I am your Belovéd Parent

By Linda

June 30, 2016

3:15 – 3:42 pm
And why do You put up with me??
Love, My Child.  I am in Love with you and I am Love.  My Children are My Love, and how does an adoring parent turn His back on a helpless and sweet or kind or innocent child?
I protect you as a child.  I Love you as a child.  I look forward to you as a child.  I am your Belovéd Parent and Holiest Father.  I have made you for Love and from Love and with such Love.  Do not doubt that I am the Father who Loves and protects you and longs to see you happy and treasured.
My Will is for your grace, My Children.  How I heap Blessings, great Blessings upon you.  It is from Love and I AM Love.  Place this assurance or truth within your Hearts, My Love.  I Love each of you so dearly even when you ignore Me.  Come to Me, My Belovéd Children, for I am for you as you are for Me.
Belovéd Children, you have not long to wait.  Thus, I say, be ready.  Prepare yourselves for the Glory of God, the Son who is the Christ, to come bear upon you His wonder and Love and compassion and passion for Love.
He is the KING of Heaven and earth.  Thus I say to you, My Belovéd Children, worship the Christ Jesus.  Love Him with open and BIG Hearts.  Hold nothing back of your Love, for He craves it as I crave it, and He deserves it, as I deserve it.  Your Love is a balm to His Broken Heart.  His Sacred Heart is tender and bruised by the wounds of this World.  How He longs to embrace you as I do, for We are One and We Love each of you as unique, amazing, Beauteous Creatures.
How can My Belovéd Children doubt My Most Blesséd and Sacred Love.  Children, how I long for you.  I thirst for you and your Love and attention.  Come to Me in haste and do not fear.  I am always, always with you and do not or cannot leave My Beauteous and Belovéd Children alone to fend for themselves.  My Heart is yours, My Children.  Thus I say, take heed and grasp the compassion and willingness to have Mercy from Me.  It is yours.  It is a tree that bears great fruit.  Pluck the Blessings of My Love.  Compassion, forgiveness, Mercy.  These are My GREATEST Gifts for you wrought out or bought by My Son, My Blesséd Son, by His Life and Soul.
My Son is the Belovéd Christ, Jesus.  Worship and adore Him.  Follow Him and His Blesséd Path to the Glory in Heaven.  Oh, Children of Mine, you are such wonders, so amazing….  My Love for you is gentle and sheer and envelops you like the warmth of the sun.  I am your Belovéd Father and I seek each of you out to treasure or become steeped in My Grand and Glorious Love [HUGE!].  You are but small things and yet so great in My Heart.
Come to Me, My Children.  Come to Goodness and Blessédness.  Why delay?  Why toss back the river of Mercy?  Why ignore the abundance of My Love?  I am the Lord God and I see or view each of you with doting and Loving eyes.  I watch and wait and wonder at your hesitancy.  Come to Love, for I am yours to reap.
Wondrous and Little Children, come to Me, your Heavenly Parent.  Let Me embrace you in Love and forgiveness.  I Long to show My Love for you more BIGLY or more obviously, for the eyes of My Children are weak and your Belovéd Hearts weary.  Belovéd Children, do not doubt My Love for each of you.  I do not separate My Belovéd Children, but embrace you in Love all together as One perfect Love.
Belovéd Children, this World is weary from its sins and knows the finality of catastrophe.  I am the Lord God and mitigate these things, these terrible yawnings of the World that aches because of My ever-burning Love for you.
I am the here and the now and the forever.  Long for Me, Dear Children.  Long for Me and send your prayers, as they are songs in the heights of Heaven.  Your voices cry out to Me and I hear you.  Each of you I hear and I answer.  Be still, My Children, and bring your worried Hearts to rest.  I am with you always, and so, how can you doubt?  How can you doubt that I am in the World you live in and do not abide by its limited or smallest rules of Love [limited abilities to love.]  For there are no limits or rules of Love.
Come to Me, My Child.  Bring Me your hopes and desires.  Bring to Me your prayers of fear.  Trust in Me to build up your Hearts and rescue your Souls.  Trust in Me, My Belovéd Children, for you are Mine and I am yours.  Trust in Me and My Will for you is truest and Good.
Belovéd Children, I say to you, rest.  Do not be weary but prayerful.  I desire your willing prayers and Love the songs you sing by them.  Belovéd Children, I am yours as you are Mine.  Thus, I say, rest in the knowledge and trust of MyGREAT Love.
Amen, My Children, I say to you, pray and be devout to the Christ who is My Son.  My Devoted Son.  And such gladness and increasing or pulsating or growing Love you bring to My Heart.  [That is to say, in terms of pulsating, that His Love is a growing thing – something we can’t understand, and how it grows!]
Peace My Children.  Embrace My Peace this day and all others.  Peace.  Peace.