparing the people to flee. I saw these beautiful angels carry churches, basilicas, and small private homes of refuge into the larger Refuges. I also saw the angels carrying the elderly, children and many people who were in distress.  I could feel that it was a preparation for the final spiritual battle.

In an instant, I was taken inside the refuges. I saw hundreds of thousands of believers all working in harmony and love. Each person was designated to a task and a community was being formed. There was no presence of sin, and all that had been afflicted with various diseases were instantly healed. All persons were equal, and God’s selected leaders who were more like servants of God’s children than persons of authority as we know them in today’s world.  Thus, God was bringing His Remnant Church together.

She also indicated that some of the people would be assigned to go out to bring people into the Refuge.  [*On another occasion I was given a vision where I saw myself, with a small group of people, sneaking around outside a refuge to bring others to safety who had not made it there yet.  In the distance where mushroom clouds indicating that our nation was at war.]

And then the vision ended.


Answers to your Questions

Many have asked me questions such as: what will the Refuges be like? What will they look like?  How will they operate?  And most importantly, who will be called?

  • The Refuges are for God’s blessed people that are to enter the new era of peace. She showed me the “new world” and continued to explain what was needed to prepare for the Refuges.
  • As you have read in my writings, I was shown that the Spiritual Sanctuaries are already in existence. They will be revealed to all virtuous people of God at the appropriate time. It is going to be very fast. I do not know how many days or when this will take place, but it will happen quickly.
  • When I saw the “white lights” on the black earth, I noticed many “lights” throughout the earth. I saw 4 in the United States, 2 in Canada four in South America and hundreds all over the world.
  • The Refuges are not small. The one in Texas will be 300 miles by 300 miles. Others will be smaller and others will be very large. Each will accommodate millions of souls.
  • Our Lady is already preparing servants of God for each Sanctuary. These soldiers of God are being prepared as we speak, and many have already been called by the Lord as leaders and warriors for these times.
  • I believe that from each Refuge, we are to bring all these servants and warriors of God together.
  • When the time comes, God will have His angels bring those in God’s grace to each Refuge, including the sick, the elderly, and all who are unable to travel.
  • There will be martyrs that will be sacrificed to save others.
  • I was spiritually and physically taken inside a Refuge. The presence of God was engulfed in all things. People were working together in prayer and harmony. The wind inside was singing beautiful songs, and all were praying in harmony.
  • I was shown that angels were carrying holy shrines, churches, basilicas, and thousands of beautiful structures built by man for God. This was taking place in all the Refuges throughout the world.
  • The Leaders were both men and women and everyone had a holy knowing of what needed to be done.
  • The Refuges have an invisible Dome of Holiness that no evil can penetrate or see. The Refuge will be completely covered by this Holy Dome. Some of us will go into the world and help people to get into the arms of Our Lady inside the Sanctuaries.
  • I believe that all leaders/servants of God will be brought together for the mission that Our Lady and the Holy Spirit have prepared. Medjugorje is a spiritual powerhouse and will serve as a launching place for this mission.
  • We must all work closely together as we become part of God’s plan as it is unfolding.
  • I was shown that after everyone is safe inside the large and smaller Refuges, then fire will destroy all the darkness and evil that exist in this planet. The justice of God will cleanse and reestablish this world to what it was when God created the Garden of Eden.
  • I know that many people are preparing their own personal Refuges and that is okay. We must follow what we feel in our hearts. At the appropriate time, if needed and according to His will, God’s angels will take these private sanctuaries into the Refuges that are close to them.
  • The development of the refuges will take a lot of prayer, love, sacrifice, discernment, and hard work, but with God all things are possible.
  • I once asked Jesus what we will do for food and water. “He responded: “The Spirit of God will give us His power to command these stones to turn into Bread”. God will provide all nourishment of food and water for everyone inside the Refuge,
  • Those in leadership must be kind, holy leaders appointed and anointed by God to lead. He will be always with us throughout these ordeals and trials.
  • Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will also be with us and will guide us. Some of us will be given the gifts of Padre Pio and many other Saints. Many will be given the gift to bi-locate.


Final Words of Caution

The reason for my hesitancy in revealing these messages stems back to the time period they were first received. In the 1980’s, the prophecy of the 3 Days of Darkness began to become known. Some devout Catholics, out of fear, sold their homes, gave away their money and followed rumors and instructions as to what they had to do to save themselves. There was much fear and confusion given by some individuals and false prophets.  When nothing happened, some left the Faith because they believed in something that did not take place. Others were angry and frustrated for trusting the timeline that was given. Some were even left homeless and financially penniless.

So, fearing that I may frighten others into taking drastic actions like those taken by people of that time I chose not to share the vision… till now.  In today’s world these visions make more sense than they would had 35 years ago.  I do not share this to instill fear but to inform you as to what may be coming soon to the world.  So in conclusion, please pray for discernment and arm yourself with Scripture and the Holy Rosary, for evil’s last gasp is about to unfold and God is asking us if we will take a stand.

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes,
you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

—Ephesians 6:13

Your brother in Christ,
John Martinez, Jr.

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