Be Like My Son

By Linda

July 29, 2015


July 29, 2015 3:33 – 4:16 pm

God, I know You are with me.  I hear You and feel You around me.  I feel like I fail You miserably, and knowing this, I still do not improve.  I guess I don’t understand Your taste in servants where I’m concerned.

Belovéd Children, your Heart is ever in My Hands.  Thus, remove all concerns from your Heart and mind.  Submit yourself to Me and you shall know My Peace and consolation.  

You need only call to Me but once and I bend My ear to your voice and lift you from despair with My Hands and give to your very Heart the joy and solace and Mercy and affirmation you need. 
Guide people, your Belovéd Brothers and Sisters to Me.  Endure what you believe is a hindrance 
or disaster or a heartache in My Name and you shall know everlasting Life.

Belovéd Children, **** you must remain contrite in your Heart and faithful in your devotion to Me and the Lord Christ, My Belovéd and Most Beatific Son.  Do you not know or see Our link to One Another is One.  We are not separated or fragmented.  We are but One God and it is through the Son that you shall know or see the Father.

Belovéd Children, **** have much work to do, for this World is tired and disgraced in the eyes of Heaven.  Thus, I say do not fail or wane in your prayers for it.  The darknesses I see are severe and so many souls are at stake.  My Belovéd Children wander, and I am desperately fearful for them.  I am not oblivious to the wonders or trickery in this World that leads My Children away from Me.  My Children, you must turn to Me for strength and I shall give you My Love and guidance and truths.  Live a life of joy and happiness or bliss, and by doing so, endure the miseries of this Life knowing your reward comes soon and the glory of My Holy gifts are ineffable to you.
Belovéd Children, say to your Brothers and Sisters, it is time to know the Lord God and Father.  Open your arms to He who Loves each of you so dearly.  The Time has come and you must not delay or you must have no compunction about declaring your Love for Me, your Lord God and Father.  Look to My Belovéd Son, the King of Humanity and the Prince of Peace for all guidance.  Look to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Eternal, for Love and guidance, for compassion and for forgiveness.  These things are there for your taking, and so I say, Children, partake of My Gifts to you and share them amongst your Brothers and Sisters.

Surely you must pray and be an example by your utterances to Me and by your devotion to Me.  You are a Light in this World, but your light dims when you stray from the Lord God who Loves you so.  Belovéd Children, see and know My Love for you is real or tangible.  Open your eyes.  Remove the scales that blind you to My Truth and to My Great Love for you.  Uncover the eyes of your Sisters and Brothers that they too may experience the peace and joy in recognizing Me and My Greatest Love for you, My Belovéd Children.

Children, you are so familiar to Me.  Each one of you is like a precious stone in My Hands and your color and variety and size and demeanors are splendid and invaluable to Me, your Lord God.  I talk in terms of gold and stones that you might understand your worth to Me and My unwavering Love for you.  Precious Children, rise from your slumber and come to work for your Lord God and Father.  Work for the Christ, My Belovéd Son, who adores each of you.  Come to Me in prayer and delight Me.  Every prayer is like a song to My Ears.  All of Heaven rejoices when even one child expresses Love for Me, just as it weeps to hear a Child of Mine express hate.

Belovéd Children, look with caution or heed all that you see and hear with great skepticism.  The black are all white now and the white have become black or have been eradicated (along) with My Holy Name.  Belovéd Children, do not shun Me.  Do not shun the Lord Christ.  It is a grave sin and while I am a compassionate and Merciful God, I am a just and objective judge too.  Do not think that your goodly Lord, through all of My Great Love, will accept the sins of this World, for I do not.  You cannot make folly of My Laws and expect absolute freedom from consequence.

Be like My Son.  Place His Love and guidance at the forefront of your Heart and Mind.  What once seemed unbearable becomes bearable.  That which was once torturous becomes pleasant.  Belovéd Children, you are not excepted from death or disharmony or ruin.  You are either guarded by My Love and thus peaceful, or you are not, and your Soul cries out without repose.  Belovéd Children, understand what I say.  Come to Me now that you will know how to understandor identify those things that I Love and accept and those that I do not.

Belovéd Children, gather your rest while you can.  Soon, rain will fall like boulders of red light and the skies grow dark and swirl unnaturally.  All that is normal becomes wild and all that is wild becomes rabid.  See the animals change their behavior and run wearily away from darkness.  Run away from darkness, My Children, and understand why I insist on this.  Even the birds outside die as the trees and plants do and as all of My Children will.  Do not be afraid to be greeted by the Lord God.  Be prayerful and Loving and know that My Arms are open to you.  Belovéd Children, I bid you peace.  Peace, My Belovéds.  Peace.  Peace