Awake my Children for the Time is Now!

By John Martinez

March 16, 2024

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John Martinez

Awake my Children for the Time is Now!

"Let all mankind recognize My unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice." … "He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice ..." 

—Messages given to St. Faustina
 Diary of Divine Mercy

We are still living in the Days of Mercy, despite all the pain and suffering our world is currently enduring.  But soon will come the Illumination of Conscience which will then usher in the Days of Justice.

The Smoke of Satan

As we are approaching the point where Mercy and Justice meet, the ‘evil one’ also continues to push his plans forward throughout the world. Today, evil has a grip on the hearts and souls of the majority of people today, infiltrating every area of human life.  From governments and secular institutions to the very summit of the Church herself, the “Smoke of Satan” has penetrated into all parts of society.  Fear, hatred, anger and confusion reign while faith in the One True God is all but lost within our culture.  All awhile, the remnant faithful are seeking guidance and direction on how to navigate these tumultuous times as well as how to prepare both physically and spiritually.

Lately I have been praying and seeking guidance on how to reassure the faithful that He is still in full control, but mostly I was asking Him “Why???”.

Then I was shown a vision of Our Blessed Mother.  Saint Michael the Archangel stood by Her side while thousands of angels and many saints were around Her. It seemed as if time stood still, and then She spoke:


Our Blessed Mother
Her voice was soft and gentle yet with strength, concern, and filled with pain for all Her children.

“My son, the Time is now!  The time which I spoke to you many years ago when I allowed you to see what would happen and take place. I desire and pray that all my children keep trusting God and His love for all of mankind. I have shared with the world on many apparitions of my love and protection for all my children-yet, they will not listen.

The beginning of the Times has started. They will be very difficult and many of my children will perish and be lost. It will be hell on earth and will get worse-even worse than before the time of Noah. Satan believes that he can destroy God. He is a deceiver and seeks only to destroy all the children of God. He is a clown and a fool. Sin has allowed him to infect all Creation, the Church, and my children in every continent.

These past few years, the Holy Spirit has selected and has guided many of the laity who will be instrumental in bringing restoration to our Holy Church. Many seers and prophets will be given special graces, and they will be empowered with the fullness of God’s Grace. The Holy Spirit has poured His Spirit on many of the laity and special holy priests in preparation for the fight against satan and his minions.  We can no longer stand and see my children perish. Many are waiting for my call to awake and prepare for the attack against evil and Satan. I have gifted many of you, my children, with special spiritual gifts to combat evil. I have raised an Army of warriors for God. Many have been called but few have been chosen. You are ALL ready as I speak. I desire that you start forming small communities as the Holy Spirit leads you. I call for my remnant to come together and I will bless them with the Word of God. Start building small communities and be not afraid of what you must do. I will guide all of you.

God the Father “…. My beloved son, when you consecrated your heart to Me, your heavenly Father, and drank of the Chalice, you accepted your Mission given to you and I have guided you through trial and tribulations and even death. I have chosen you and ask you to be humble, loving, kind, and generous to teach and prepare my people for these days of darkness,

You have taken the first step and I saved you from the claws of Satan as he tried to destroy you and almost succeeded in your death. He has tried to slaughter you many times. I am your Protector. I, your God, the Father, have always been at you side regardless of your spiritual walk for I am your Protector and Shield.  I am your Master and Savior. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against you. Many will come to you for help, and I command you to teach them. Be always strong my son, be humble, patient and have complete trust in your preparation. Everyone you talk too, see them as if they are my Son Jesus.

Many will come to you for directions. Remember it is not you that will direct them but I, your Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother will always be at your side. I will give all my servants the grace that was given to my Apostles as was in the beginning of My Church,

My Remnant Church is coming together, and I will empower it with the fullness of my Presence.  After the time of the Awful Horror all evil will be removed and destroyed; Holy Servants and Religious will be with Me on earth as earth will become Heaven for all eternity.

The Refuges have already been completed and are in spiritual places throughout the world. Our Blessed Mother and my Spirit have shown and allowed you to enter them. At the appropriate time, I will give you permission to share this with my children. “

*The following has been approved for release
by John’s spiritual director, Monsignor Enda Mckenna



My Personal Reflections:                                                                        

I felt the call to share with all of you what the Lord, Our Lady and the Holy Spirit have been encouraging me to share at this time.

At this time of preparation and grace:

1.   We are all called to be Holy as God is Holy.

2.   Prepare a safe and holy place in your home with blessed beeswax candles.

3.   Reconsecrate ourselves to God.

4.   Attend Daily Mass or as a minimum, attend mass on Sunday.

5.   Visit the Blessed Sacrament and hear God’s voice as He communicates with you individually concerning preparations.

6.   Pray the Rosary (daily)

7.   Be a model and a reflection of Jesus Christ to all people.

8.   Small, simple, kindly gestures of goodness to others are of such importance (Example: opening doors, helping, in small ways, those needing a hand, smiling with joy and love, even when we don’t feel up to it). It is the “little things” that we do for others that pleases and puts a smile in God’s face. We are all called to be good and holy in the small acts of daily living.

9.   Forgive everyone that has hurt and even cursed us.

10.              Ask the Holy Spirit, Our Blessed Mother, Our Guardian Angels to always be with us.

11.              Love all people regardless of race, creed, or political/ideology differences.

12.              Pray for all those that are seeking answers as to why the world is out of control and has embraced evil.

13.              Be a Christ-like example to all my family.

14.              Trust God unconditionally as to the direction He wants us to take.

15.              Pray for our Church in these times of confusion and turmoil.

16.              When total darkness covers the earth, pray and place your trust in God and Our Blessed Mother.

17.              All evil will be cast into hell along with those persons that promote and have consecrated their souls to Lucifer.


A word to the wise:

During the 80’s I experienced the confusion of many believers that did not know what to do with the information on the Three Days of Darkness.

There was considerable misunderstanding as to what to do. Some seers and prophets added to the turmoil with misleading information and incorrect interpretations of the Three Days of Darkness.

Some sold their homes, gave away properties and personal possessions.

There was anger and frustration when nothing happened. Some individuals left the Catholic Church. 

Evil was having a blast working within Christian communities. We must be careful to act in accordance with the Holy Spirit to avoid such confusion and misdirection.

I share this with you because I don’t want this to happen again to good faithful Christians who are concerned for their families.

There is a minor remnant of true Christ-followers here in the United States and sadly, the remnant is small.  I trust the Lord will preserve and protect those who are truly His. But for the most part, we’re living in a nation now where most people don’t know God and don’t want to know God or hear anything about Him. Thus, this is the beginning of what is to come to mankind and the whole world.


My Personal Discernment:

1.   All of prophecy and Holy Scripture must be fulfilled before and after the time of the antichrist.

2.   We have received hundreds of messages and warnings from Our Blessed Mother In La Salette, Fatima, Akita and I personally believe that words that are being given In Medjugorje is the fulfillment of Fatima. Very few people have actually listened and acted accordingly.

3.   The laity has been blessed and have received many holy gifts with God’s graces. The remnant followers are equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit and are being called to form communities in our home, churches, places of worship or wherever we are led to go. God’s spirit will tell us in prayer, and His angels will guide us to our ultimate locations. This will be the coming together of God’s believers as the remnant church. Be not afraid for all of Heaven is with us.

4.   When will the Illumination of Conscience start?

a.   God has chosen the time when this will take place. No one knows the date or the time as we were told by Jesus.

b.   God the Father knows and loves every living person on earth. Therefore, God will allow each one to see the sinful condition of our souls as He sees us. It will be one of the most horrible and/or beautiful experiences that mankind has ever been given. We will be the masters of our own destiny in choosing EITHER eternal life or eternal death. God will give us the grace to make our own choices.

c.   This will take place after the fulfillment of all prophecy in Holy Scripture.

d.   After the Illumination of Conscience, the Tribulation will start.

5.   The Tribulation will unfold according to what has been written in Holy Scripture in the book of Revelations.

6.   When the tribulation occurs, be inside a safe sanctuary and do not be tricked when you hear the voices of your loved ones as darkness will cover the earth. No one accurately knows the duration of this time except God the Father.

7.   REFUGES have already been spiritually built throughout the world. Those that need help in finding a place of safety will be taken by Angels of God to these Refugees situated throughout the world. We cannot even come close to knowing the love that God has for everyone, especially those that stay steadfast in love and follow and worship Him. Angels will carry people that are sick, in nursing homes, hospitals, remote areas (even in the jungles of Africa and South America). Everyone that is walking in God’s love will be saved. All in the Refuges will be protected when God’s wrath of fire destroys all evil on earth and sends Satan and his demons to hell. No evil will escape this necessary cleansing.

8.   Note that all of God’s loving children will be saved. Follow the words of God and Our Lady. Be not afraid for a new generation of peace and holiness will come. We will be in heaven on earth. The earth will be reborn as was created by God in the beginning.

The following might be disturbing to many, and I ask everyone to Pray and Discern what I am to share.

1.   The spiritual Large Refuges have already been set in place.

2.   The shifting of the tectonic plates will take place worldwide.

3.   America’s continent and the whole world will be changed.

4.   Many coastal cities in the United States and worldwide will change.

5.   The chastisement from Heaven is eminent.

6.   Many Nations will disappear, and land will rise from all the Seas.

7.   Pope John Paul II commented that Medjugorje is “the fulfillment of Fatima”.

8.   Everyone that seeks Good must Repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

9.   Jesus Christ is the only answer.

10.                Saint Padre Pio quote “In the end everyone will believe, but it will be too late.”

11.                There is much more that I am not at liberty to Share currently.

12.                Do not be Afraid for God the Father. Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Our Blessed Mother, St. Michael the Archangel all the Saints in Heaven will be with all of God’s Children


Please pray and discern all that I was given by Heaven.   If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at

John Martinez, Jr.
Servant of God


"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
neither have entered into the heart of man, the things
which God hath prepared for them that love him.”
1 Corinthians 2:9