I will sometimes whisper & othertimes roar.

By Linda Noskewicz

October 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 3:30 – 4:26 Adoration
Behold, My Beauteous Children, the Son of Man is My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and He weeps.  Belovéd Children, My Son, the Christ Jesus, weeps in despair for those who ignore Him, denigrate Him, and show such little reverence for Him and the Sacrifice He has made for those whom He Loves so greatly.
Children, do you not see or know the detriments of your actions and the wounding of His Heart and your own Souls when you refuse Him your Love?   Belovéd Children, you are before the King of Heaven, and yet you are raucous, unyielding, and careless.  You engage in such debaucheries and these things poison your Souls so much more than you know.
Children, I am your Loving Father, and I search for all of the lost.  I call out to you and desire you to return My Calls of Love.  You cannot have the joys of Eternal Life with your Lord God if you do not know Me because you have ignored My Loving Calls.  Belovéd Children, come to Me.  Do not set your Time for worship and Love aside.  Do you believe that the things of this World are more crucial or important than the states of your very Souls? How do you worry today and occupy your Time with temporal concerns that shall not matter to your Soul.
Belovéd Children, you need only surrender your cares or worries to your Loving Lord God and Father.  Trust in Me like a child trusts his Father in all things, without reservation and without thought.  Joyfully and full or filled with Love.  Come to Me as Children, and see how your Loving Father surrounds you with good gifts.  Do not doubt Me in your impatience.  My Time is not your own.
When calamity comes to you and you believe I have gone deaf to your prayers, hold fast to your trust in Me.  I answer all prayers in My Time according to My Will and what best preserves or makes healthy your Souls.  When you live a calamitous Life, be sure while it is a curse in this World, it is a great blessing.  You make reparations for sin during this short life that you will see is just a second of Time.  Endure your trials humbly, patiently, and faithfully.  When you tire, I will lift you up.  Trust in Me and I will slake your thirst and give to you food that sustains your Soul.  In what better way can you make reparations for sin but to suffer as My Belovéd Son suffered and all for your Redemption.
Why do My Children forego the Treasures of My Love?  I am appalled or dumbfounded or “speechless” by your refusal of My Great Gifts.  My Heart is in agony and My Son’s Heart breaks in His unending Love for you.  You are choosing simple rocks over gold.  You are choosing the spoiled food over a feast.  You choose what is temporary, because you do not understand the Eternal.
Belovéd Children, yes, in your smallness, you do not understand the importance or crucialness of living (in) Eternity with Jesus, the Christ, in perpetual grace.  You are limited by what you think is a constant or by the rules you think apply to Me and Eternity.  Trust in Me, My Belovéds.  Trust in your Most Loving Father who guides His Children rightly.  I know what you do not know and do what you cannot do and I AM or BE and this is what you cannot understand.  Thus I say, trust in Me and know Me intimately as your Loving Father, and like a Loving Father, I protect you and guide you and care for you as you face those “BIG Eternal things” that you do not understand.  [When He says “I am” or “be”, I believe this means that He has always been around – like before and after everything, even more than eternity.  (BIG!)  The “Big Eternal things” include things we don’t understand – miracles, the mysteries, and other big stuff.]
Trust in Me to guide you, and do not question My Love.  A Father does not sell his belovéd son into slavery.  A Father does not lay waste to his daughter by giving her to those who would do her harm.  How much more Love do I have for My Children?  Do not doubt My Love for you, and Children, please heed My Calls.  I call to you minutely every day and so few hear Me.  So many who hear, deny Me.  So many reject the Love of God and the whole of Heaven is silent in its shock or in shock by your disgrace.
Belovéd Children, I speak often to you about sheltering yourselves from the storm that comes.  I have said, pray.  Heed these things and know the strongest prayer is the Rosary.  The Belovéd Queen of Heaven and earth requested special mitigations by the prayers fulfilled with Blesséd Rosaries, and She Loves you so dearly.  She is the Belovéd Mother of God.  Seek her Love that she will guide you or show you how to increase your Love for Her Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  [This was said affectionately.]
Children, do not believe your Time here is infinite, for it is not.  The storm that comes will bring roiling clouds of black and gray.  The thunder shall spear the ears of My Children, and the lightning will kindle fires among Souls.  The storm, My Children, will have winds that shall carry you off your feet.  You shall find yourself in such danger and so ill-y prepared for this storm.  You were given warnings to shutter your home, and yet you said, the skies are clear.  There is no storm.  When you were told the winds will be fierce and strong, you laughed at My Messengers and said, it is nothing but a slight breeze.  And when you were told the waters would rush forth and consume your family, you laughed again in denial and said, the waters are too low.  We are safe as we stand.  Thus, your windows are not shuttered and the wind will shatter glass.  The wind will take you up like a vacuum into dust.  Your home shall flood with poisonous waters and your family shall wither from the water, because you did not take them to safety.  You endangered yourselves because you did not believe.
Stubborn Children of Mine, your Lord God and Father calls to you at many different times and so many ways that are meant to appeal to you.  That might capture your attention.  I will sometimes whisper and other times roar.  Hear Me, oh Belovéd Children.  Hear Me.  Eternity without Love is an endless misery.  You do not fathom the sorrows and agonies of an eternity without the Light of My Love, just as you cannot fathom an Eternity of Love and joy.  Children, thus I say, do not be shortsighted in how you choose to live.  You are in great peril and I cringe (what) your deaths shall be.  Come to Me, Children.  You need only come to Me for Love and Forgiveness.  I offer it to you freely, Lovingly, and My Love and forgiveness save you from the pit of darkness.  Do not wait, My Children.  You shall be called or tapped on the shoulder when you do not expect it and in what state shall your Soul be in then?
Oh, Children, My Flame of Love that burns within My Heart ACHES with dread.  I am put into misery when so many of My Belovéd Children turn away from Me, the God of this World.  The one true, Loving, forgiving God.  Too many refuse My Love.  Too many do not heed My warnings and requests.
Belovéd, prayerful Children, you assuage My Pains with the salves of your constant prayers.  How I am gratified and cheered by them.  When you pray your Rosaries, it makes Me doubly so.  Thus, continue to pray with all your Loving Hearts.  You are lights within this World, touched by the Spirit and made strong by your enduring Love for Me.  Now I say to you, My Prayerful Ones, pray for My Belovéd Servants.  So many stray and become lukewarm in their belief in Me and how can a Servant serve the One who he believes is not there to eat and drink at the table?  Pray for My Servants.  So many are in jeopardy by their malfeasance or debauchery.  Their punishments are terrible and those chosen for purification will cry to erase the time they spent blaspheming and leading My Belovéd Children awry.
Pray, My Children for all who will die soon.  Pray that their Souls are driven to reparation for their sins that I might keep them from darkness.  Children, pray for the Little Flowers that are doomed by their Mothers’ hands.  This is a grave sin and those who do not seek out My forgiveness are destined for the ferocious punishments reserved for this sin alone.  Pray, Dear Children, for peace amongst nations.  Pray for those who yearn for Love and who can find it within Me if they open their eyes.  Belovéd Children, pray for discernment and I shall send My Spirit to guide you.  Pray for strength and My Angels stand before you to lift what you cannot.  Pray for nourishment, and you shall have food.
Love, My Children, and partake of the Holiest Holy Eucharist, for it is My Son, and soon you shall cry for His Presence and you shall find it scarce or invisible to you or invisible to some or most.
Belovéd Children, when you pray, you shutter your home.  When you pray, your home is ready for great winds.  When you pray, you save your families from death.  Thus, I say pray.  Always pray.  My Peace I extend to you with Great Love.  Peace