It's All About That Trust

By Linda

February 26, 2015


Thursday, February 26, 2015 4:20- 4:31 – 5:23 pm

Well, I finally read Tobit.  I like that name.  Tobit.  It sounds like a dog biscuit.  As best as I could figure, as related to what You’ve been telling me, or us, is that 1.  You do send angels to work here on earth and it’s not always Michael; 2.  being charitable is important – You like us to help each other; 3.  Sometimes You’ll test us even when we’re pretty decent people overall; 4.  You’re extremely happy to be praised and loved, per the angel’s instructions (I knew that); and 5.  You were even merciful in the Old Testament pre-Jesus. That’s pretty cool, since everyone always accuses the OT part of the Bible of being the “fire and brimstone” issue.  Of course, I wonder how much people read it AND pray about it so You can give them a breakdown of what it all means.  Maybe You should take everyone’s ears for a few years so we’d have enough silence to listen for You.  And I was wondering something.  Would You mind clarifying what You mean by “Lukewarm” souls.  I read that in a thing about Divine Mercy, and I just want to make sure I don’t fall into that bucket – ever – and that Steve isn’t in it and if he is, I can pray harder for him (AKA nag You more). Thanks, hugs, and see You tomorrow at Mass.

Belovéd Children, praise His Name, 
for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus has suffered 
that you might be saved from the sufferings of darkness.

Lean hard upon the Mercies of His Heart.
It overflows with Greatest Mercies for you.
The Christ, My Belovéd Son, the King of the Heavens, your Redeemer, 
Greatest Love stands by you, waiting for your Love, 
glancing off the terrible words flung at Him by Man.

Sweet Jesus, you make Him weep, Dearest Children.
Do not place tears in the eyes of My Belovéd Son.
His is the Ultimate Sacrifice of Love.
Look to Him with Love and He will grant you great Mercies.

Belovéd Children, be joyous and kind to the Christ.
Love Him as He Loves you.
Do not falter in your Love for the Christ.
Your Love for Him is a Treasure.
It is good.

Belovéd Children, to sin against His Name is a dark thing.
You do not know the sorrows you cause by your hatred and anger.
Do not hate the One who Loves you like no other.

My Love for you has no limits.
My Love is undefinable or impossible to define or describe adequately.

Children, trust in My Love for you.
Trust that I Love you.
Each of you.
You must believe in My Full Love before you can trust your Lord God.           [Before you will trust Him with anything else]

I urge you to place all of your trust in your Lord God and Father.
I give good gifts to My Children.
I guide you with a gentle hand and lead you to lighted places 
and away from all that is dark.
Trust Me in all things and know the absolute peace of My Love and Divinity.

Do not fear the One who will give you Eternal joy and Eternal Love.
Trust in Me.

Do not place your faith in the World that has failed you so many times.
My Love is solid.

Let your trust go unfettered by fear 
and let your Lord God and Father who Loves you so dearly 
and will lead you away from all things that might pang you, 
guide you through this life that you might fulfill your journey into the next life 
to the joy of My Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is ready for My Children 
and My Heart is eager to fill My House with each of you.

All of you have My Greatest Love settled deeply within your souls’ Hearts.
When you are touched by the Divinity of the Spirit, you know it is true.
Your Heart lights or you are warmed in response to His Sacred calls to your Heart.
Answer His calls and receive great blessings.


Child, you know what it is to play upon this middle ground that brings Me such sorrow.

My Belovéd Children whose Hearts are distracted 
and whose minds say they will believe later 
because I am not yet in front of their eyes today.

They are the blind ones who will pray 
but who do not believe I hear.

They pray but do not recognize My Intercessions in their lives.
They pray but refuse to acknowledge the miracles I gift to My Children.

These are the faint hearted ones.
These are the ones who cause Me such pain.

They hear but do not understand or believe.
They see but are blind.

I kiss their brows gently and with Loving concern, 
for these Children have no trust in Me 
and where there is little trust, 
there is little Mercy.

Belovéd Children, trust in Me!
You must trust in the God who Loves you for all ages.
Trust gives you great fortitude in times you shall need it.

Oh Children, allow Me to rule your Hearts.
Allow Me to guide you always.

I do not fail My Belovéd Children when you place your trust in Me.
Have I not said or warned that your faith shall be sorely tested.
You will know what it is to want for Me and yet be unable to praise My Name openly.

Belovéd Children, learn or enhance or strengthen your faith and prayers now.
Grow strong now before you have no more time to do so 
and you must rely solely on your faith.

Your trust in Me must be complete.
You must be confident in My Will for you 
and be fearless in My direction.

Do not be willful in this.
I do not lead My Children to darkness,
I do not place you on a path filled with vipers.
I take you to safe paths and floral trails so you are joyous in your faith in Me.

Belovéd Children, today I encourage you 
to build your trust in your Almighty God who Loves you.
Take advantage of the massive or immense Blessings you attain 
from communion with the Sacred Eucharist.

Be loyal or succumb to it or be a slave to its Blessédness.
Soon you will be unable to receive this Divinity 
and your Hearts shall cry out in thirst.

Drink from the well while it is full, 
for the drought comes soon and the water will dry up.

Belovéd Children, pray.
Pray and be trusting of My Will for you, 
for it is good.

Do not fear My Will for you, 
for it is I who has created you 
and I who gave you breath 
and it is I who tells you to trust in your Lord God.

            There can be no
            weaknesses in your
            faith in Me.  There
            can be no breaches
            in your trust.  Your Love
            and trust in ME must
            withstand the greatest
            of storms and the direst
            of destructions.  Your
            faith and trust must
            be solid like the
            boulders found on
            mountain tops,
            unbreakable, steady,
            and immovable.  You
            cannot falter in your
            Love for Me.  Your Love
            must perpetually shine
            forth as a beacon for
            others, for those whose
            strength has left
            them and for those who
            never had strength
            and faith at all.
            You will be asked to
            pray for the faithless.
            You will be asked to
            help those who
            have accused you often,
            who have sought
            your misery and death.
            Pray for them as they
            too are your Brothers.
            Do not balk and pray
            with bitterness.  Do
            not provide succor with
            regret and anger in 
            your Hearts.  You are
            My Belovéd Children,
            and you cannot judge
            in My Stead, from
            the lowest murderer
            to the richest king,
            you know not the Hearts
            of Man.  Only I May
            judge righteously and 
            rightly.  Do not deign
            to do My work for Me.

            Instead, do as I
            request, and Love your
            Brothers and Sisters
            with tender forgiveness
            and the innocence of a 
            child.  You too will be 
            judged by how you
            receive your Brothers
            and Sisters as will
            they having received you.

Belovéd Children, pray.
It is not long now.
I have said often to pray.
It looms and I continue to say pray.

I hear your prayers and pause the nature of chaos where it stands because of your adamant prayers.

Your Most Holy and Belovéd Queen, your Blesséd Mother, 
the Mother of Souls and the Merciful Mother of Mankind weeps 
as her efforts are thwarted by the calumnies of this World.

She weeps and looks to her Son, the Christ, with great hope in her eyes.
She begs for mercies on your behalf, yet she tires.
She grows weary of her task.

Her Heart breaks to see this World she Loves so.
She has said to Love and worship her Son, the Christ Jesus.
She has requested veneration on her behalf from this World that disappoints.

The World is deaf to her pleas as it is deaf to My Own Hopes.
She tries to teach each of you to Love the Most Belovéd Son of God as she does, 
most deeply, profoundly, in awe and with great affection.

Oh, Belovéd Children, listen to the Blesséd Mother and do as she bids you.
She saves you from many calamities, Children.

You are warned, My Children.
Do not doubt but trust in Me.

Love your Brothers and Sisters.
Do not contribute to the sins of this World.

Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace.
Peace, My Children.