Pray- I give you the strength to fight sin

By Linda Noskewicz

November 7, 2017

1:00 – 1:51 pm Adoration
            Belovéd Child/Children, I am for you as you are for Me.  In My Great Love for you, I protect you and bring all that is good and Divine into your Hearts.  Belovéd Children, give your Souls, your Hearts, your trust, to Me.  A parent does not hurt the child He so Loves.  I am your Eternal Parent, your Father, who is Eternal and mighty and Loving and Merciful in My Love for you.  Believe that My Will for you is good and perfect.  Give yourself over to Me, your Lord God and Father and know theTREMENDOUS AMAZING Graces you will feel or know or experience in a closer relationship with Me.  My Love heals all wounds and my Love does not end.  I am your Loving and Merciful Lord.  Trust in My Perfect Love for you.  Belovéd Children, do not wander from Me.  You are My Precious Children and I dote upon each of you with a Love only I can give.
            Belovéd Children, know that even in His Perpetual joy and Divinity, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, weeps.  His tears of sorrow are cried for those people who have rejected His Love time and again.  He weeps because so many, too many of His Children have no faith in Him or His Love.  He weeps at the diminished or lukewarm Love and attention He is given.  It is like a pittance.  It is a scrap thrown from the table or dinner table.  You do not make My Belovéd and Most Beatifically Divine Son the center of your Hearts.  He is an afterthought in so many lives.
            Oh, Children, do not treat My Belovéd Son so poorly.  He purchased Mercy and Redemption for those He Loves so dearly with the heaviest price of His Own death.  He died that you may have Life after Death.  Know this, Children.  Do not make His Sacrifice (be done) in vain.  Do not make light of His Great Sacrifice of Love.  Belovéd Children, know fullyor recognize with ALL your Hearts, His Divinity, His love, and His Mercy.  Were it not for My Belovéd Son, what a dark and ruthless and saddened World this would be and your Eternity no lighter but darker.  He has brought light to stave away darkness.  He has brought Mercy to those who come to Him.  His Love lifts you, My Children.  Do not deny Him your full Love and attention.
            Belovéd Children, do not be left out of the Eternity of Blessings, Grace, and unfathomable joys.  This life is but a drop of water in an ocean filled with water.  Your Time here is a blink in Eternity, but it is so crucial.  Your lives are important, extremely important.  It is or these days of yours are the ones that count.  Your Souls are in your hands and what you do to your Souls reverberates into Eternity.  Shall you enjoy the perfect joyful Holiness of Heaven or do you aspire to the dank hatred of hell?
            Belovéd Children, I do not mislead you.  I do not wish to scare you.  Indeed, trust in your Lord God and Father and you shall not be concerned for the things of this World.  Know, My Children, that I am a Loving Father and Just God.  In My Endless, Fathomless Love for each of you, I do/will do all that I can to bring you to Me.  I will call loudly.  I call Lovingly.  I send to you gifts of the Spirit so you do not deny Me but come to Me with Love and for Love and by Love, Mercy.  Yet, as I do these things so desperately, so many of My Belovéd Children wait or stall in their Love of Me.  They postpone their Love when they cannot make their Love for Me only lukewarm or a temporary attention.  Love is not a burden.  It is perpetual and constant, and as it is Love, it grows by your attention.  You thrive in My Love.  Come to Me, thus.  Come to Me with devoted Hearts and praise the Name of My Belovéd Son.
            I am for you as you are for Me, My Children.  I do not wish to lose even one precious Child.  Belovéd Children, in My Great Love for you, I emphasize the “realness” or absolute existence of hell.  My Children close their eyes to the detriments of sin.  You make yourselves deaf to the threat of repercussions.  In your blindness, you do not see the danger in your sins, nor do you lead others away from sin.  In your deafness, you do not hear My Calls urging you to reject sin absolutely.  You condone sin and allow yourself to ultimately accept what you see and hear, including the fantastic (unbelievable) denigration of your Lord God and Father.  You allow yourself to become so familiar with it because it is commonplace, that you forget your Lord God and Heavenly Father is a Righteous God, and I do not Allowor endure denigration.  Do you not see, My Children.  With every minute, this World becomes more sinful.  When your eyes are sightless and your ears deaf and your Soul so familiar with sin, you are lost.  If you continue on this treacherous path to perdition, surely you will know the horrible sufferings of hell.
             Belovéd Children, I do not lie and My Love for you is perfect.  Thus, My Will for each of you is good and Divine.  Do not ignore or walk away from Love.  Do not place yourselves into the defiant and lying arms of darkness.  Belovéd Children, do not test what you cannot understand.  Do not test your unprotected Souls by engaging with the devil orunholy one.  He is clever and waits impatiently and thus strikes quickly to lead you astray.  Belovéd Children, know, because this World is in a state of such sinful darkness, there are many, many ways in which evil makes its pass at you.  When you do not pray or come to the Mass of the Most Holy of Holies, you are like a target before a hunter.  Children, the unholy one is clever and his trickery charming and delightful to those who live for or in the temporal rewards or satisfactions of this World.  When you are surrounded by sin and those who would condone sin or those who would encourage you (to) sin, how strong must you be to ward off these base and pervasive attacks?  Do you think your Souls are prepared to send out of your sights all that would hurt you?  I tell you easily, you cannot and you will not when your trust and faith in Me are weak and you do not fortify your Soul with the Most Holy Eucharist.  You cannot sustain your Souls or your selves by the power of your own will alone.  I give you the grace to withdraw and the strength to ignore or fight the one who pours sin upon this World.  He inspires My Children to sin, and in your weakness, My Children embrace temptations and sin most gleefully.
            Prayerful Ones, increase your prayers for the most sinful and lost of this World.  Be devoted in your prayers and save the Souls of many of your Brothers.  I say to you, your prayers are stronger than you can know and more delightful to Me than the songs of angels.  I answer every prayer with Love, Mercy, and perfect and Holy Wisdom.
Children, My Devout and prayerful Children, place the Cross of My Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, foremost in your Lives.  In your Heart and in your FULL beings.  See His Cross and its BIG Sanctity when you speak, when you eat, when you pass a stranger, when you are busy in your days.  Place Him at the front of your lives, and He shall or WILL lead you far from the road of perdition.  Place your full trust in your Loving Lord God, the Christ Jesus.  He sustains you by His Love, and what you give to My Son, so you give to Me.  Believe this to be true, I say.  These things must be done.  My Children must come to Me, for there is no more Time.  Too many die and too many are being lost and My Heart cries out with agony.
            Children, come to Me.  Do not delay.  I am your Lord God and knowing Father.  I protect and Love My Belovéd Children and do all that a Loving Father will do to provide safety and succor to My Children.  Pray, My Children.  Pray and do not fear.  Fear is not of Me, and when you are prayerful, why should you be afraid.  I bless My Prayerful Children most beatifically.  Thus, I give to you My Peace.  Peace Children.