By Linda Noskewicz

March 12, 2019

At Adoration 4:00 pm – 4:40 pm

Children, do not fear or worry, for My Will for you is founded on My Great Love of each of you, and I do nothing that shall harm My Belovéd Children.

Belovéds, your Hearts are under a strong spiritual duress wrought by the fallen one. You must not succumb to the evil he places before each Man, each of My Children. Daily, you are all tempted to sin against Me, your Loving, Heavenly Father. Pray to Me. Ask for My Grace, and I shall move your Hearts away from sin and into the Light of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. It is only through Him that you are saved. His Love for you is great, and yet so rarely reciprocated.

Children, do not or never dismiss prayer as your only or final option. Children, prayer should be your first approach to facing a problem or concern or worry before you. You do not need the temporal promises this World gives to the weak in Spirit. You need only pray, and I shower you with My Graces.

Children, your prayers are precious and effective. Believe this to be true. Your prayers are like the seeds of the dandelion that blow off into the winds. Each seed is a prayer that you have prayed – for those who are lonely, distraught, ill, fearful, dejected, weak, or apart from Me. Each prayer is a seed upon the flower of many seeds. When the wind blows and your seeds scatter into the wind or  breeze or air, you do not know where they go or land. You do not see the new plant that blossoms into new flowers with many new seeds of their own, yet this happens with each seed. Thus, it is with each prayer. You do not see its effects but rest assured it grows within the Hearts of others to create  new prayers.

Do not doubt the power and persuasiveness of your prayers to Me. I am an affectionate, Loving Father, and I hold each of you closely. Be still within My Arms. Trust in My Love for you. Listen to My Heart as it beats against your own Heart. When you are still and deeply, Lovingly aware of Me and My Presence, your Heart beats in Time with My Own. Recognize this, Belovéd Children, and treasure this communion I give to you. I am your Lord God and Father and crave nothing more than I crave your Love.

Belovéd Children, prayer brings you closer to Me. I listen to you with great attentiveness and long for you to hear My Loving responses. Believe in My Love for you, My Children. I am your Holy and Eternal Father, and as My Children, I can do little else but to Love you and shower you with the blessings a Father gives to His Children.

Children, I give to you solace, protection, sustenance, warmth, Love and Mercy. I give to you all that you need. Therefore, do not trouble yourselves with the concerns of this World, but trust that I will provide for you in all things in your Times of need. You need only call out to your Loving Father, and be sure I am with you.

My Love for you, Dear Children, is abundant and unconditional. It is not swayed by Time, nor does it ever wane, no matter how often you sin. I cannot resist the sorrowful and repentant Hearts of My Children. Come to Me and trust that My Mercy and Love are given to you quickly, most willingly, and with the joy and relief of a Loving Father who has found, at last, His Lost Child.

Belovéd Children, I speak to you with Love and seek only for your healthiness or  spiritual well-being that encompasses Eternal joy, My Forgiveness, My Love, and all those gifts I give to the Righteous. Join Me in Love and joy and I ease the burdens that have weighted so heavily upon your shoulders.

Children, do not fall into a lukewarm Heart. Do not allow your Hearts to become lukewarm or lazy. Now is the Time to grow closer to your Lord God. Now is the Time to engage in good works and garner the joy of My Approval. Now is the Time to repent and receive My Mercy. Now is the Time to learn and know to the interior of your Hearts what I accept and what I do not accept. I Love each of you so exceedingly, but in My Great Love for My Children, there are still things I do not accept but abhor.

Children, you must not sin. Fight against sinning. Pray for help against your weaknesses. Call on the Holiest of Spirits and be sure His Love will give you strength to turn away from those things that tempt you to sin. Part of knowing when to call out for strength is knowing exactly what I do not accept. I do not want My Belovéd Children to judge one another. Even with the purest intents in your Heart, you must not judge your Brothers, for you cannot know them interiorly, and it is for Me to judge those who I Love, created, and whose Hearts I know so intimately.

Children, I also say to you, do not desire the things of this World. Place Me first and with the Crucifixion always at the forefront of your Hearts. I give to you all things, whether it is a life of great means or a life of humility and lowliness. Trust in Me and all that I give to you, but do not let these things become that which consumes your Hearts, minds, and Time. Trust in Me, and I shall provide all that you need, according to My Will for you which is built upon such Great Love, it is not worthy of any doubt.

Children, pray. Pray, and place your prayer life in front of everything else in your days. Do not let an hour pass where you have not thought of My Love and My Belovéd Son’s great Sacrifice for Man. His is the most crucial of all things, for His Love of Man has brought redemption and Light to those who were once steeped in limbo and darkness. Adore the Christ Jesus and give to Him all the Love you have within your Hearts. Be still and feel interiorly the reciprocation of Love. Let this feed your hungry Spirits and give thanks to the Christ for Life Everlasting.

Children, My Heart is troubled by the lukewarm. Thus, pray for My Children whose bodies visit Me but whose Hearts are elsewhere. Why should a Child visit a friend if the Child takes no delight or joy in the visit? Pray that the Light of Love bursts forth within the Hearts of the lukewarm.

Children, I year to hear your prayers. Do not believe yours are not important and special. You are precious to Me, your Lord God and Father. Nothing is more important to My Heart than your own Hearts.

Children, rest within My Arms and allow your Heavenly Father to give to you His Peace. Peace, My Children. Peace.