My Impatient Ones, I Love You

By Linda

January 18, 2016


Father, why did the men treat Jesus worse than the other two guys on the crosses?  I mean, the nails in particular.  Jesus must’ve been so scared….
Belovéd Children, do not be negligent in your prayers to Me.  I am the Lord God above and below, and your prayers are oblations to My Heart.  Lend Me your ears, faithful Children.  Listen as I tell you, pray My Belovéds.  It mitigates all that you fear.  I am a God of Love.  I am not an angry God.  I desire My Belovéd Children to come into My Arms of Glory, to seek compassion and My Love and forgiveness.  I am here for you, like a Loving and tender Parent.  I wait for My Children to come to Me, and yet so few do or will.
Belovéd Children, the stanchions are strong but the foundations must be stronger still.  You cannot build your home upon sand, for it sinks with time.  You cannot build your home upon mud.  In time, it too will sink.  You build your dwelling place upon rock, upon stone.  Thus, when the mighty storm comes, your home shall be safe and strong against the winds and safe from destruction of the pelting rains.  Belovéd Children, build your faith like a home with a solid foundation.  You are testedor will be tested daily.  Do you believe your own will can sustain you?  Look to Me, Belovéd Children.  Call out to Me, and I Love and forgive you and bid you to come into the Presence of the Lord God.
I want My Belovéd Children with Me.  I long for your Hearts and look so forward to bringing you into the beauty and paradisiacal or paradise of Heaven.  I rule the Kingdom of Heaven and it is a Holy wonder.  You know not the calibre of rewards that lay in wait for you.  If you had but a minute idea, you would prostrate yourselves before Me eagerly, with great faith and adoring Love.  You would prostrate yourselves before the Son of God and Man in thanksgiving for the Redemption He has given you.  If you knew but a little.  If you were given just a glimpse.  But I do not force Myself upon you, but long for you to choose Me from your own wills and Hearts.  I yearn for My Great Love to be reciprocated by My Belovéd Children.
Oh Belovéds, look to the East as the morning calls.  See the red sun burning the lands.  See the red dragon torturing Man.  You do not escape his destruction but can mitigate all calamities by your prayers to Me.  You do not guess at the power of your prayers.
Belovéd Children, My impatient ones, I Love you.  Hold tight to this with great trust and faith.  I guide you gently and whisper My Words of Love into your Hearts.  Listen as I guide you.  Trust in the Will of your Loving and Holy Parent.  I answer your prayers even when you do not recognize this or them.  Belovéd Children, My Patient Ones, how you delight Me with your constancy and Love.  I look upon you with Great Love and give you My Peace and Blessing.
Belovéd Children, in time you will marvel at what you do not see.  Pray for discernment and I open your eyes.  Pray for guidance and I let you hear.  Pray for understanding and I place sweetness upon your tongues.  Belovéd Children there is a greater sweetness still.  One that you must, My Children must abide Me for this.  Partake in the Eucharist.  Revere it.  It is the Most Holy and its gifts are unfathomable.  The Son of God strengthens you by His Great Love for you.  He has given His Life that you may live.  Thus, I say, abide by Me in this.  Strengthen your Souls and partake of the Eucharist.  You cannot know the glories and Mercies bestowed upon you.  The angels leap with gladness and prostrate themselves devoutly to the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.  How much more, as humans, My Children in My Own likeness, should you worship and Love the Christ?
Belovéd Children, do not be frivolous with your time.  The hour comes and you shall witness My Glory.  The whole of Humanity shall be struck dumb and be amazed by the Mighty Glory of the Lord God on High.

Belovéd Children, Love.  Love and be merciful to one another as you shall hope for My Mercy for you.  When you are merciful and Loving to your Brothers and Sisters, My Heart Swells.  When you forgive your enemies without condition and with a full and genuine Love for them, I am made wondrously happy.  It is an easy thing to forgive those who you already have Loved.  How much more is the weight of forgiving and Loving those who have angered you or slighted you or caused you some harm.  Engage yourself in Mercy and forgiveness, My Children.  Mercy is a gift and raises the Heart from darknesses and lifts it into the Light of Love and thankfulness.  Thus, I say, be forgiving and Merciful.  Do not pretend at forgiveness.  Expect nothing in return and rejoice when your enemy becomes your dearest brother.  I touch the Hearts of many and look to the Loving and Merciful for or to provide My Guidance and wisdom.
Belovéd Children, behold the East and know the destruction of burning blazes will consume the land.  Pray for the mothers with children in their wombs.  Pray and the Loving Lord God, your Loving Father mitigates the disasters facing you.  The rumblings occur even now.  The North will know no fire, and it shall know no rain.  What was once an ocean, a vast ocean, will become barren.  The land shall die of thirst and the animals shall be cut down where they stand.  You shall thirst and call out to Me and know the thirst I feel for your Love.
Belovéd Children, pray.  I am a jealous God and see the adulation of gold and false idols abundant before Me.  Children, do not be wedded to your money or to your fame and popularity.  Do not be wedded to your office and riches and health.  Do not adore these things, for they do nothing but lay waste to your Souls.  Believe that I give you these things and can take them from you again, just as I can give and take Life.  You are blessed by My Loving Will.  When I see My Children in need, I guide you to your Heavenly Father by so many different means.  Thus, I say, Belovéd Children, do not place your faith in this World.  It is a fleeting thing, but trust in your Eternal Lord God who Loves you like no other.   Peace, My Children.  Peace.