I shall strike down with eternal justice

By Linda

August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 2:47 – 2:57 – 4:02 pm

Father, so many things are going through my mind.  First, how my pride keeps sticking its nose up.  Then, I thought of how sad You must be by how we treat each other as a whole.  There is too much hate and while it seems as if it is getting larger and worse, I think the dumb one (devil) is in a frenzy with all his cronies.  Because we win in the end.  That’s got to chap his hide.  Yet, in these bright spots, I think about how Jesus died and how scary and painful – both physically and in His Heart – it was.  Like, how horrible to be betrayed by Judas, his friend.  Then, Judas had the nerve NOT to believe in Jesus’ mercy, so it’s a double whammy.  Then Peter, but at least he was martyred upside down.  I know You have everything planned, including what happened to Jesus, but still.  I think You would’ve (or did) cry.  I know You are God and know everything, but I also know that when we hurt in any way, You hurt too….  I don’t mean to be mopey about things, and I remember all the beauty and miracles You give us daily, and the open doors.  I just feel terrible about the things we do – not praying, hating each other, not forgiving people, being grouchy in parking lots and on the road, lying, missing Mass, knowing but still doing the stuff we shouldn’t.  I think in some of the Churches praise of You, we should add a thanks for Your patience…and humor too.  Anyway, thank You for letting me rest on Your shoulder and sleep at Your feet.  It’s peaceful.
Belovéd Children, I am ever with you.  I say this to you every day that you will believe Me.  I am with you when you find yourself hated or hurt.  I am with you when you feel degraded and betrayed.  I am with you in your joys and sadnesses.  Know this to be true; My Heart is so full, so BIG! that I can and do hold the whole of Humanity in My Loving Arms.
Believe in My Life for you, My Belovéd Children.  Do not doubt.  I am the Lord God and long for your Love.  Sweetest Children, My Beauteous Son, the Christ Jesus, weeps at the sight of this World.  Do you not see that Our Love for each of you is so great that when you hurt, it hurts your Loving God and the whole of Heaven?  When you are joyful and share your joys with Me, how My Heart swells with Love and Heaven celebrates beside Me.  Yet, so rarely are joys shared with Me.  And even your sorrows are kept like secret pains within your Hearts, as if I cannot see your Hearts or know your Heartaches.

Belovéd Children, I am your Loving Father and Just God.  You cannot turn My Love away so quickly and expect that I shall abandon you so easily.  I am your Loving, ever-Loving Father whose Love has no conditions.  You cannot drive off My Love.  I am not obtrusive, but My Love for each of you is BIG and it is a stubborn thing.  I am Love and I can only Love that which I have created.  [Said with such affection and with an indulging heart.]

Children, still, even as I am Loving, I am a Just Judge.  I do not place you in peril during your lives.  I do not murder your Love by hurting you, even though so many of My Belovéd Children believe that the faults of this World are Mine.  Children, you may blame Me though if it brings you to Me in your grief and anger.  I am the Lord God and can withstand your anger and lighten the sadnesses within your Hearts.  My Shoulders or inclination or GOD STRENGTH is such I will do what you see as impossible.

I am the Lord God and Eternal Lord.  The trees bow to Me and the oceans drain to please Me.  I can will the sky to be dark or bring sun and warmth into the sky.  I created all things with Love and joy.  Know this to be true, My Belovéd Children, that of all things I have Created, you are My Most Cherished, Most Loved or Belovéd, and Most Beautiful to Me.  My Heart thrills by your Love.  When you express so joyously your Love for the Christ Jesus, My Ever Belovéd Son and the Eternal Covenant with Mankind, this joy overwhelms the Heart of the Lord God.  Belovéd Children, your prayers also thrill My Heart and I ask that all of My Belovéd Children continue to be prayerful and constant in your prayers.

This World rejects Love more and more and the Time spent in this sad and fruitless effort is a betrayal to the Heart of your Lord God and Father.  Do not disbelieve in My Sadness and pain, for they are profound and unfathomably “anti-Me” or anti-God.  Children, take Me with all seriousness when I say to you, do not be frivolous with your Time.  Even oceans and rivers given Time will dry up and disappear.  Even trees ages old will die before Me in their Time.  Do you believe, My Children, that you are exempt from those things that end?
Oh, Children, how sinful is this World!  And these sins draw you so far from Me!  Children, to sin so heinously brings your Time to a sour and destructive end.  To die in sin unreconciled with your Lord God and Eternal Father (surely means) you shall have no more time for Mercy or choice.

Children, believe that when you turn Me away and dismiss the Great Love of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and throw back or toss away or dismiss the gifts bestowed upon you by the Holiest and Most Beatific Spirit, you cannot expect My Heavenly Doors to open to you.

Oh, Belovéd Children, there are great consequences for sin, and these are grave and terrible things if you have driven Me out of your Hearts so completely and so readily.  Shall I describe to you what it means to be expelled into Hell ever more?  It is worse than your worst nightmare and more painful than your worst pain.  You must keep company with demons so putrid and hateful, there can be no light where they are.  The greatest misery you shall know is the total and complete loss of Love.  You will know I Am but your misery will be My Non-Presence.  You cannot know Love or feel Love or be comforted by Love.  All that you are is Eternally absorbed by horror and such terrible punishments.

Children, I am the Lord God and your Loving Father.  What Father allows His Children to behave as hellions so that they become unruly and terrible as they grow?  In what ways does a parent garner the attention of His Children?  I am your Loving Father and I am a just and Holy Lord.  You cannot expect your Father to abide by your endless sins.

Children, there are only those who will Love Me completely and those who do not.  I call out to those Children who purport to Love Me and say to them, how much greater is your sin when you know Me yet deign to flaunt your mal ordespicable behavior before My Holy Eyes!  When you know My Love and what I accept and do not accept, you do not continue to sin before Me but come to Me for My Great Love and Mercy.

I shall punish those who have used My Name to dishonor My Children and who have used My Name to honor only themselves.  I shall strike down with Eternal Justice those who have compelled others or encouraged others to sin against Me.  I shall strike down with great fury those who have led even ONE Child astray or away from the Love of God the Father, the Creator and Father of this Child.  Woe is the man who misleads or misguides My Belovéd Children.

My Justice shall be swift and final.  You cannot work so heartily against the Father who Loves you and expect a warm welcome to My Home.  When your Heart is filled with sorrow and repentance and with a great hope for My Mercy and Love, you will come to your Father whose Arms will be opened wide to embrace you and give all Love and Mercy to My Belovéd Child!

Children, do not think that I can be deceived.  I cannot.  My Heart is aware of all things and I watch each of you with such Love and anxiety
.  Love Me fully and with all of your Hearts and I am overjoyed BIG by your Love.
Know this to be true.  You must know those things that I accept and find good and innocent and those things that I do not accept and consider evil or filthy or an insult or “anti” to the Christ Jesus.  Belovéd Children, I created each of you from Love with Love and for Love.  Do not stray from Love.  Children, do not disbelieve in the Saving Love of the Christ Jesus.

You cannot be frivolous with Time.  When the skies are aglow and this World rolls over upon itself and the earth regurgitates the poison of sin, know that those who are Loving and faithful will have strength and guidance.  Those who do not know Me and have chosen to dismiss the Christ will face the horror and pains of fire and the confusion inherent to loss and disaster.

You cannot afford to use your Time unwisely.  If you are told that a storm is imminent, do you dither or dawdle and wait to experience its power and detriment or do you take this warning seriously and prepare?  If you are told, your enemies are above the ridge and a short distance from you, do you sit and laugh over your meal or prepare to fight? When you must choose between Light and darkness, fulfillment or starvation, drink or thirst, Love or hatred, which shall you choose?

Examine your Hearts closely, My Children.  Ask that I guide you to discernment.  Many of My Belovéd Children are Righteous, but in your righteousness, you are or work contrary to Love.  You pray to Me and one hour later, you curse your Brothers and Sisters.  You must not be angry or selfish or unforgiving when you truly Love your Lord God and Father.  You Love your Sisters and Brothers without condition.  I ask that you Love those who you would rather hate.  I ask that you pray for your enemies and forgive those who have caused you and yours pain.  I ask that you Love each and every Child of Mine without judgment or cruelty.  Belovéd Children, Love as I Love and forgive as I forgive.  You can do nothing more that pleases Me thus.

Please be aware of the traps to darknesses before you, for there are many.  Arm yourselves with constant prayer and know I am with you always, when Life is clear and when it grows difficult.  I am your Lord God and Heavenly Father.  I say to you, worship, Love, and give homage to My Belovéd Son, for as you adore Him, so you adore Me.

Love, My Children, and be aware of those who would take you away from Me.  I Love My Belovéd Children and say to you, pray.  Pray with constancy, Love, and without distraction.  Pray for My Belovéd Servants who wander so far from Me, so many are on the cusp of darkness themselves.  Pray for My Belovéd Servants, for soon they shall be driven out oraway that the Eucharist and its GREAT AMAZINGNESS will also be driven away.  Pray, for it shall be a scarce thing, the Mass, and the consecrations will be hidden well and provided for and kept safe.

Pray, My Children, and know one day soon the Eucharist will be largely lost to you.  Prepare your Hearts for these barren times and pray.  I am your Lord God and I watch over My Belovéd Children closely.
  Pray, My Children, and I am ever with you.  Pray and do not be afraid.  I Love each of you so well and bid you peace this day and all others.