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By John Martinez

March 20, 2024

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John Martinez

Message from St. Michael the Archangel

“Be not afraid for I will be at your side. I am commanded to tell you, God’s children, that the Holy Spirit will come upon all mankind before the Warning.  You have the responsibilities of introducing God to everyone in your life. This decision is yours. Start with your family and friends. Be not afraid of what you need to do or say. The Holy spirit will guide, teach, and bless all of you.

The Lord is calling all Our Lady’s Army to follow the Words of Her Son Jesus. You are being called to reach everyone you know and will meet.  The Love and Power of God the Father is calling all that have been chosen to be His Apostles.  Many will be empowered with the Word of Knowledge and Discernment. The gifts of the Holy Spirit will give you the courage and strength to go forth as Jesus said to His 70 disciples when He sent them out to evangelize the lost.

Our Lord is calling the Laity for support in reaching all that will come to you.”




All of us have been very blessed and have been called to start and become part of the Mission given to the early Church from Jesus. God the Father is not contented of how mankind has destroyed and continues to contradict His Love given for us since the beginning of creation. The “Sign of the Time” is now.  Al of God’s people are being called to join Her holy warriors for Our Lady and the Holy Spirit. The Time of the Warning is very close.  Our Lady’s Army is getting to gather to fight the evil and darkness that is upon this world. No one will escape.  The sin of mankind is producing and leading people to perdition starting with those in authority and power in all areas of Leadership. Our Blessed Mother is calling us to prayer and consecration the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

“Jesus was asked by His disciples as to when will this take place. Jesus answered.  “No one knows only God the Father knows. I say to you. You are fishermen and know when a storm is coming. It is by the “Signs” that you see, so will it be in the latter days.”

Most of us know that Signs that Time is upon us.


Additional Thoughts on Refuges and Future Map

May the peace of Jesus be with you!

Please know that the events and visions I have described are not to foster fear or create additional anxiety.  They are for us to prepare as best as we can physically and especially spiritually.

Be assured of God's protection and provision even if disasters happen in your area.  He can do all things!  Prepare your home as a place of love, warmth and welcome.  In other words, your home will be a refuge. Connect with other believers and unite in community. We will need each other.

I sincerely wish I could provide specific details as to when, how and where.  Sadly, I cannot do so.  The events shown to me are given as God intends and as He unfolds them, and even in my own small world here----I don't have the full details as to specific places, dates or times.


The Warning

This is the reason for the Warning. We need to focus on repentance, holiness. and a deeper relationship with God. He is our protector and Our Father.

I again suggest forming prayer groups at home and inviting friends or family members that are likeminded. We can start by praying the Holy Rosary, singing to Our Lord. reading Holy Scriptures and sharing with each other to comment on what was read. Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will guide you. As the times get darker, many of you will be given spiritual gifts of healing, prophecy, etc.

Make your home a small refuge and consecrate it to God. He will bless your home and you will be shielded by His love and protection.


After the Warning

When the shifting of the tectonic plates takes place, BE NOT AFRAID! God’s Holy Angels will take your homes, your family and true believers into the larger Refuges.  The Holy Spirit and Our Blessed Mother will guide you. Words of wisdom, discernment and knowledge will come upon those that follow God.



When Our Lady invited me into the spiritual Refuges, I was told these places are the same as Heaven was on earth before the sin of disobedience. It was truly like heaven on earth.  I saw people inside praying and singing with so much love and compassion that I almost did not want to leave. Our Lady pointed upwards for me to see holy angels carrying churches, basilicas, shrines as well as things that are true and godly. The grass inside the refuges was like velvet, gently swinging back and forth and singing to its Creator. The colors of God inside the Refuge are almost impossible to describe. There was no death, only the presence of life and love. All creation inside the Refuge was singing in harmony to God. The Refuges are the heart of God. I was shown small homes that were small refuges also being carried by God’s angels into the larger refuges.

The purpose of the Refuges are to save God’s children from the destruction of all evil as was told by God to Noah. The earth will need to be cleansed of all sin. The Large Refuges are the presence and Heart of God.

Wishing each of you the blessing of peace and comfort through Jesus, Mary and Joseph,



Invitation to join John and I on
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