The Prayerful

By Linda


Thursday, January 22, 2015 12:42 – 1:12 Adoration

Belovéd Children, My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ suffered deeply for you, 
suffered the calamities of becoming Man and suffered death 
that each of you may have new life in His Mercy and compassion for you.

Oh Belovéd Children, become meek before the Christ 
and adore Him with the Love of children.
Be innocent and good and treat Him as you should a King 
for He reigns over Heaven and earth and is most Glorious 
and Loving and righteous and BIG with EVERYTHING infinite.

Belovéd Children, do not fear the God who has created all things 
and who gives you life.

I am for you.

I want you to be for Me, My Children.
Love Me and do not betray My Beauteous Love with your indifference or disrespect 
or utterances/false utterances of denial, or denial of your Love for Me.
Do not claim to Love Me only to deny Me (before) your friends.

For you are accountable for sharing My Word of Love 
with your friends or companions or comrades.
Do not lead any of My Belovéd Children astray and away from Me, 
their Loving and Eternal Father.

I frown on those who assume this role 
and there are severe consequences for this action.

Belovéd Children, I call each of you in My Longing for your Love.
Do come to your God who waits for you Lovingly, patiently.
My arms are open to you and My Mercy is abundant.
Do not be afraid of your Eternal Father.

I do not turn any of My Belovéd Children away.
No matter what you believe you are, 
no matter what you think is forgivable, 
no matter if you hold yourself in low regard, 
I Love you and I will not turn you away.

I do not turn away the murderers or thieves.
I do not turn away the misers or prostitutes.
I do not turn away the poor 
or those who have abused themselves and others.

I do not turn away the pedophile or the rapist.
I do not turn away the rich and corrupt.
I do not turn away the lukewarm.
I do not turn away the strangers 
and I do not turn away those who have been most angry at their Lord God.

For I am Love and as such, only Love that which comes before Me in repentance and for Mercy.

Belovéd Children, believe in Me.
I will not break your Heart.
My Love is unconditional.

Turn to Me in all things.
Trust in Me.
Love Me with your whole Heart and know peace and joy by My Love.

            Oh Children of the North,
            you must pray. Redeem
            yourselves through great
            prayer, for your sins
            are many and great.
            Your Lord God is abandoned
            by many and betrayed 
            and wounded by numbers
            and scores of Children.
            Do not believe that your
            Lord God does not know
            the Righteous from the dark.
            Those who do not come to
            know the Life and Savior 
            and do not choose to
            worship the Christ, who is
            all Holy and all Glorious
            and Belovéd to the Father
            will perish.  They will
            see that which they
            do not see and their eyes
            will burn with their
            error.  Children of the 
            North, I am a compassionate
            God.  I am also a 
            Loving Father.  Know this 
            to be true.  Your Eternal
            God is also a God of
            Justice. Do not lay
            claim to sin. Do not
            justify the darknesses
            you wander within,
            for the Lord is perfection
            and perfect Love and
            there are no sins where 
            Perfect Love exists.

            Do not deign to compromise
            with sin.  This is a
            mistake that many have
            made and make. You cannot
            make gray that which is
            black or white. Know that
            black will become black
            again and white will
            once again be white.

            Discernment will be a 
            Blessing to My Prayerful
            and Loving Children.
            So I say, pray Belovéd 
            Children. Do not betray
            Me with your indifference.
            The hare comes and
            you shall be given 
            a clarity of spirit that
            will lead you closer to 
            Me if your will is Holy.
            Then, you will be
            prayerful and joyful.

            For those whose eyes
            remain shut and
            covered by scales,
            they must endure the
            experience of a boar,
            and a boar is a
            terrible, strong, violent
            thing that cares not for
            or about those things it
            destroys.  It is a soundless
            thing that wreaks damage 
            over every path it treads.

Come to Me Children, thus, and do not face the boar.
Belovéd Children, know My Love for you is real and everlasting.
Know My Love brings peace and joy to your Hearts.

Come to Me and know peace.
Come to Me and enjoy your Brothers’ and Sisters’ Love.

Share your own Love amongst those who doubt.

Pray, My Belovéds, for I Love your prayers 
and I am made joyful by them.

Peace, My Children.
Peace.  Peace.