The Refuges of God

By John Martinez

June 27, 2024

The Refuges of God


“And unless those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved;
but for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened.” 
—Matthew 24:22


Today I was given another message about the coming Refuges.  Since the message was similar to some previous messages I had shared years ago, Jesus inspired me to re-share these previous messages instead since they are more in-depth and beneficial to us today.  (Sometimes older messages are more important than newer ones.)  Please reread these messages on preparing for the coming refuges followed by my commentary on how to better prepare.

God bless.


Excerpts Taken from my first Article

– June 17, 2014

As I was praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament: Our Blessed Mother appeared to me in a locution. In prayer, I was lifted into the sky. It seemed like I was in space or near the moon; I could see the earth completely black. I asked Our Lady why the earth was completely black. She responded that the BLACKNESS was the SIN of man covering the earth. As we were dropping down towards the earth I saw small white lights in various parts of the earth. The largest was in the Texas Hill Country. She told me that these white lights were Refuges that She was preparing to protect God’s children from all the evil that would surround us. She told me that the black areas would be destroyed, and that the world had to be cleaned before the coming of her Son The refuges were for God’s people that were to enter into a New Era of Peace. She showed me and continued to explain what was needed to prepare for the Refuges! No man will know are build all the Refuges on the Angels of God and the Holy Spirit and Holy Blessed Mother

I asked Our Lady if she could take me inside. She asked me to enter, and I did so. What I experienced is beyond description or words. Everything was so clear and bright and beautiful. The grass was like velvet; a gentle breeze would sway back and forth. I could hear the grass and trees singing! The sky was an angelic bright blue, and the clouds were dancing in joy and singing with the wind. I could feel the presence of God in the entire valley. The trees, the grass, the wind were all singing in harmony. You could breathe God into your lungs and feel the sweetness of His presence in your body. The feeling of love and joy was overwhelming. I do not have the words to express what I was experiencing and being shown.”

The refuges will be places of holiness where the love of God will be a constant presence. There will be many repentant sinners, but no sin will be able to exist in God’s presence. I saw hundreds of people working in harmony and fellowship. There were ladies who worked with the children while most men did the hard labor. Food was plentiful. Angels were present throughout the refuge, helping and working with people. Prayer was continuous. Holy priests were seen giving the community the Sacraments. I saw everyone, including non-Roman Catholics, praying the Rosary with Our Lady.  People of all cultures and denominations were working as one community of God. There was no anger, no hatred, no strife, just complete peace and harmony.

The Lord has chosen seven anointed persons that are to be in charge, and a leader that I assumed was a prophet. I witnessed young men that would go out of the refuge to rescue those that needed help to come into the refuge. Angels were bringing people from all parts of the area into the refuge; there was complete order and harmony, and no fear or anxiety from anyone. I saw myself going out of the refuges and helping and directing the young men. People were being let by angels and they were coming from all directions. We all knew that there was horrific fighting and chaos outside of the refuges

Many angels will come and guide us to our places of refuge where we will be sheltered from the storms and the forces of the antichrist and the cabal, the one world government.

“Be prepared, My people, for when My angels come, you do not want to turn away. You will be given one opportunity when this hour comes to trust in Me and My Will for you, for that is why I have told you to begin to take heed now. Begin to prepare today, for what appears to be days of calmness and darkness linger.”


Message from Our Lady of Grace

-Excerpt of Message in 2014

She looked sad, but I could see love and hope in her face. She wore a blue shawl and a long, white beautiful dress with a white brilliant mantle. Her presence is overwhelming. I saw several saints kneeling before Her …. I believe Saint Dominic was one of the saints. Then I saw tears slowly flowing from Her eyes.

My son, the days and the fulfillment of Fatima are about to take place. My children still do not listen nor repent, not even for the salvation of their souls. Satan has taken complete control of their behavior and they do not want to hear the Voice of Salvation. Most can hear the rumbling that evil is causing throughout the world; all of creation is crying out and the shrill sounds of nature have begun.

Disasters of nature and the decay of the earth have begun. My innocent children who have adhered to my pleas are suffering many afflictions. Evil begets evil. Sin is like the carcass of a dead animal; one sin creates other sins until the soul is inflicted with hate, greed, [desire for] power, murder and promiscuity. Evil has no bounds and will personally, viciously attack those that have chosen to follow God.

The spiritual and natural war has already broken out in many countries. Satan has empowered those in authority to massacre and kill innocent children. The CABAL the One World Government is in total control in many countries. Civil war is breaking out throughout the world and America will suffer the most. There is much confusion and mistrust among those aligned with Satan. The world has not had nor will have such a horrible chastisement; if the days are not shortened no one will survive.  Many will suffer martyrdom because of their faith, trust and love for my Son.

A terrible and horrible wrath is coming against all of mankind. Our Father in Heaven will no longer allow this to continue as men and women of darkness desecrate Holy Images in our churches of worship. Some of my priests and many Christian pastors have been seduced by Satan and will not speak the truth to my children. The Holy Scriptures of my Church have been watered down for fear of causing dissention among their congregation.  Many of the clergy and laity have taken control of many parishes in our Church. Many men and women seek power and praise for work that they pretend to do in the name of God.

There is hope, my children. The battle has begun and I your Mother and the Holy Spirit will be at your side to be your protectors from all the evil that is coming and that has already taken control of power. Do not despair nor think that you are alone. The wickedness of mankind has caused evil to be blind; they do not know that they are fighting God. Satan’s followers who believe that there is no God, so therefore, they are doing as they desire with my innocent children. His followers are as evil and blind as he is.

Just as Satan believed that he was equal to our God in Heaven after the death of my Son on Calvary, he is still ignorant and full of pride and knows that his time on earth is short for him and his demons and his human followers. The men and women who are following him will suffer eternal damnation in Hell. The resurrection of My Son after His Crucifixion was a definitive message to Satan that he (Satan) is nothing compared to the Holy Trinity.

I want you to know that Satan has been given permission by God for the fulfillment of Holy Scriptures.  Just as Satan has been given spiritual power that is being manifested all around you, so will God who give you spiritual power to combat evil, both in natural and supernatural ways.  The Holy Spirit will empower those of you who turn away from sin and consecrate yourself to My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Son. You will receive the fullness of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are the same spiritual gifts that were given to the early Church.

Many of you have been blessed and will become leaders and Apostles of God. Do not be concerned about how you are to use these spiritual gifts by God. You will have a knowing by the Holy Spirit. Many men and women have been chosen and are being called to teach and show My children the plan design that God the Father is unfolding. We have already selected many of your brethren that will be there to guide and direct you. Your eyes will be opened, and you will be able to see the spiritual realm around you.  You already have an army of God’s holy angels at your side.  You will also be invisible to all evil.

My Remnant Church is coming together throughout the world.  I ask you to pray, discern and help each other for these terrible trials that are ahead of you. Pray the Rosary, ask for a Saint in Heaven to be at your side and pray for your family and friends. Do not allow fear of the unknown to overcome you, for our graces will be upon all of you. Many of you do not have to change your good daily routines and may continue to live as if everything is normal.  But you must pray, pray, pray. You do not necessarily have to move to another location to live. Pray and discern if this is what your heart is telling you, and do not fear, for Our Lord is the God of the impossible.

I am asking my children throughout the world to form communities and fellowship with one another. In the midst of fear and hopelessness, walk with a beautiful smile and let the joy of God dwell in your hearts. You will learn more, and your heart will be open as to what you need to do both spiritually and physically.

Be careful as to what you relate to others; some will mock or criticize you, especially members of your family or friends. Many are called but few are chosen.  Be not afraid, my children. Know that I am with you, and you are protected by God’s grace. Say little and pray more. The doors of their hearts will slowly open, and their ways will be changed by your love.

As many of you are aware. I have set up Refuges.  They are invisible at the present, but the Holy Spirit will guide you to them as God’s plan continues to unfold. We will conquer and destroy all evil on this earth.

I love you so very much and the pain in my heart cries out for you.

Pray. Pray… Pray!

Why the Refuges?

The refuge, first, is within you. The safest, most important sanctuary is in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary.

The physical refuges have already been built and constructed by the Holy Spirit and Our Holy Blessed Mother. These refuges are invisible to the naked eye and no living person can see them until the appropriate time as God’s plan is unfolding. They have been prepared to protect and save God’s children who have been faithful and obedient to almighty God. Like the Ark that was built by Noah at the appropriate time, these places of refuge are all over the world. I have seen five large refuges in the United States, three in Canada, two in Mexico and hundreds of others throughout the world. They have been prepared by God for His children that have turned to Him and committed themselves to sincerely repent of their sins, accept Him as their Creator and consecrate their earthly lives to love, serve and bring many to His Son Jesus Christ. 

The refuges that I was shown were covered with an invisible dome encasing the physical and spiritual environment. These refuges are prepared by angels at the direction of the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother. The refuges will be like being in Heaven as if we were in the Garden of Eden because the presence of God will be within them.  If we seek and look for them, we will not find them until the appointed time. The refuge in Texas is approximately 300 miles by 300 miles.

Focus on your own soul and prepare yourself spiritually with the Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother. They will be your guides.


How do we currently prepare (spiritually) for the Refuges?

Excerpt May 9, 2024

1. We must first prepare ourselves with a sincere relationship with Almighty God. We are all called to turn away from sin and repent. It is very important that we have a sincere repentance before God.

2. We are being called to examine our conscience, confess our sins, and seek forgiveness.

3. We must all turn away from our sinful behavior (addictions, patterns, bad habits) and try to live a righteous life.

4. We must all turn back to God and ask for His Mercy and forgiveness.

5. We are all being called to intense and daily prayer and seek God’s guidance, mercy, and protection.

6. We need to develop a routine of daily prayer, including the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and other devotions.

7. We must make reparation to God for our own sins and make amends to those we have hurt.

8. We must place our hearts before God’s love and mercy.

9. All are being called to regularly receive the Sacraments, especially Confession (Reconciliation) and the Eucharist (Holy Communion). These sacraments strengthen our relationship with God and cleanse your soul.

10. All of us need to reflect on our lives and actions. We need to consider how we can grow spiritually and align our life with God’s will.

11. Read Holy Scripture and contemplate on the sacred Word. The Bible contains God’s word and provides guidance for living a righteous life.

12. We are all called to be Christ-like and practice acts of charity and love toward others. Help those in need, forgive others, and nurture your compassion to everyone we meet.

13. One way to a deeper relationship with God is fasting and self-denial----these practices  help detach us from worldly desires and draw us closer to God.

14. Be real and truthful and have a heart of pure love for God

15. Seek out a genuine conversion of heart. Surrender your will to God and allow Him to transform you.

16. Seek regularly to meet with a spiritual director or friends that are like-minded. Make friends that feel the same as you and can help you in your spiritual journey. Reach out and share your love of Jesus and His Blessed Mother. 

17. Do not be afraid of the Illumination of Conscience. Have hope and trust, not fear.

18. Let Jesus Christ reign in our hearts and lives.

19. Always be happy, joyful and smile at everyone you meet.


My Personal recommendation - What can do Now:

1. We must seek the heart of our Almighty God-in other words, model ourselves after Him in our thoughts and actions.

2. DO NOT MOVE and try to find a Refuge unless you receive direction and confirmation that this is what you must do... As God’s plan unfolds, we will have a knowing in our spirits as to what to do...

3. Stay at home and start preparing a physical “refuge” within your home. Preferably, invite friends and families to come together and pray. If possible, form a prayer group in your home. You can start by praying the Rosary and share Scripture or the holy readings from the last Sunday readings at Mass.

4. I strongly suggest purchasing online at any Catholic Store THE PURPLE SCAPULATE for the protection of your home for the Graces and Love of God. Get some for your children and their family’s homes. Place is it on the wall as you are entering the your Front door.

5. Sing songs and praise God. This will bring you closer to God. Invoke the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother to be present within your prayer group.

6. Do not allow fear to overcome you for fear is from Satan. Focus only on the holiness of God and all of heaven; this will bring everyone closer to each other and God.

7. Do not be concerned if only a few of your friends and family show up. The Holy Spirit and Our Holy Mother will be at your side, Pray for each other for personal intentions or illnesses.

8. I suggest to have your parish priest bless your home and remove anything that is not holy (such as anything that is occult or linked to the evil one).

9. Celebrate only the godly and the good. Stay away from the occult! Remove anything linked to card readers, seances, or other demonic items that will invite evil into your home. Remove all pictures, posters or photos that could connect to evil from your walls and replace them with holy photos of saints or of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Practical Items to do:

1. Some of you with larger properties are growing food and have other preparations for when the shortage of food is before us.

2. Purchase and store water in your small or large refuge.

3. It is very important to build a small altar in your home. Place a Crucifix and not a Cross (We as Apostolic Catholic) need to place statues of Jesus and his Sacred Heart and a statue of Our Lady. We also need a Saint Benedict Cross and Holy Water. It is important. have holy pictures on the walls and place a St. Benedict metal on each window. Get blessed holy oils and put the Sign of the Cross on every door and pray the Rosary as you are doing the blessing.

4. Spend as much time as you need and pray in front of your altar. It is important that you have one or two white candles on the altar.

5. Once you believe and have faith the size of a mustard seed ask God the Father to place His love and protection on your little or large Refuge,

6. God the Father will place a dome over your Refuge so that no evil will enter your home and refuge.

7. Be holy as God is holy.  Your actions and commitment to God will bring your family to safety and salvation. They will have the choice to choose God or evil.

8. Do not be tempted to move from your home, apartment or whatever dwelling you have established for your family and God unless you are directed to do so.

God’s Angels will transport your home refuge to the large refuge and you will become a member and follower of Our Lady’s Remnant Church for the Holy Trinity

Before the Great Tribulation, Our Lady took me inside the Refuge she pointed to the sky. I was seeing angels caring large basilicas and Catholic Churches inside the refuge. I was astonished at what I was being shown. I saw small and larger refuges being carried by angels inside the heavenly refuge. I saw angels carrying small homes that had been consecrated to God and now were being placed in the most beautiful areas of landscapes with beauty beyond words. The sick and those with various diseases were all placed in homes that were prepared for them. As they were brought into the refuge, they were all instantly healed. Those without legs or arms had those body parts restored as they jumped and cried out with great joy and love to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and healer. No evil or darkness was allowed entrance into the refuge as it was a place in constant presence of God that have been prepared for the cleansing of all sin and evil to bring restoration to all the world.

Meanwhile, we know Satan and his demonic followers will all be destroyed and sent to their eternal damnation in hell. Lucifer will be chained for 1,000 years by St. Michael the Archangel.


What is the Purple Scapular?

The Purple Scapular is a sacramental object primarily used for display on a wall in a home. It consists of two purple wool panels connected by cords. It is a heavenly gift which promises divine protection for your family against natural disasters, storms, supernatural chastisements, and even intruders.