The Coming Warning

By John Martinez

May 9, 2024

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John Martinez

The Coming Warning

Ascension of the Lord

Please pray and discern all that I am sharing!

Ascension of the Lord – Ascension Sunday

First Reading

And eating together with them, he commanded them, that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but should wait for the promise of the Father, which you have heard (saith he) by my mouth. For John indeed baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost, not many days hence. They therefore who were come together, asked him, saying: Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? But he said to them: It is not for you to know the times or moments, which the Father hath put in his own power: But you shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost coming upon you, and you shall be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the uttermost part of the earth. And when he had said these things, while they looked on, he was raised up: and a cloud received him out of their sight. And while they were beholding him going up to heaven, behold two men stood by them in white garments. Who also said: Ye men of Galilee, why stand you looking up to heaven? This Jesus who is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come, as you have seen him going into heaven. Acts 1: 4-11


Our Thoughts Lead to Action/Behavior and our Actions Lead to Outcomes and the Direction of our Lives. Words from my wife Maria [a PhD Psychologist] who is my best friend. God gave her to me, and she is part of the mission God has anointed me to accomplish. In a vision, the Lord showed me Maria, my future wife. It took seven years before we met.

We wonder at times why there is so much disarray in our lives. I am receiving hundreds of emails, phone calls and visits from people in the USA and other countries as to what is happening in the world. People are stunned by the evil and chaos that is happening all over the world and in our Church. Many feel desperate and think they cannot make a difference in the world.  Many are becoming petrified with fear of what is coming to mankind.  All of us walk in the natural world and forget that we live in two worlds. The natural and the supernatural. Many of us forget that we are children of God and He is our Father and loves us beyond our imagination.  Evil lurks around each individual.

It all started at the Garden of Eden which was heaven on earth. It was the “Sin of Disobedience” that caused the fall of mankind by the thoughts and then actions taken by Adam and Eve.  We are no different than Adam and Eve.

Eve was deceived, lied to, and tricked by the serpent whom we call Lucifer. Satan’s objective was to destroy the goodness and love that God had given to both. Satan, in his cunning way, spoke to Eve and placed in her mind his tricks, lies and deception of God. Now, Eve in her mind and thoughts took the bait placed by the serpent.  She took the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life and gave it to Adam.  Adam, not wanting to displease Eve, took a bite of the fruit and gave it to Eve to share the fruit. Then reality set in and instantly they knew the truth of what they had done. They were punished by God and thrown out of Eden and the Gates of Heaven were closed to them….the rest is history. The same thing is happening to every living soul.

Now why am I telling this story from the Book of Genesis?

Why is there so much turmoil, confusion, and discouragement in our lives? Satan and his minions are around every living person in this earth. No one is an exception. An example, Saint John Paul II went to confession every day! We all need to try to walk in holiness.  We need to understand that evil is always around us and works in our thoughts and our minds. Each of us has a choice to make either Good or Evil decisions. It starts with a whisper in your mind (Satan) and infiltration of our thoughts. We have the choice to decide as to what our mind and hearts say to us. Whatever we decide will control our minds and the state of our souls. What is the outcome? The Glory of God in Heaven or eternal damnation in Hell.

Mass, Adoration, the Rosary, Reading Scripture should be the center of our lives in order to protect ourselves against the dark forces acting on our thoughts which can then lead to misguided actions.


Our Lord Crucified

WHAT THE LORD REJECTS There are six things the LORD hates, yes, seven* are an abomination to him; haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that plots wicked schemes, feet that are quick to run to evil, The false witness who utters lies, and the one who sows discord among kindred. Proverbs 6:16-19


On the Feast of the Ascension the God the Father shared a conversation with me after receiving Holy Communion.

God the Father:

My son, I am not pleased with what the sin of mankind has done to my creation. My love for all my children is beyond their imagination. I am a God of Mercy and Justice and Love. The world has given Me no other alternative but to cleanse my creation--- the only way mankind will understand and survive is to wake up all humanity. I will not allow the desecration of my Chosen Ones… Clergy and Laity. Many are servants of evil will receive their reward in eternal damnation. They worship Satan and ridicule and chastise those committed to Me. They follow Satan and are given orders to defile my holy shrines, images of our Blessed Mother and many Saints, my Churches. Many of my priest and servants are attacked during the Holy sacrifice of the Mass some are even murdered.

Some of my clergy and lay persons from all over the world have dedicated themselves to Lucifer and are trying to are make him a god. He has given them false power and promises with lies and deception related to their natural existence.  This started decades ago and now has come to fruition. In foolishness, evil has persuaded his malicious servants that I do not exist and that I have abandoned my children. These powerful false lies and his plans started when Lucifer was cast from Heaven. Now, he is aware that his time is short and will come to an end. I will destroy him. He is a fool and a deceiver and knows of his destruction and is fighting to the end


Our remnant Church has started and is shouting the words of Saint Michael the Archangel and Protector of all my children. The restoration of my Church  must has begun and now is gathering from all parts of the world. The Blessed Mother and My Holy Spirit have reached out to thousands of men and women who have proven themselves by their love and consecration to me and are My devoted warriors. They are anointed and have been blessed.  The Holy Spirit has anointed them with all the gifts promised by my Son Jesus at His ascension. I have selected many Anointed Leaders to be the front runners and Apostles and have I spoken to them in their prayers and petitions. Their prayers and petition is coming to pass. It is coming to My Church. It will be restored as it was when my Son established His Church from the beginning. The Church is not overpriced buildings and Shrines. Christianity is not a religion but the person of my Son, Jesus Christ.


There is no one that is exempt from the evil that has embraced my children who have made Satan their god. There is nothing that my children can hide from me. Woe to those that promote the murder of my innocent babies. All that make it a crusade to promote this evil sacrifice will have their eternal reward in Hell. The innocent blood of my innocent babies cries out to me for help.  I will bring My Justice and no Mercy to all those entangled in this atrocity of my innocent children. The heads of all government, parliament, congresses and evil men and women throughout this planet who are aligned with this evil will have a special place in Hell. Money, greed, power, death and all those that embrace evil will perish and will receive their reward of eternal damnation. I am a loving God, and I will forgive everyone that turns away from their wicked ways. Change must come from their heart and with sincerity---only if it is a true repentance from their heart and one that seeks my Love and Mercy, I will forgive each one and welcome them into my Kingdom for an eternity of joy and love.


I will not judge mankind; they will judge themselves for they have made their choices by embracing good or evil and thus choosing their way to eternity. This is the reason for the Warning. I will give mankind the chance to see themselves as I see them. I love all my children and want them to freely choose good. The time is here when man calls evil good and good evil.


All of heaven is waiting for My Command to eradicate all evil.  I will separate the goats from the sheep. The reign of evil and Lucifer is coming to an end. He knows his time is short. Thus, the reason for all the evil chaos that is taking place. The sin of man has created all the disaster that have taken place in Nature and much more destruction is coming to mankind.  The innocent will suffer as those who embrace evil. The return of my Son Jesus Christ is coming, and He will Reign as King for all eternity. He is coming in the flesh as He was taken into Heaven in the flesh. This will be the new Era of Peace. There will be a new heaven on earth and peace will reign throughout the new world. All creation will be restored as it was in the beginning of My creation.


Saint Michael the Archangel and your protector Cried Out in Heaven to Lucifer and his followers. “Who is like unto God”. Let the holy Archangel Saint Michael, prince of the celestial hosts, rejoice eternally since he defended in battle the glory of God Most High, the Incarnate God, and the Blessed Mother of God!


Our Blessed Mother is the Ark for these Times- Our Lady of Guadalupe

My Juanito, I love you--- all that has been assigned and asked of you to you by heaven, you have done and gone beyond what was expected of you. I am happy and pleased with your dedication. You now understand your mission given by God the Father. I enjoyed those early few years I spent with you by teaching and showing you Supernatural verse the Natural. It has given you a deeper insight into the Sacred Heart of my Son and My Immaculate Heart which is the Refuge for all my children.

I am always at your side. The Holy Spirit will continue to guide and direct you as the Will of God the Father unfolds. Many doors are opening for you to share your love for God. Never seek praise or glory for your reward is in Heaven, Be kind and humble. As you share your love of God and My messages to millions. By the action of many of my dedicated followers and the rise of my Remnant Church is bringing many to my Son, Jesus. Many have and will be converted and turned from their evil ways. I am asking every soul on earth to rise up to Heaven’s calling. All of our Saints and your love ones are praying for all my children. God the Father has assigned St. Michael to be your protector and for all my consecrated children as well as the Archangel Uriel. Many of your friends that are now home in heaven continuously pray for the Great Battle that is coming.

I and the Holy spirit will continue to guide and direct all my children. We will be at your side and will continue to guide you. Be not afraid to speak the truth for when you speak it is God that is speaking through you to His children. Since your early childhood I have always been with you. You are my “Juan Diego”.

War and my many disasters from Nature are coming to the United States of America. America was created with the Love of God the Father and now it has turned away from the Father and has embraced evil and has become the new Babylon. Shout to the world to turn from their wicked ways, repent of their sin, confess to God and ask for His Mercy and Forgiveness. If this is done, the coming war will be lessened, and evil will be held back. Be at peace, my son, for I come to you as Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Archangel Uriel shows and explains what will take place at the Warning.

Archangel Uriel is an angel of wisdom.  He brings God’s truth to those who seek information, solutions, or wisdom. The name “Uriel” means “God is my light”.

He is also known as the archangel of justice and tears. Uriel is the leader of the entire angelic host in rabbinic Jewish tradition and is one of the few archangels to enter the direct presence of God.

At the very beginning of my spiritual and physical mission, I had no idea as to who Archangel Uriel was. As I continued learning from the direct teachings from Our Lady of Grace, I began to understand more of the army of Angels and Saints that were to be with all of us on this spiritual journey and battle.

Archangel Uriel

He was introduced to me by Our Blessed Mother. This guy is awesome. He is a strong and fearless Warrior of God. He is almost 12 foot tall and dressed like a roman soldier. He has blonde hair and is very muscular---my best angelic friend since we were first introduced. He was before the presence of God the Father and given the task of fighting for everyone.

The Warning: He was telling and showing me that the Warning is an Act of Mercy from God the Father. He is allowing this to happen for all people to see their souls as God sees their souls. This will be a blessing to all mankind and each person will have to make their own choice.

He was given this task to display and show me part of what will take place during the Warning. It is not appropriate for Our Blessed Mother to describe what follows:

“Archangel Uriel” pointed to the carcass of a dead animal. He showed and allowed me to see the decomposed body of an animal in a secluded dark wilderness with the smell and odor of sulfur and the screams of those in hell. The smell was so terrible and horrible that I could hardly breathe. I could see the hundreds of worms and maggots eating and multiplying on this carcass as other creatures joined in the eating of the dead animal. The flesh was decomposed and deteriorating, and I could hear evil laughter in the background. Then, in the flash of a second, the animal changed into a human being. This person was seeing his soul as God sees him in his current state of sin. This individual was in agony and was praying for death as he was being shown all the good and evil he had committed while he was alive on earth. Many were cursing but asking forgiveness from God. A second felt like eternity. The earth stood still. It was horrific as demons were laughing and chanting evil sounds. Many were cursing God all around this person. The person was allowed to see all the evil that was caused by their sinful thoughts and actions while still alive on earth. Again, the sounds and smells were horrific.


My Comment

Many of the true believers that had made God the Lord of their lives were spared much of the pain and suffering during the Warning. Those that had consecrated their lives and spirits to God had a more gentle and loving experience.  

The time they experienced the Warning could not be measured in real time. Each person had their own insight of what choice to make. Some assumed that they were already condemned to eternal damnation. This was a horrific experience for me witnessing what was taking place to billions of people. I got on my knees and prostrated myself before God and prayed for forgiveness for all the sins I had committed and turned away from. I was shown the Agony of Jesus Christ at the crucifixion as He gave His life for our salvation and took upon Himself all the sins of mankind. I heard the Words of Jesus on the Cross “Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They do”.

Everyone knew that their sin was the cause of the Passion of and suffering Jesus as He paid a horrendous price for our sins. Many had a knowing why they were being shown their future. For a moment, which seemed like eternity, there was silence. Everyone experiencing this event knew that they had a choice to make. Sadly, some did not understand the choice---that they were being given a gift of mercy by God.

After these revelations, I was taken back to where I was at church during Mass. Please note that time for God can be a Second or Years.


Come Holy Spirit

Gospel – Mark 16:15-20

And he said to them: Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned. And these signs shall follow them that believed: In my name they shall cast out devils: they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them: they shall lay their hands upon the sick, and they shall recover. And the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven, and sits on the right hand of God. But they going forth preached everywhere: the Lord working withal, and confirming the word with signs that followed.


 He Who Controls your Mind
Controls your Soul.



Our Lady of Guadalupe

A Side Note from John:

The other day I received this image out of the blue from an old friend.  He explained to me that he was at a funeral for a family member and an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in the image next to the casket.   (This man's entire family is known for receiving spiritual communications.)

Later he was told to send this image to me along with a message to continue doing Our Lord's work.

God bless.