Seek My Mercy

By Linda Noskewicz

December 5, 2018

1:21 – 2:01 pm Adoration

Belovéd Children, the frequency with which you sin against Me breaks My Heart and opens a wound so grievous. Your prayers are a salve to it. 
Children, there is an ocean of death in this World created by your own sins. How I abhor the sins you commit, and yet, if you were to but come to Me, My Mercy would be yours.

Children, the Lamb of God weeps. He weeps, My Son, without comfort or solace. The frequency with which you kill My Belovéd Children, My Little Flowers that I give to so many, and you abandon them to a slow and terrible death. Do you not see this for the sin that it is? It is an abomination to My Eyes, My Children, and yet the blood of My Belovéd Children continues to flow, unstopped through cities and fields, into waters and through the hands of those who perpetuate this sin. Belovéd Children, this sin is grievous. It is not one to take lightly, but to dread it. It is at the core of My Pain.  I am your Holy Creator and Loving God. No one can take from Me what I have created. Thus, those who have further instigated the death of My Little Flowers, the very gift of Life, are destined for hell, lest they not repent.
Children, I am your Loving Father and Almighty God. My Love for you is immense. It is so immense that I have waited with great hope that your will would turn you to Me who is All Love. You have not, and indeed, your sins have become all the more vile. Children, do you not see how this World aches? Do you not see and lament this World that is death? Children, you are Most Belovéd. You are meant for the Light of Love, for I created you with Love, from Love, and for Love. Do not betray Love for the darkness that is death.

​Children, you have become so saturated with this World’s vanities, idols, and things that you think are so valuable. Your Hearts no longer perceive the reality of hell. My Precious Children no longer fear the consequences for sin, and this World now embraces death as a result, and so easily. Children of My Heart, I weep. I weep, and I cry. My Children do not approach Me and console Me. Oh, Children, if you knew My Pain, your Hearts would suffer far more for it.

Belovéd Children, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, paid for your sins. Do not throw the MAJOR BIG! Blessings of His Sacrifice away. Do not allow death to permeate your Souls. The Love and Mercy your Lord God offers to you is worth more than you can ever wish for in this World. The gift of Mercy is necessary, and you will weep in gratitude when you realize this.

Children, seek Me out now! Seek My Mercy, for your Loving Father’s Heart is waiting impatiently to embrace youI am not like Man who begrudges those who would wound him. I am Love and in My Love for you, My Mercy and Forgiveness are never impossible. You need only come to Me, Children. Do not wait. Do not wait. I tell you with greater frequency and greater fervency, come to your Lord God and Father and accept the gifts I give to My Beauteous and Prayerful Ones.
Children, there is an ocean of blood that fills the land and blots out the sun. Why do you face this catastrophe alone? Do you not believe that one prayer sways Me so forcefully with Love, that I would not stay My Hand and protect My Belovéd Creations? Have you so little faith in Me? Children, grasp this. You must be with Me. How can you be with Me when you are against Me? How can you know Me when you ignore Me so? Children, My Will for you is good. All that I allow and all that I do is meant to draw My Belovéd Children to Me.
Oh, Prayerful Ones, pray! Pray for those who resent Me today and who will resent Me more. Show them the Will of God is Love and only Love. I do not hurt those I Love and have created. Prayerful Ones, increase your prayers and I shall give to you fortitude, constancy, and discernment. I give to you, My Prayerful Ones, all that is necessary for your joy and well-being or spiritual protection and well-being. Belovéd Children, do not be alarmed as rocks from the Heavens fall. Do not be alarmed by the cracks in this earth or the fires and great sand storms that encroach upon different lands. Do not be afraid when you hear of great fires and eruptions and quakes. These things must come. The earth itself is wounded. Do not fear, but pray. In the midst of confusion, pains, and disaster or trials or difficulties, turn to Me, your Lord God, and trust with all of your Hearts, My Will for you is good.

Prayerful Ones, you have many tasks. Above all, pray for My Belovéd Servants who are tested even now. They will be tested again and again, and their trials shall grow more difficult still.
Oh, Belovéd Servants of Mine, you have pierced the Heart of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who you were to serve. How much more destruction have you created, because you have lost your faith? Belovéd Servants of Mine, repent and return to the Father who Loves you so much, I called for you to serve Me.  Vipers in the Church that is Mine, know that My Church does not fail but is purified and revived by My Great Love.
Oh, Children, when you are weary, call out to the Mother of God and Queen of Peace. Her Love for you is great and She seeks to bring all Souls to Me. Do not confound Her with dissension and denial. Look to Her for comfort when this World is in tumult.
Oh, Belovéd Children, the trials you face will open your eyes to the deadliness of sin. It will be difficult for so many, but it draws My Children to Me. When the call is quiet and does not suffice, greater noise is more effective.
Children, bring your brothers and sisters to Me now. You do not know the grace you give to them for having brought them to Me. Do not ignore even one. Call them to Me and say to them, My Mercy and Love are treasures beyond comprehension. They cannot live in Light without Me.  Children of My Heart, pray. The World is in the cusp of a great storm. I have given My Children sign after sign and caution after caution and so few hear. Pray and continue to listen faithfully. Worship My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, with Great Love, affection, and reverence. Walk away from those who denigrate His Sacrifice, for they shall not fare well in these times that come.
Belovéd Children, you are My Belovéd Creatures. Trust in My Unending Love for you. Rely on Me in all things. I do not fail My Children. Peace, My Prayerful Ones, and extend My Peace to your Brothers.