Rest Yourselves Inside My Heart

By Linda Noskewicz

December 29, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

Message from Our Lord

(I am sharing everything He said to me as well as the broader message. He speaks to all of us with such affection.)

Belovéd Child of My Light, thank you for your Loving attention to Me. It brings Me such comfort to receive the Love and affection of the prayerful, and you are My Precious and Belovéd Daughter.

Stay with Me and do not be distracted by things of this World, for these things are all temporary and do no use in the Ever After. Belovéd Child of My Heart, so much chaos comes to your world. If only Man had listened! If only Man had heard! The foulness of sin may have deteriorated or been reduced but it has not, and your Lord God and Father does not, cannot, and will not tolerate sin. [If people had only tried harder…]

My Children whom I Love so dearly and wish to embrace tightly have become hellions of sin. For each one that returns to Me, My Bewildered Heart sighs in gladness and relief. Yet so few see and so few hear.

Child, My Children are willful, and you must not follow suit. Make yourself malleable in My Will for you. My Will is all Love and Mercy. Trust in Me, My Child. Do not be willful, as this arrogance closes the door of your Heart to Me. Be humble, trusting, and simple, and I shower graces upon you for your Love and trust in Me.

Pride, My Child, is your vice and leads you to all sin. Pray, and I will assuage your worldly desires. My Child, My Gifts are good and plentiful. Know this to be true. There is nothing here on earth that compares to the gloriousness and joyfulness that My Gifts for you are and will be. So I say, do not cling to the Worldly, for these things will soon fall away.
Belovéd Children, the difficulties that you will face soon are unlike anything you have seen. You have faced miniature versions, but you will soon face an onslaught of repercussions, doled out, not by Me, your Loving Father, but by Man himself.

Thus, My Children, I tell you to pray and trust in My Great Love for you. Faithful Ones, do you not know that you shall persevere because of your prayers to Me and your Love of Me and your full trust in your Heavenly Parent?
Little Ones, you are My Heart. I do not let My Heart’s Love become damaged. I protect and sustain you during difficult times. Do not be afraid of what you are facing, but embrace all difficulties and endure them in wonderful reparation for the sins of Man. Know that when you do this, you assuage My Heart and bring Me joy from your trust – full trust in Me.

It is a humble servant who will accept injustice, defamation, and ridicule silently, with a forgiving Heart. Belovéds, do this for Me, and I shall place My Peace into your Hearts. Your forgiveness of your tormentors brings Me to forgive you your transgressions and those of your tormentor. [In other words, your doing so is a gift to both God and your tormentor, and this pleases Him so much.]

Children, do not worry, as there will be times when you shall speak in My Holy Name. The Hearts of My Lions are so impatient to speak and to roar! Belovéds, I will show you when it is time to speak against sophists, sinners, and tormentors, and the words uttered from your lips will not be yours but those that issue forth from the Holy Spirit. Allow the Spirit to fill you, and you shall speak momentously, with great humility and dignity, as did My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who Loves and is Belovéd. [Some of us will speak profound words by the power of the Holy Spirit!]

The days ahead require that you have complete Trust in your Lord God. When you must make a decision, even in the littlest of things, pray and ask what is My Will for you. In this way, you honor My Love and receive good guidance that keeps you close to Me.

Children, do not worry for yourselves, but pray. Receive the Sacramentals and maintain a state of grace. Behave as though this is your final breath every moment, for you do not know when I shall call you.
Pray and be alert to sophists who will convince many that black is white and white is black. So many will be led astray, because they are weak in their friendship and Love with Me. They shall respond to the wrong shepherd and his wrong calls. The prayerful will not be fooled nor deceived. Know what I accept and do not accept. Do not hoard your money, because it will become almost useless. Do not weep, as weeping will not touch your tormentors. Trust and rely in Me. My Plans for each of you are righteous and good. [Don't rely on anything worldly. Trust in God to provide in all things.]

[For those who are far from God, He says the following.]

Belovéds, you begin to face difficult times, even now, but your eyes are closed, and you do not wish to hear. Thus, you can only point your fingers inwards. My Belovéds have sounded the alarm over and over again, but many have been silenced. Others have endured such ridicule as to defame them. Others continue to say, “You must turn to the Lord God, now! For tomorrow is not assured.” And yet still, so many deny Me.

Your Loving efforts are not lost on Me and you save many Souls by your Beauteous efforts. Do not despair, but continue spreading My Light, even when those people who shun you refuse to hear.

Prayerful Ones, My Sweet Belovéds, I am with you and so you shall not fear. Fear and confusion are not of Me, so why should you embrace fear and confusion. Chose My Peace. Rest yourselves inside My Heart. Trust in Christ Jesus, your Savior and Love. Feel the peace Our Love gives to your Hearts. Let your Lord God work through you as you respond humbly and with an open Heart.

Many shall suffer for their lack of trust in Me. You will not suffer from your lack of trust. You know My Love, and I shall sustain you. Keep your Hearts and Souls sanctified. Receive the Holy Eucharist daily. Confess your sins. Remember, soon there will be a time when you shall bitterly thirst for Me. [The loss of having the Eucharist.]
Peace, My Children. Trust in My Love and will for you, and you are at Peace.