Children, Do Not Wait

By Linda Noskewicz

June 1, 2015


Monday, June 1, 2015 3:24 – 4:12 pm

Belovéd Children, it comes. I am the Lord God and the Kingdom of Heaven is Mine and Mine alone.

Pray, My Precious Children. Pray. I am the Lord God who Loves each of you. Pray and gaze into the Heart that Loves you. For I am Love, and I Love you. Glorious Children who pray to Me, the Lord who Loves you so, bring Me such gladness and the angels worship even as you do or with you.

Pray, My Belovéd Children. My Mercy is yours. Pray, Belovéd Children, and know that I am ever with you, the Lord God and Father. Do not doubt My Great Love for you. Do not doubt Me ever. You are My Belovéd Children and I am your Father who seeks to protect My Children from their foes and from all dangers spiritual and temporal.

Call to Me, My Children, and I am there. Come to Me with all of your joys and all of your laughter. Be attentive to Me, your Lord God who adores you. Bring Me every concern and all of your tears, and I shall toss them into the deepest oceans or waters and will placate or comfort you. You were made for Me as I am for you. Love Me, Belovéd Children. Show Me your Love by endless and attentive prayer. You cannot do well by this World without prayer and without a generous and bold relationship with Me, your Lord God.

Beautiful Children, worship My Son, the Christ. It is essential for your life or lives. He is the Living God whose Sacrifice has Saved you. He is the Living Mercy that is offered to you so openly and willingly. Oh, Belovéd Children, come to Me your Lord God and worship with all of your Hearts, My Beauteous and Beatific Son who I Love and adore. He is My Son, the Christ, your Savior. Do not reject the Love and Mercy of the Christ. To reject Him is to reject Me. We are One God and as you Love Me, you Love Him, just as if you reject Him, the Christ, you are rejecting Me, your Lord God and Father.

Belovéd Children, do not endanger your Souls by rejecting the boundless BIG Love of the Christ. He brings you such Mercies, if only you should Love Him with all that you are. My Belovéd Son grants you My Mercy and I look favorably on those who adore and worship My Belovéd Son. Do not turn your faces away from His Love and Merciful Heart.

Glorious Children, you must continue praying or pray much, much more. The evil in this World appalls the whole of Heaven. Seek My Mercy for this World, as it blackens daily and leads Me to anger. I am a jealous God and I see the Sons of Israel running astray or afoul from all of My Sacred Laws. The Women are an angst to Me and I seek the gentle-hearted and Loving daughters who offer Me their Love and adoration.

Children of this World, you know not what comes. My Beauteous Children are most Belovéd to Me and as such must be chastised or purified before Me. Oh, Belovéd Children, do not wait or stall. I am amongst you and search for the healthy vines that bear fruit and sever those vines that have withered. I seek the greatest or ripest fruit and look with great joy on My Harvest of Souls.

Oh Children of this earth or World, do not delay in your Love for Me, your Lord God and Eternal Father. I am your Loving Father and I give My Children good gifts. Belovéd Children, trust in Me. Love My Son, the Christ, and you shall be saved. Offer your Beauteous prayers up to Me and I hear you and answer your calls or requests.

Believe in Me, My Children. Do not turn your back to the Lord God who Loves you, for you endanger your soul so completely. Do not disbelieve that I reject All evil and every sin. Yet I offer you Mercy so that you may be embraced in the Kingdom of Heaven, My Kingdom.

Children, you must take Me seriously. Do not delay but come to Me in repentance and for My Mercy, and it is yours. You cannot afford to delay. You cannot afford to play or make folly of My Calls. Belovéd Children, I am a good and Loving Father and do not let My Children become hellions or heathens without a just punishment.

Children, so many of your brethren are in danger of Eternal Darkness. Reject all evil and avoid the temptations that draw you to evil and sin. The Holiest Spirit guides you if you will but listen. The Spirit fills your Hearts with Love and joy and discernment when you are attentive to the Lord God who Loves you. Seek out the guidance of the Spirit and do not stray from Me and My Son, the Christ, for We are One with the Spirit and We are Love.

Oh, Belovéd Children, the whole of Heaven laments (over) your sinful World. You are but babies crawling towards a deep hole, even as your Loving parent tries to deter you. Belovéd Children, know your chastisement comes in the spring when you think or believe the day is filled with the temporal lights or delights of this World. Thus, the skies will blacken and swirl violently and the greatest storm shall come to seed this earth or World with destruction and chaos. I am a just and righteous God. I am the Creator of all of Mankind and My Laws are not mocked.

Belovéd Children, take Me seriously. I am Loving and Merciful and long to give My Love and Mercy to each of you. Do not turn Me away. There comes a time or day or a point in Time when your Master shall return unexpectedly. He shall throw an abundant feast or a great celebration before you unless you are a stranger to Me. You do not invite into your homes strangers who stand before you. You welcome your family and friends with joy, as will I.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, do not wander from Me or from My Love. Greatest disasters will come and My Glory shall be evident in every Man’s eyes. My Glory will be evident across and throughout this World and the prayerful will know easily or early on and will pray with great joy inside their Hearts. The faithful Children who trust in Me will know the Grace of God, the Lord God is with them and protects each of you from all evils. Belovéd Children, your Lord God does not lie or does not play games with the Souls of Man.

Trust in Me and know that this day comes and so many will cry out to Me and shall learn to pray by My Great Love and Mercy. Three black days and nights stand before the Holy One’s. The Lord, the Eucharist will be gone from you and the prayerful will seek and find the Lord Christ in their trust and faithfulness in Me. Those who have rejected Me in favor of sin shall cry out for My Mercy. Know I am with you and I am disciplining My Belovéd Children. I bring My Merciful Heart to the attentive and prayerful. They bring Me such joy.

Do not doubt My Words, Belovéd Children. My Greatest desire is to gather all Souls before Me that We might rejoice together in the Kingdom of Heaven. I Long for you and cleanse you of sin. Watch for Me or a sign. I am already thereor with you. Do not doubt My Love for you. Do not doubt that I reject the sinfulness of this World.

The daughters of Zion betray Me and the Sons of Israel now laugh at Me. Beloved Children, know with your Hearts that My Laws are not mocked or there are consequences, great consequences for your Sins. Thus, walk away from this World and embrace the Divinity of My GREATEST Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, I am ever with you even as the darkness comes. I am ever with each of you because I Love you beyond all understanding, unconditionally and without limits or boundary. Hear My Calls and bring yourself to Me. I wait for you to Call to Me, My Children. Thus, I say call to Me. Do not delay in favor (of) such temporal things.

I am First in all things. Worship Me and be One with the Lord God. Children, pray heavily with Whole Hearts. Do not betray Me with hatred and rejection. I Love each of you and want you with Me.

Pray, My Children, and today I give you My Greatest Peace. Pray, Belovéd Children. Pray.