You will be a source of peace...

By Linda Noskewicz

January 24, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019 11:12 am – 12:01 pm Adoration

Penance, Father? Penance?

[My doubt blinded me to His answer – one that He had given me previously in yesterday’s message – I was afraid, so I doubted.]

Belovéd Children, listen to My Calls of Love. I long to give to you My Mercy, plucked from the very Sacred Heart of your Most Blesséd Redeemer, My Son, the Christ Jesus, who has died and laid claim to Mercy for you. The penitent Heart that comes to Me for Mercy is met with great Love, affection, and above all, great compassion.

My Belovéd Son has willed it that by His Loving Sacrifice, many would be saved by My Mercy and Forgiveness. Many beautiful and Belovéd Souls come to Me today and My Heart and the whole of Heaven are made joyful. [It is a huge celebration for even one soul.]

Children, believe in My Great Love and Mercy. Believe and understand to the very core of your Hearts and Souls that My Love is Life, and it sustains you and fills you with the great Light of Love, and know with great confidence that My Offering of Mercy and compassion is a truly  necessary gift to Mankind. Without the Mercy of your Lord God and Father, you are condemned to Eternal Death.

Belovéd Children, seek Me out. Seek out My Mercy which is so readily yoursMy Children, there is nothing you might do, no sin or error you might commit, no transgression so egregious that I cannot forgive if you will only come to Me for My Love and Mercy. They are one in the same, Dear Children, they are My Loving gift to you now or today, and they are yours.
Thus, Children, do not delay. The call for penance is continuous and fervent. Do not wait, and do not let those things that are temporal keep you from seeing to the safety and Life of your Soul. Children, you worry so about those temporal things that come in one month, one hour, and even one year. You worry about your body’s health and concern yourselves with the idle things that this World has convinced you are crucial and necessary. Yet, you place so little value on your precious Souls. Your Souls demand the Love and beauty of Eternal Life with your Lord God and Father. They treasure the Love and Redemption My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, offers. Your Souls crave to be One with their Creator, for each of you was made with great and eternal Love, from Love, and with Love that you would Love and be Loved. The Lights I place in your Hearts and Souls are to guide your Love to Me. Thus, I say, look after your Souls. Treat them carefully and with great (attentiveness) that their Light I give remains lit and untainted by this World of sin and death.

Belovéds, you are meant for Me. You are My Most Precious and Belovéd Children, and My Will for you is always good and steeped in the GREAT Love I hold for you. Come to your Blesséd and Almighty Father who so delights in you. Know the affection and joy of My Love and attentiveness in your Hearts. When I call out to you, hear Me and reply or respond as a child responds to their Loving Parent, with affection, joy, curiosity, warmth, and trust. Come to Me as children and trust that your Most Almighty Father will provide to you all that you need to sustain you in this Life and in the next.

Do not worry about (what) tomorrow brings, but pray, and thank your Lord God with confidence for the Love and security you will receive tomorrow. Do you see how little children who are so Belovéd do not concern themselves about such things, because their trust in their Loving Parent is almost instinctive. It is a habit made all the richer, because it is born through the unending Love of the Parent. [Heart swells.]

Trust in Me, My Belovéds, as children. Come to Me as trusting Children. Come to Me for Love and Mercy. I am Your Loving Father and I embrace you and Love you and forgive you your sins with a joyous (BIG) Heart!

Belovéd Children, you are for Me as I am for you. Answer My Calls for prayer, My Children. Those who are My Most Beauteous and prayerful Children must increase your prayers for this World. Those who keep My Sacred Heart within their own and who trust faithfully in My Will must be more prayerful still, for this World makes the whole of Heaven lament with great weeping and sighs. The whole of Heaven is astonished by the audacity of Man, and by your lack of Love for the King of Heaven and earth, Christ Jesus, Man’s Redeemer.

The whole of Heaven is appalled by the nature and quantity of Man’s sins, and the angels and cherubs and Souls who sit and praise and adore the Christ Jesus soBIGLY call for your punishment. The Lord God has stayed His Hand, because I am so delighted, made so joyful by the ardent prayers of My Children.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do not fear the Lord God and Father who Loves you so much, it is immeasurable. Do not fear Me and do not fear this World. When you are prayerful, attentive, and Loving of your Lord God and the Christ Jesus, you are imbued in Love and Providence and protection.

Children, those who pray will be touched by great trials and tribulations and submitted to tests of your Love for Me. Do not be afraid. These things are blessings and should not be felt as punishments. Do not let these difficulties drive you to bitterness, but pray. I will give to My Prayerful Children continued strength and fortitude. I shall give you constancy in your trust and Love of Me. I shall grant you great discernment that trials, while difficult, will become joyous within your Hearts. My discernment will open your eyes to evil and deception that you shall not be fooled by the spirits that seek to devour your Souls. You shall not believe the words of sophists who pretend to speak for Me and of Me, but who only wish to ensnare My Belovéd Children.

These things I shall give to you, My Prayerful and Belovéd Ones, that you will be a source of peace, consolation, and safety for those who have remained lukewarm in their faith and for those who become fearful and lost in the ensuing chaos. You shall be My Belovéd Pillars that will keep the Word of God spreading through the corrected ears of the World.

You shall help many, many Souls. Indeed, your prayers have already saved so many. Today, your Loving Work for Me has been light and filled with few difficulties. Soon, this will change. Thus, the fortitude I give to you for your Loving attention to Me and your Love and trust and faith in your Lord God, and for the reverence and Love you have shown to My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, shall sustain you and give you strength in times that you thought you could not face. Your trust and Love of Me shall sustain you, My Belovéds. Trust in My Words, for I do not hate, and I do not lie. I AM the truth of all Life, and it is by My Heavenly Glory that Man continues to exist. My Love for you is so great, My Children, do not doubt it.

Papa, and the angel of penance? That word and image? Is it true?

Child, My Time is not yours, but the sins of this World are great. They are grave and steeped in the evils craved by Death and darkness themselves. Penance, the penance of Mankind, is called for, but the Mercy of your Lord God is so great, I give a Call to Man that is so distinctive and impossible to ignore that more Children will come to see and understand the Light of My Love. These Times will be difficult, but they must happen.

Rejoice, My Children, for My Will for you is based on My Great Love.

Belovéd Children, you must pray for My Belovéd Servants who grow weak and indifferent of their service to Me. Pray, and I shall revive the Souls of Many. The World will benefit greatly by their renewed faith, because they shall guide My Children rightly.

Those who have denigrated the Christ Jesus in their Hearts and by their actions shall serve a terrible penance if they do not seek out My Mercy now.

Belovéd Children, I am the answer of Life. I am your Loving Father. Do not delay, but take advantage of My Loving Mercy which is offered today. Belovéd Children, I give to you My Peace.