Do Not Wait

By Linda Noskewicz

February 13, 2016


Saturday, February 13, 2016  3:10 – 3:43 pm
Belovéd Child, listen to your Loving God and Father who seeks to give you My Greatest Gifts through My Belovéd and cherished Son, the Christ Jesus.  I am ever with you, hearing your prayers and answering you, even when you do not hear Me.  Even when you cannot see Me.  I am ever with you, My Child, and through your imperfections I see directly into your Heart and what I find or see is most Lovely and most perfect to Me.  I ask you to Love as I Love.  I Love you, My Child, without condition, without limits and with a Love so great, it is too big or huge for you to fathom.  My Love for you is incomparable.  The sands [by the oceans] are so sweet but you are sweeter.  The wind is so strong, but I make you stronger.  My Love is so infinite and I want your Love and devotion in return.  Love Me, Belovéd One.  Lead My Other Children to Love Me.  How I crave your prayers for others.  For every heartbreak you live, ten souls are saved and brought to the Glory of My Kingdom.
Treasured Children, you must turn to Me now.  Do not wait until the fruit is spoiled to eat of it.  Do not wait until the storm is present to lock your windows and doors.  Do not wait for a plague or for plagues to strike before you use caution over your health.  Now is the time to prepare.  Prepare for the storms through deep and wondrous prayers.  Eat the fruits I give to you while they are rip and sweet.  Make your body strong so when faced with ill health, you recover rapidly by My Grace.
Like spiritual bench presses?
Belovéd Children, you are My Own to Love and how your Belovéd and Eternal Father Loves you.  Do not seek destruction or vengeance upon your brothers and sisters.  Cease your judging or judgment of others, for these things are for Me and how can you deign to judge what is unjudgable by you??  My Children, you are such small light sand together you shine brightly, warmly.  When you are alone, the flame of your Heart will flicker out if you do not kindle it or care for it.  I am the Lord God and I seek out the Children who Love Me.  My Belovéd Son has opened the doors of Mercy wide and still so many of you doubt and disregard and dismiss His Love and Greatest Gift.
Belovéd Children, the Christ has Risen before you.  You must not doubt Him but give to Us your whole Hearts.  Do not wait, My Children.  Do not wait.  Everything I intend to give you is good.  It is of My Will, and My Will for you is very Loving and kind.  Children, trust in Me, your Lord God and Father.  The Love in My Heart is kindled by your Love for Me.  Such reciprocation brings Me such joy and the whole of Heaven rejoices in this Love.  Belovéd Children, put My Angels to task.  Pray with them and I hear the Glories of your worship with theirs, and the songs of Love fill Me with such gladness and ever-growing Love.  Love begets Love and expands and increases Love.
Know this to be true, My Children.  There comes a time when the doors to salvation will be locked against sinners and the rejoicing of My People within will begin.  Be with Me, Children.  Join in My Love for you.  Do not place yourselves in such danger, for when the door is locked to the Kingdom, how shall you be sustained against the trials and furies of this World?  You cannot, My Belovéd Children.  How you will suffer, those Children who turn Me away.  Like the stranger in the night unwelcome to any warmth (you) will be subjected to such casualties and pain.  The storm is relentless in the face of no protection.
I am the Lord God.  My Belovéd Son is the Word or My Word.  He is the warmth and Light of this World and the doors to His Sacred and Blesséd Heart are open or have been opened before you.  Take this gift of Mercy to your Hearts.  Grasp it to you or hold it to you, for Mercy is a gift that will bring you solace and joy.  It will provide you redemption as sinners because the Heart of My Belovéd Son has been pierced to save those He Loves, which is all of you who live, have lied, and will live.  Take comfort in the Mercy He provides.  Take it to your breast and do not relinquish your hold on His Loving Heart when the winds of this World seek to sway you.
He is the Lord God and Son of Man.  He Saves you from the destitution and darknesses and pains of hell.  Bring your Love to Him with Love and joy.  Ask for His graces and you shall know joy.  You must only ask and Mercy is yours, My Belovéd Children.  Thus I say, kindle the fire within your Hearts with the Love of the Christ and for the Love of the Christ.  Worship My Son Lovingly and pray for all things.  

I am your Holy and Eternal provider and I am your Loving Parent.  I provide good gifts for My Children.  You need only ask.  Pray My Children and know the Graces of God are upon you.  I am light and truth and majesty.  My Love sustains you, My Children.  Thus I say, do not throw away that which I have given you.  To do this is to the complete detriment of your Souls.  Many fall from their lives and fall into the pits of the hellion.  My Children do fall and will fall despite My Greatest Love for you.  I call out to you always with My Heart fervently yearning for your Love.  Do not walk in darkness, My Children, but live within the cloak of My Great Love and Guidance.  Feel the Love of the Lord God pulsing through you.  This is Love’s strength and with Me, your enemies will flee you and the disasters of the World avoid you and the chastisements of souls shall not crush you at all.  Thus I say, give to Me all of your Love, My Children.  Do not wait, for the Glory of God comes and you will want to be always with Me.
My Belovéd Little Children, you need not understand all that you see and hear but only trust in the Christ Jesus, for His Love is pure and true and His Path righteous.  Love, My Children.  Love.  Pray and Love and I am made glad by you.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace this day and always.