Pray for my servants for they shall be tested

By Linda

December 13, 2017

@ Adoration 10:57 – 11:40 am.
            Father, all I can think about is Your “Oh Wow.”  OH WOW!  I can’t imagine how BIG You are that this is the reaction of a man I’d think is cynical.  Oh wow…please let me say that when I die as a loving compliment to You.  I Love You.  I wish My own Heart was bigger, so my love could be louder for You.  XO  [This references Steve Jobs’ reaction as he lay dying; however, this is unconfirmed.  I still think it’s neat, though.]
Belovéd Children, know that there is urgency in My Loving Words to you.  Daily, I call out to My Belovéd, yet lost, Children.  Devout Ones, bring them to Me for My Love and Mercy.  I ask that you do this, for so many have yet to understand and see and hear.  I call to My Children with Loving Mercy and with the gentle voice of a Loving Father.  Oh, Children, I long for you.  If you only knew the ache that pounds within My Sacred Heart, surely you would run from the curses of this World and straight into the arms of compassion, Mercy, and Love.

Children, My Love for you is great and despite your sins, it does not wane.  My Love for you makes Me a patient Father, but I am a jealous God.  Children, you have so many idols that are placed before Me, your One True God and Almighty Eternal One.  Know that you cannot join Me in the Valley of Peace when you so quickly and so readily place others before Me.  Children, do not believe money can bring you redemption in the eyes of your God.  I am the Eternal One, and I have created all things with the goodness of My Love.

Do not shun Me.  Do not negate My Love for you, for My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, suffered greatly that you might be saved and join Us in the everlasting joys of Eternal Love.  Yet, My Children are indifferent to My Love.  Indeed, you have disregarded My Love and ignore My Presence.  The Holiness of My Great Love for you is denigrated and made unholy by your actions and words.  Children, you, your Brothers, and your Sisters cannot ignore Me during your short and minute lives and expect Me to know you at your deaths.  I am a Loving Father, an anxious Father, but I am also a just and righteous Lord God.  Do you welcome a stranger into your home?  Do you feed the stranger at your table?  Do you give the stranger a bed in which to sleep while your children lay innocently in the same room and while they may be exposed to danger or darkness by the presence of this stranger?

No, I say to you.  A Loving Father protects His Home and His Belovéd Children and thus, will not admit a stranger into their home.  Do you not see this, My Children?  Do you not believe that I too protect My Children and will not recognize those who have insisted on ignoring Me?  My Children have locked Me out of their Hearts and Lives.  Even as I call each of you over and over, you do not hear and you will not see the Glory of God.

Children, work to bring your Brothers and Sisters to Me.  This is not the Time to be meek in your faith in Me, but to be bold and by your actions and words, lead others to My Love and Mercy.  Children, do not leave your brethren unprotected that they get swept up in the coming storm.  They will not know what to do in their panic, and they will wander lost before the desert unless My Beauteous and Most Belovéd Faithful Ones hold strong in your Love for Me and guide them in their fury and fear.

Children, a Time comes when I will illuminate this World and Man shall be brought to his knees.  Thus is the urgency I convey to My Prayerful Children.  My Light is bright and most powerful, and how will My Belovéd Children bear the overwhelming Light of truth?  Those who have denied Me and who have led others astray shall pound at their chests in sorrow and fear.  They shall know the desolation and weep in their errors.  Children, the sins of this World are great and surpass those of past generations.  Surely My Prayerful Ones can see this.  In every corner of this World, My Name is denied and the Holiness of My Love and Forgiveness are locked out of the Hearts of Man.  Oh, Children, your denial of Me, your painful rejection of My Son is a grave sin, and the Spirit of God shall seek out those who disbelieve and they shall be struck dumb.  They shall know Me, and that I AM and have and will be, and their weakened Hearts will tremble with regret and sorrow.

Prayerful Ones, strengthen your Love and faith and trust in Me, your Lord God and Father.  Take the hand of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who redeems you, and do not let go of His Sacred guidance.  Listen to the Loving guidance of the Holy Spirit, for it is by your prayers that He offers ready discernment.  This discernment will allow you to see that which is black and that which is white.  So too will He provide you guidance and strength in your own sufferings and tribulations.

Remain strong in your Love and trust in Me, and the Loving Spirit of God will bring you comfort.  You will be allowed to see the true purpose of your sufferings and tribulations.  You will suffer the attacks and degradation of persecutions of this World with patience, forgiveness, and the Light of My Love within your Hearts to sustain you.  Thus, I say to My Devoted and Belovéd Children, do not be afraid but trust in your Lord God and Father who Loves you.  Know that I am ever with you in your joys and in your struggles.  Call out to Me and I am there to salve your wounds.  Open your Heart to Me and your prayers are answered readily, Lovingly.  Remember always that you must have forgiving Hearts, for what good is Love without true forgiveness?  I say to you, it is not Love but the dark shell of darknesses and the deceiving influence of the fallen one.

Children, look to My Belovéd Servants for guidance and pray for them always.  When the Heart of My Servant has grown sour, the Spirit will illuminate this for you and you will seek another who is faithful and strong in their Love of Me.  Pray for all of My Belovéd Servants, for they too shall be tested heartily.  It is by your constant prayers that they are made more devout and stronger.  By your prayers, I open their cold eyes again to My Love, and their Souls are refreshed by Me.  Pray for My Servants, for the best among them will carry the greatest burdens.  Children, avoid those who are lofty and desirous of attention.  Go to your homes and the home of your Lord God meekly, with Love, faithfulness, and trust.  I shall be with you as a constant Love and power to bring you solace and strength through the tests you shall endure.  Belovéd and Prayerful Children, I have asked that you become bolder in your expressions of Love for Me.  Know that this Loving boldness will cause you much persecution and ridicule.  Take solace in My Love and in the gift of faith that you give to Me by this.

Belovéd Children, there comes a Time when this World shall be illuminated.  The blind shall see and the deaf will hear, and it is My Love and Eternal Justice that they shall see and hear, and their Hearts will tremble.  Gather them to you, those who would come, and show them the GREATNESS of My Love and Mercy for them.  Thus, many of My Belovéd Children will bee saved.

Belovéd Children, it will be a springtime filled with My Glory but great trials for My Children.  I say to you, My Belovéd Ones, trust and Love your Lord God.  When your Hearts are trustingly and completely ensconced in My Loving and Divine Will for you, you cannot know fear.  Trust in Me, My Children, and see the depths and nature of My Eternal Love for you.  Pray and go to attain or receive the Body of Christ which is sacrosanct.  Pray and Love.  Do not fail to pray daily, minutely, for your prayer strengthens you for what is to come.  Belovéd Children, I give to you My Peace.  Do not be afraid, but bask in My Peace.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.