Value only my love and mercy

By Linda Noskewicz

December 10, 2018

3:25 pm – 4:26 pm

Oh My Jesus, save us from the fires of hell. Forgive us our sins. Lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thine mercy. . . . Father, do You mind when we get prayers a little jumbled up?

Belovéd Children, I am ever with you. I call to your Hearts and long for your reply. I long to have every child of Mine welcomed into the joy and Love of My Kingdom. Surely, I want every Soul safe and with Me. This is why My Heart cries out in pain and sorrow. So many of My Belovéd Children are destined for hell. The certainty or belief in Heaven and hell has been erased from the minds and Hearts of My Children. In such little Time have My Belovéd Children been fooled into denial.

Children, the World sins openly and with no thought to My Holy Laws. Man has no regard for My Most Holy Love and necessary Mercy. How must I garner the attention of My Children who do not hear My Calls. How do I move My Children who see but do not care about My Love? Children, how do I kindle the Hearts of the lukewarm into something burning with the Light of Christ Jesus when they make no Time for Me?

Children, many will ask and wonder why I allow the disasters that continue. Many may wonder and grow angrier of My Will. They have not seen, and they have not heard, no matter what their Loving Father has done to bring their Hearts to the fullness of My Light.

Children, you must be still and prayerful. How can you know what is right? How can you know what is of Me if you are too involved in your own opinions and thoughts? You do not trust in Me and thus, do not believe that My Love for you is so GREAT.Children, I continue to call to you and hoist My Prayerful Ones up to echo My Loving Calls. Many hear, but too few.

Children, if noise is what grabs your eyes and turns your faces to Me, it is noise I shall make. If it is fire that will warm your Hearts to Me, so it shall be fire. If storms bring fear to your Hearts and drive you to seek My Protection and Mercy and Love, so a storm it shall be.

You are My Children, and you are meant for ME, as I am meant for you. Belovéd Children, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, has purchased Life through His Own death. Take this into the very innermost cores of your Hearts. Recognize the profundity or profoundness of His Loving Sacrifice. Do not be dismissive of Him. He is My Belovéd Son. The Christ Jesus should always be at the forefront of your Hearts and minds. Trust in the Christ Jesus and do not stray from the path He has set before you. Those who wander fall into the snares of this World, and these things that My Children value so are less than baubles in My Eyes. I give great fits to My Belovéd Children. Value only My Love and Mercy. To place such high value on these transitory and cheap things of this World, so much so that you lose sight of My Love, is an affront. It wounds My Sacred Heart to be placed so far below the things of this World. Where am I, your Lord God and Father, in your Hearts?

Children, the lukewarm will suffer, even as My Son’s Heat suffers by their inattention. My Children claim to believe in My Love and Mercy, but their words are empty, and they do not truly recognize My Love in its most joyous sense orform. Children, if you did, you would have more time to Love Me and pray. You would crave the Most Holy Eucharist with all of your being. Helping your brothers would be an honor and not a chore. You would long to be lowly and humble and ignored by this World instead of seeking the attention and praise of Man. You would not walk past those in need. You would not be blind to their plight. Yet, this is the Heart of the lukewarm. Children, the Christ weeps at this. His Sacred Heart bleeds for these Souls that He Loves so dearly. He longs to hold each of you closely to His Heart. Children, why is it so easy for you to reject Love and embrace death?

Children, sins cause the death of Souls. When you grow accustomed to sin, your Heart finds it harder to recognize sin for what it is. Children, you become lost in this darkness that sin creates for you. Thus, I say, grasp My Hand and hold tightly to Me. Pray, and I give to you many graces. Children, I ask for such fervent prayers. It is because this World is on the precipice of something difficult, and it is now unavoidable. By your prayers, I will shorten the length of Time these disasters and calamities shall last, and I watch over the Prayerful. Children, prayer gives wisdom to the meek and courage and strength to the smallest of Men. Prayer is your weapon against the evils, the despair, the sophists, and the wickedness within this World.

I am not an intrusive God, but the darkness that is Satan is very intrusive. With one sin, he pushes the door to your Hearts open ever so slightly, but always more. Do not permit the great deceiver to obtain a foothold in your Hearts. Know Me. Love My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who is gentle, Loving, Merciful, and Beatific. Give to Him all of the Love and trust you contain, and bring joy into His suffering. 

Children, this World and the gravity of its sins pierces His Loving Heart so deeply, the angels are in awe of Man’s audacity 
or meanness.

My Belovéd Son is all Love. He is fulfilled by Love and gives His Love fully. Revere Him and reciprocate the enormous and entirety of His Love. Glorify Him and be the salve upon His Wounded Heart.

Children, My Love and Mercy are offered freely, but the door to My Mercy closes and this Time of Mercy ends. Those who have longed for Mercy have come to Me. The prayerful have already brought their Hearts to Me in sorrow and repentance. I continue to wait for My Children to realize the BIGNESS of My Gift of Mercy.

Oh, Children, I see those who dismiss My Mercy, because they no longer believe in My Love. I see those who are dismissive. I know those who deny My Belovéd Son outright. I know the Hearts of those who purport to hate My Son. I see into the Hearts of My Children and see despair, weariness, sorrow, and resolution. I see these things and extend the Time of My Mercy knowing that your Hearts are damaged and would be so joyous in My Care. Thus, I wait. I do so with the hope that My Children will take notice. So few take notice though.

[Another reason we shouldn’t judge. We have no idea what is in the heart of someone else, and He does. He waits out of sheer love for us.]

I am reticent to bring difficulties and hurt to those I Love so completely, but what I allow is My Will for you, and My Will is always Loving and just.

Belovéd Children, the horns are raised to the lips of My Angels and already the clouds grow dark with a storm. Sudden and strange storms will happen throughout this World, and the very earth will confound Man by its own reactions to sin or the grave sins of Mankind.

Belovéd Children, what More must I say?

My Chastisement, the warning I send, this hare that is not the boor but serves as a reminder to Man that My Laws are not mocked, is meant to open your eyes, ears, and Hearts to the truth of the One True God, the Father Almighty. I am One with My Belovéd Son and with the Spirit. 

Children, pray and this Beauteous and Loving Spirit shall descend upon you and give you the grace of discernment, and other Heavenly gifts of the Righteous. 

Father, with everything that’s coming or happening or whatnot, how should we prepare ourselves? Do we need bunkers??

Child, I have said, pray. Place aside your holy things. Place aside your rosaries and medals and holiest water. Hold to your oils and other blessed things. Keep these close to you, so you may share them with those who are most in need. Pray the Rosary, for the prayer is the strongest of all, and the Most Holy Queen of Peace intercedes for Man, and I cannot resist Her requests. [She is soooo loved!]

Children of the Lamb, Love. Do not promulgate sin. Let go of hatred and forgive. Allow the Light of Love (to) shine freely within your Hearts. My Heart is in sorrow, and My Love for My Children does not wane. Such is the depth and calibre of My Love. My Children, you are so small and cannot fathom Me. You cannot fathom My Love. Thus, trust in Me. Place all of your trust in the Christ Jesus who died a terrible death that you might be saved.

Children, revere Him and honor His Sacrifice with Love and respect and adherence to His Wish for our Love.

Children, I also say to you again, do not compromise with even the smallest sin. A small sin leads to another which leads to those which become larger, and the number of your sins grows until you cannot see the difference, and black will seem as white as snow and the white shall appear in your eyes to be dark and black. The sophists will easily fool the weak in spirit. Hold tight to My Love.
Call on Me and pray with adamant and fervent Hearts. In this way, I shall keep your eyes clear of deception and your ears sensitive to lies.

Belovéd Children, I say these things to you not to instill fear but to insure you are prepared. It will be your job to endure the chaos, martyrdom, and fury of what comes. Many Children will turn to Me as a result and they will need My Prayerful Ones to guide them to Me. You shall teach, as My Blesséd Apostles taught, how Man must repent and convert their lives into a Life of joyous service and Love of Me.

Belovéd Children, pray. Pray for My Servants and pray for those who are steeped in death and all its sinfulness. Pray, and I give to you My Peace.