I Do Not Desert You!

By Linda Noskewicz

March 27, 2015


Friday, March 27, 2015 3:31  3:41-4:18 pm

I know it’s ridiculous to try to act like I’m stronger than I am because You’ll know anyway that I’m miserable.  It’s kind of funny.   ****  So, I just wanted to say thanks because Your presence is the most incredible, most vital piece of my life.  It’s my whole life.  Without you, I’d be a puddle.
3:41 pm
I am ever with you 
and will not leave your Heart alone.
I am Love and I do not desert My Children.
I have created you in My Own Image or likeness.
Why shall your Creator abandon 
that which He has created for Love, from Love and with such Love?
Do not disbelieve.
I will not leave you.

Belovéd Children, I am your Lord God and Father 
and My Love for you knows no limits.
I ask you to Love your Lord God without limits 
and take joy in following My Laws, 
for they will lead you to Me.

When you Love your Lord, you do not chaff at His Laws.
Your Love drives you to obey Him with great joy and pleasure.
Your Love for your Lord leads you to desire only (to please) your Master 
and never to displease the one you Love.

Belovéd Children, Love with all of your Hearts and souls 
the One who has Created each of you from unbounded Love.
Please Me by your faith and trust in Me, your Lord God and Eternal Father 
who wants only joy and Heavenly Eternity for each of My Children.

Belovéd Children, open your eyes 
and see the gifts I offer you.
Listen to the words I say 
and hear how I describe what your gifts will be.

Belovéd Children, the gifts that lay in wait for you 
are steeped in Divine Splendor.
All these things that you desire in this life 
are such little or meager notions.

The desires you have now 
do not touch even the very edges of the joy My Gifts for you will bring.
My Gifts for you are so amazingly awesomely BIG, 
the thrill within your Hearts will not be contained.

Trust in Me, My Children.
Do not fret over what you are not given or what you do not attain 
or what is lost or taken away from you in this World.

Do not be disappointed or let the bitter nut of anger 
grow within you and your Hearts.
Know that your Lord God has such great gifts for you 
that all of these things you have longed for shall be forgotten.

Your eyes shall not recall the shine they once held for you.
Your ears will not think their music so sweet.
Your Hearts shall enjoy your folly, 
because you shall revel in far greater, 
and incomprehensibly glorious and “joy-bringing” gifts.

Thus, I say, do not be troubled by your lot in this World.

This World cannot offer you what your Lord God gives for Eternity.
Eternal joy, blessings, the honor or glory 
or Divine BIGNESS of living in the presence of God 
for all of un-Time or inside out of time or like without time or outside of time or where there is no time ever present (too IG to explain properly – time never existed).

Belovéd Children, come to Me to receive these great graces 
and do not defy Me and My Laws.
Do not reconcile yourselves with sin.
Do not compromise with sin.

There is no Light in sinning and you must cease sinning.
By following My Laws and understanding (with) deepest prayer [prayer led though the Bible]
what I Love and do not Love 
and what I accept and do not accept, 
thus will you be whole.

            Beleaguered Children,
            gird your belts and
            lock your doors, for the
            storm comes soon and it
            shall ravage many
            and wreak havoc on
            the World.  It shall
            raze land and bring
            waters like fingers
            crawling through the
            cities.  The earth shudders
            by the sins of Humanity,
            for they are many and
            the number great.  It
            shudders and regurgitates
            the blackness it has witnessed.
            It cries out and the
            seas rise and the lands
            sink and the mountains
            blaze and rocks are 
            strewn and the clouds
            grow black as they
            turn and roil and the
            red fires fall to (from) the
            sky and Man cannot
            escape from the chaos
            and destruction caused by
            his massive sins.  His
            sins have been great and
            the desolation those who
            deny the Christ shall
            know as they are moved
            towards the pit will
            stagger all those who
            witness, and yet still
            many will deny My
            Son and His Love.

            Children, you destroy
            yourselves by your 
            obstinance and pride.
            Be obedient, Children!
            Your Father knows and
            sees the damage you
            do.  I warn My Children
            of the threat or warning
            that comes.  Do not
            make folly of your
            Time.  Do not disbelieve
            or mock those who
            would have you know
            and Love My Belovéd
            Son.  You shall see
            and taste the
            bitterness of regret for
            your dismissiveness and
            your mocking and derisiveness
            of My Faithful Children.

Belovéd Ones, know that I hear your prayers 
and they are sweetness to Me.
You must continue praying, 
for your prayers are strong.

There is not time to pause or break.
Know that among you are the sophists
or the tricksters or those who would lead you astray.
Be aware of this always and pray that 
the Spirit of the One True God guides you rightly into My Arms.

Belovéd Children, Love your Lord God.
Do not turn Me away.
Love your Lord God and pray.

Belovéd Children, pray.
Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace.