Message from the Eternal Father

By Linda Noskewicz

March 7, 2017

Father, why did You wait so long to send Jesus to save us??  I mean, why didn’t You send Him during Moses’ time or when King Tut was alive?  Also, do You pro-rate forgiveness?  Like, I know I’ll be too weak to continue being good, or like I have a sin – say laziness (big stretch) – and I know that no matter how hard I try, I’ll likely slip again and again.  So, knowing that, can I ask for forgiveness for the things I will probably do wrong in the future along with all the sins I ask forgiveness for today??  Does that make sense?  And why do I feel like You’re going to something profound instead of simple for my simple head?  Humph.  Children live in the moment…
3:22 pm

Blesséd Children, know that every thought you have of Me, every spoken word of praise, every prayer you say to Me, I hear you and answer you and your words sing like bells and stars and beauty in Heaven.  [It is whimsical]  I am with you always.  Do not doubt this, for so many of My Belovéd Children are doubtful and empty.  Bring the sorrowful to Me and I shall fill their Hearts with comfort and Love.  I am the Almighty Father and you are My Children, made by Love, from Love, and for Love.  Why, Belovéd Children, do you feel that you are worthless in this World?  Do you not see the exactness of My Love for you?  Do you not know or understand that there is no plurality of you.  You are unique by design and so Loved by Me.  Do not push Me or My Love away.

I cry out to you that you might see the error of sin and its dark consequences.  When you come to Me and open your Hearts to My Love and Mercy, you are no longer in the dark but are thus led by the light of the Christ Jesus who is your redemption and Savior.  Belovéd Children, the Son of God, My Most Belovéd Jesus, is more than worthy of your Love.  It is a Commandment set forth that you shall Love your Lord God first and forsake all others, for there are false deities and the curiosities that appeal so to Man are meant to draw My Children away from Me.  Thus I say, worship and Love your Almighty God with all that you are within your Hearts and Bodies and Souls.  [Very emphatic]

I am the One True God and all that is Love and Mercy is of Me and within Me and throughout.  [Like everywhere] Worship Me.  Give your affection to Me as a child does his father.  I am for you as you are for Me.
Belovéd Children, the Heart of the Christ burns with sorrow as so many of My Belovéd Children turn away from Him and/or disregard His Fullest Love.  This is an atrocity of the Soul and when you turn the Love of My Son away, so shall you see the darkness of perdition.  Love My Belovéd Son.  Love and worship and adore the Christ Jesus.  He Loves each of you so completely.  Do not turn Him away.

[I think this is one of the greatest and most horrible sins to God – turning away from Jesus.  It is so gross that it curls in the stomach.  And if we die in this state, we’re going to have a hard time explaining….]

Belovéd Children, be merciful and forgiving.  Forgive those who grieve you and those who have deceived you and those who would rob you and every Man or Woman who has slighted you throughout your life.  Do not hold on to the anger and hatred and darkness of un-Love or unforgiveness.  To bury these dark things so deep in your Heart wounds your Soul so deeply and your hatred takes you to darkness.

Instead, give Me the yoke of your pain.  Allow Me to sooth your sorrow and cool the heat of your anger.  Mercy, My Belovéd Children, is a gift for those who receive it and more so, for those who give it.  To hold off Mercy is to wound the Soul.  When your Heart lacks forgiveness, so shall I mimic your lack of mercy.

Belovéd Children, it is a difficult thing to Love those who have harmed you.  This is why to forgive those you have hated is so much more pleasing in My Eyes than to overlook the trials poured out upon you by someone you like or Love.  It is easy or a simple thing to draw water from a well that is full.  To dig through the earth in search of the water is a more difficult thing.  Thus is Mercy not made more difficult when you must face those who have harmed you and give to them your Love?  I am always pleased to see My Belovéd Children Love each other and offer the gift of Mercy so generously.  It pleases Me that much more when you face the difficulty of Loving those would do you harm.

Belovéd Children, you are so Belovéd to Me.  I long for each of you so much!  It is My Greatest desire to have each of My Children basking in the Glory of Heaven with all that is BIG GOOD.  Thus, I call out to each of you so longingly.
Children, I am a Loving Father and a Just Judge.  I am effusive when you call Me into your Heart and unobtrusive when you are cold to My Love.  I wait patiently and longingly to hear your Hearts thaw and turn to Me.  Belovéd Children, there is no darkness or imperfection in the Kingdom of God.  There is no sin or any semblance of darknesses.  Only the pure of Heart enter the Kingdom and I long for each of My Children to understand this.

Recognize that there are penalties or consequences for sin and while I am a Loving Father, I do not allow the dissent of sin or its residue to join Me in the Kingdom of Heaven.  See to those who scurry away from the Word.  Pray for those who will mock the Christ.  Pray for those who embrace darkness instead of Love.  Know that your Prayers are powerful and have saved many a Soul by your earnest prayers.

Belovéd Children, be attentive to Me, every minute of all your days.  You will wish you had spent all of your Time in prayer and adulation when you are in death and seeing the Beauty and BIGNESS of Me or Love.  [God is Love itself - like it's just is]
Children, there is everlasting Life for those who would seek it by attaching yourself tightly or (binding) your Hearts tightly to the Christ Jesus.  His is the path I lay out for you and by following My Belovéd Son, He leads you to Me.
Belovéd Children, your Time comes.  Ready your Hearts that you may be seen with your eyes open to light and your hands held out to Grace, and your ears hearing the praises of angels sent to your Lord God.  Every moment you (keep) your Love from Me is a moment you cannot return or make up.  Do not spurn My Love.

Belovéd Children, for what is left when Love is not there?  Darkness and it bears the fruit of more and deeper darknesses.  Children, there is a hell and all that is evil is bound to it.  Do not risk your Soul that is so precious and fragile to the dark elements this World courts.  Too many of My Belovéd Children fall or have fallen because, in their state of sin, they have forsaken My Love.  You cannot forsake Me and expect a joyful reception.  When you do not know Me, how will I know you?
Belovéd Children, there is such sin in this World that the skies cry out in dismay and mountains blow fire and the earth shakes in despair.  Man, you cannot continue on this path to perfidy.  Come to Me, My Belovéd Children.  I save you from perdition and bless you with My GREAT Love and Compassion.  Come to Me and feel the worry and weight of your concerns lightened off your shoulders.  Let Me guide you.  Put Me first in all things and I shall guide you rightly, Justly, and with Love and peace within your Hearts.

Father, how about tragedies?  Can You comfort someone who’s lost a spouse or child or something like that they care for?  Do we seek You out or do You  make Yourself known….explicitly, I mean.

Belovéd Children, would you but turn to Me with repentance in your Hearts and Love in your Souls, how I Love to have You firmly ensconced in My Heavenly embrace.  Turn always to Me in times of tribulation and sorrow.  Turn to Me in all things; when life has made you ill or the sweetness or tenderness has left you, I will fill you up.  Call out to Me .  I am here for you always.

Belovéd Children. Do not sink into the well of lukewarm Love and affection and worship.  When your choice is Me or this World, choose Me with all of your Hearts, your Souls, your body and your actions.  Be passionate in your Love for Me.  I shall kindle the fire of My Love within you.  Thus shall you enter redemption and Heaven will (have) joy-filled Hearts!
Children, you concern Me in all that you do and that you are failing to do.  You cannot enter death with no Love for your Lord God.  I say this to you, My Children, because you will not know the Time at which I will call upon you and this World.  Belovéd Children, thus pray for those who die in danger of losing their Souls to hell.

Pray, My Children, and the Miracle and blessings of My Love will give to you unimaginable gifts.  You think that all things are not possible.  You think that I would not move a mountain, nor could I.  Belovéd Children, I give you miracles to show M Glory.  Do not test Me or place conditions on your Love for Me.  Know simply that I am Love and what is Love but Me and you are Loved by Me.  Belovéd Children, spend your Time in Adoration of the Christ.  There can be nothing more powerful in your Spirits than joining yourself to the Heart of My Son.

Belovéd Children, pray and continue praying.  I bless you as you pray and I mitigate the sorrows and pain of those who face death.  Belovéd Children, believe that I answer each of your prayers.  Trust that My Love and Will for you are One and I answer you with the greatest Love in the correctness of My Answers.  [In other words, trust, even when it’s tough.]

Belovéd Children, hear Me when I say to you or pronounce most decidedly, I Love each of you.  All of you and every moment you breathe.  Peace, Belovéd Children.  I give My Peace to you.  Pray and rest  easy in the Hands of Love.