I see an ocean of death in your hearts

By Linda Noskewicz

December 7, 2018

4:22 – 5:06 PM Adoration

Belovéd Children, I whisper in your ears Loving words and expressions to begin each day with Love and joy. Children, I am with you throughout your busy days and watch as you work and grow overly concerned about temporal things. Children, do you not know? Do you not trust in Me fully that I shall take care of allthings? Trust in Me for what is little to you and for what is great. I am with you and you can trust in your Lord God and Father to solve every concern and untangle the knots in your Hearts. You are My Delights and you are precious to Me. Allow Me into your Hearts and I shall take care of you. Come to Me freely with the Heart of a child. Trust in Me for Love, protection, nourishment and solace. I am your Eternal God and Father. When I am with you, nothing can be against you.

Indulge in the Love and Mercies I offer to you. Indulge in My Love and Mercies, Mankind, for I say to you again, this World is in desperate need of My Mercy. Children, there is reason for My Words. Yes, Mankind is in need of great Mercy. The sins of Man are terrible, and I shall tell you what I see. 

Belovéds, I see an ocean of death in your Hearts. I see the hatred and violence in your hands and eyes. I see the incarnation of the gravest of sins in every Life you steal. Belovéd Children, I see so many of My Belovéd Children denigrating My Beatific and Most Adored Son, the Christ Jesus, and this sin pierces Our Hearts so very painfully. Children, the sins of Man are so great that many of My Lost Children are entranced by darkness and are destined for hell in their complete dismissal of the Christ Jesus and His BIG Sacrifice. You do not see how your Souls suffer without Him.
Belovéd Children, do not push your Lord God and Father away from your Hearts. You cannot Live in the Light of Love when your Heart is dead and entranced with darkness.

Belovéd Children, look to your own Belovéd Children. I am dismayed that so few of My Cherished Little Flowers are taught about My Unending and affectionate Love for them. They are starved by their ignorance of the Christ Jesus manifested through the Eucharist itself. How can your Belovéd Children live in the joy of My Light when they do not know Me? Bring all children to Me and do not wound them by ignoring this call or request. Give to them the gift of joy, graces, GREAT Love and the forgiveness of sin.

Children, you must attach your Hearts to My Own and do not stray. Join My Daily Feast always and grow strong by the Blessings given to you by My Belovéd and Most Loving Son. Cherish the gift of His Love and Blessings. Revere Him and treat Him affectionately. My Son is a gentle and Loving God and He is Me as I am Him. When you Love and pay homage to the Son, you pay homage to the Father. When you visit the Son and make Time for Him in your lives, so too are you visiting His Father and making Time for Me. As that is the truth, when you denigrate the Son, you denigrate the Father, and if (you) spat upon My Son, you have spit on the Face of God.

Children, the sins of this World are based on vanity, hatred, jealousy, and great avarice. Every sin can be traced to these abhorrent things. Avarice drives Man to dismiss Love in favor of riches and wealth. Vanity makes Man overly proud and blind to those in need. Jealousy leads to theft, hatred, and cheating. When you hate, it is the same as inviting death into your Hearts. Thus, I say, do not hate you brothers, but allow My Belovéd Son to increase your faith.

Belovéd Children, I see Man and a strong inclination to condone and ignore sin (in him). Each sin wounds Me and wounds your Souls. Believe this to be true. When you ignore and condone sin, you let the Souls of those before you wither one moment at a Time. You are My Belovéd Children. You must not lead others to sin, and now your task as My Children is made harder, because you must not ignore sin and let it pass before you.

Children, if a knife was to pierce the arm of your Loved one, would you not warn them of the danger? If a friend was about to drink wine that has gone sour, would you not stop him from drinking? Thus it is with sin. Do not lay quiet as others sin but offer the guidance to Me. It is out of Love for them that you speak up. And though they may reject you because you will not condone sin, rest easy in the knowledge that you have done right by your own Soul and by your Loving Father. I say to you, do not judge, but do not compromise with sin.

It is the lukewarm who have become so adept at compromising with sin. They sin in something small and think nothing of it. Later, the sins grow in gravity, and because they have steeped themselves with sin, they no longer recognize it as such.
Belovéd Children, sins are often convenient and make the life you are leading simpler or easier, but you shall regret this in the hereafter when each is judged according to their Souls and Hearts. Belovéd Children, My Love and Mercy for you aregreat but I do not abide by sin.

You believe because I am a gracious and Loving Father that I let My Children be hellions as you live, but this is not so. Just as a good father disciplines his son for stealing or lying or causing harm to others, so do I discipline My Belovéd Children. I chastise you as a Loving Parent who wants only the very best Eternal Life for My Children. Understand this, My Children. There are consequences for all sins and these are very real. 

Belovéd Children, this World has strayed from Me and the scale of justice falls closer to the ground. Prayerful Ones, know that My Justice and the chastisements inherent to it are mitigated by your fervent prayers. It is no longer avoidable for Mankind, but I will mitigate the disaster and chaos because you prayed. Thus, I say, continue praying. Leave off the temporal and focus your Hearts on ardent prayer.

You must pray for My Servants. They must be strong and constant in their spirituality and Love of Me. Pray, for those within My Belovéd Church do much damage. Pray for the Eternal rest of those in Purgatory, for there are many Souls in need of prayer. Pray, My Belovéds and call on the end of abortion. It is the blatant murdering of My Little Flowers, and what gifts I give to Man, no one must take away. The deaths – the enormity of deaths – promulgated by Man against the most Belovéd and Innocent of Creatures is a grave or grievous affront to Me. These deaths, so purposeful in the intent, pierce My Heart deeply. The punishments for this gravest of sins is terrible. I do not abide by the killing of My Little Flowers.

Children, pray for this sinning World and know you are a great comfort to My Wounded Heart.  I give to you My Peace, Children, this day and all days.