The Warning Sbout a Dark Eternity

By Linda Noskewicz

March 30, 2015


Away from church and friends and thrown into the world again, I know I’d be lost.  I am not strong.

                    I hear the Heartbeat of Man and I call to Joshua and told him many things.
                    He listened well and was a good servant to His Lord God.
                   Now, My Children, I send to you another and I say, he is good.

Treasured Children, you are My Belovéd Children and Creations.
You can do nothing but that I do not see.
I am your Lord God 
and know all that you are and know all that you do.

Know, My Children, that in this knowledge, 
I Love you without condition or restraint.

My Love for you is not a small seed that perhaps grows to a small tree and stops.
My Love is a large flowering tree 
that continues to grow and flower 
and produce new life 
and you are My Children and My Love for you is real.

I call on each of you to realize My Love 
and that of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.
His Love is a profound and Divine Love and of such Holiness,
you must understand the nature of your Love for Him 
must be gentle, reverent, Loving, deeply so, and attentive.

By His Sacrifice, He has redeemed Man.

Where once the door was locked, 
He has unlocked the door and opened the way to you.

When once there was only darkness, 
He brought great Light and happiness.

Where there was despair, He gave hope.
Where there was disease, He healed.

My Beauteous and Belovéd Son is the Son of Man 
and saved those He Loves do dearly.
Deep is His Love for each of you.
Yet you or Yet His Children or Our Belovéd Children, you turn your backs on Him.
You defy your Lord God, the Christ.

You deny Him and withhold your own Love so cruelly.
(Why) do you wound Him with such defiance and un-Love?

You do not know the danger your soul is in 
as you deny the Love of your Lord God, the Christ.

You do not dismiss the Love of a child.
You do not turn away from the Love of your wife.
You long for the Love of your father.

Therefore, crave the Love of your Lord God, 
for My Love is stronger, pure, and Divine.

My Love for you is inconceivable and inexhaustible.
I offer you a perfect Love.
You do not deny imperfect Love.
Why do you deny that which is perfection?

Belovéd Children, there will be a Time when your denial will be your death. 
Do not take this warning lightly.
Do not deny the Christ.
Do not deny your Lord God who Loves you.
Do not be on the side of un-Love, 
for that leads to an eternal darkness that is all-painful and permanent.

It is a terrible pain because I will not know you.
When your Lord God denies you, such is the pain and punishment of the arrogant.

Please, not too much (talk about hell).  My friends have been too thorough lately.

It must be known.
The denial of the Lord God leads to My Denial of you.

Your Eternity is one of darkness and wrecked community.  
[No community with God.]
You are like a single bug in darkness 
longing always for something that once thrilled your Heart 
but just when you feel it may touch you again, 
you are steeped in a fire that burns your soul but does not damage.

(This lack of damage is not a lasting thing or that which would give you relief, but the reverse.  It is perpetual burning.)

Your Heart which is your soul is in perpetual fire or it is an eternal torch.
You are with the one who lies 
and you endure his chaos and lies for eternity.
And you will have especial punishments for your gravest sins.

(This is a vision I saw before that was so repulsive, I did not want to share it.  Email me for details ****  but I see this all the time and it is a dark, cold, dank, ugly place.  It brings dread and illness to my heart to see it.  It is unlike anything I can adequately describe.  It makes me shake.)

Yet I can forgive you these sins, though they are great.

Trust in Me, but do not deny My Love.
Do not take your self from Me and choose this World instead.
You will long for Me and I will be there for you no longer 
when you have reached the darkest pit.

Children, know Me.
Know My compassion and forgiveness.

Love Me, for I am your Loving Father 
and I want My Belovéd Children with Me.

Thus, Love Me with all of your Hearts as I Love you.


Pray, My Children, and seek My forgiveness for your sins, 
for they are great and My Loving Heart is deeply offended.

I await with Great Longing and wish for each of you to come to Me in repentance and Love.

Do not make folly of your Time, 
for tomorrow may not give you more.
You know not the hour or the day.

Thus, reconcile yourself and be cleansed 
in the eyes of the Lord God who Loves you so very deeply.

Peace, My Children.