He has opened gates once shut to the world

By Linda

May 9, 2017

There are so many things to do, Father.  Why does the world demand so much of our time when we should be praying to You?  Thank You for showing me my terrible sins and thank You extremely for giving me peace in my Heart by Your Mercy. XO very much.
Belovéd Children, I am with you always, reducing the heat of your tempers and increasing the joy of your happiness.  I am the Lord God and Father.  It is through My Great Love for you that I give to you, Belovéd Children, My Most Loving Mercy.  Belovéd Children, you cannot live without Love, just as you cannot live without breath.  Embrace Love that you will live.  When you deny Love, so do you die.

Belovéd Children, I am with you always.  My Love does not grow smaller or wanes.  My Love for you expands, grows and grows!  (BIG LOVE You cannot make Me leave you by your sins, even if there are many.  I am your Eternal God and Father, and I wait for My Belovéd Sons and Daughters to come to Me.  The Light of Love, the Christ Jesus, longs for you to come to Glory and Love.  He too thirsts for your Love and companionship.  I say to you, My Belovéd Children, pray to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus and pour upon His GREATEST Heart all of your Love and Adoration!

He is Most Belovéd, and the whole of Heaven rejoices in your Love for Him.  For when you worship My Most Belovéd Son, so you worship Me, your Most Holy and Eternal Father.  When you deny the Christ Jesus, so you deny the Father, and when night arrives and you have no Light, I shall not recognize you at My Door.  I will deny you entry to My Home for having denied the Christ Jesus like a stranger with whom you do not speak nor give Mercy.

Children, the Son of Man is Most Belovéd by the Father.  Do not place detriment upon your Souls by your indifference to His Love.  Know, My Belovéd Children, that He has opened gates once shut to this World.  Know that in GREAT Love for you, He gave to you His very Precious Heart to pierce, and you have pierced Him many, many Times, and His Love has never abated, but increases.

Belovéd Children, worship My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus with Loving and reverent Hearts.  Be affectionate and still, gentle and patient.  Trust in My Belovéd Son, for when I am asked, I will give by His Love for you.  Whomever He Loves, I shall Love.  And for anyone who prostrates Himself before My Son and pays homage with Love and great joy, any request He will make of My Belovéd Son shall be given, as His Heart is Mine and yours.  What He asks of Me, He receives, and when you worship My Most Belovéd Son and seek to ever increase your Love for Him, so shall the Father relent and give to My Son that which He asks on the behalf of Man.

Thus, I say to you, Children, Love and adore the Christ Jesus for that reason alone, that your Love is filled with His Light and do not seek recompense for it.  I say to you, trust in My Belovéd Son and His Will for you is good and always far more great (HUGE, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING!) than anything you might ask.  Trust in the Lord God, for I give you good gifts and Eternal Love.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, Love the Christ for His Own sake.  When you are a stranger to your friends, how will they help you?  How will you, in your darkest hour, exist or fair well when you do not ask for My Help?  And when you do not treat your Brothers and Sisters with Love and faithfulness, how is it that you can anticipate or demand or expect those who would Love you their help?  How will you ask for their place at the table when you starve when or if your door has been perpetually closed to them?  Your friends will close their doors to you without guilt and this will be just.  When you cry out to them, they will not hear you.  Thus it is with the Lord God and Father and His Son who is Most Belovéd and (is BIG LOVE!).  When you shall deny the Christ your enduring Love, when you deny His Holy Name, when you cast aspersions upon His Loving and Most Precious Heart, when you wound the Son of Man, so shall I deny you and your name will be unknown by Me, and so your own Hearts will be wounded by this.
Thus I say, treat My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus with all reverence and awe, and with great Love and repentant Hearts beg to be His Servants, and so you shall know the Glory of His Divine Father.

Belovéd Children, you do not escape Time, and when you believe you have no more Time, I will provide you more hours and days and months and years.  And when you are most Frivolous with your Time and lay idle to your worship of your Lord God and Eternal Father, so I shall take your Time away from you, and you shall be bewildered by darkness without Light.

Belovéd Children, I see the errors or wrong-doings and sins of this World.  I see My Belovéd Children profaning My Name.  I see the wars and violence executed in the name of justice.  I see the ravages of debauchery and the faithlessness of so many peoples.  I hear the profanities laid upon My Belovéd Son, and hear the worship paid to idols and richness or(its) wealth, and these things are abhorrent to Me.  This World, My Belovéd Children, stands upon the edge of a dark and most detrimental pit.  When you stand upon a great cliff, will you step over its ridge and be crushed by the rocks below or do you act cautiously and stay far from its detrimental edge?  I say to you, this World is on the dangerous (MOST VERY dangerous) cusp of a cliff of darkness and detriment.  So few are cautious and so few step away from the edges to avoid being crushed with death.

Belovéd Children, how will you expect My Mercy when you do not open your arms to welcome Me?
Belovéd Children, the ocean will continue to swell and take away from the land, and great cracks shall thunder beneath your feet.  Such storms shall come and by their terrible sound shall have you shaking and upon your knees (pleading) for Mercy.  Belovéd Children, wars will come or come and many peoples of this World will be lost.  Fathers and Sons will despise one another and Sisters and Brothers shall close their eyes to each other’s grief and Mothers will wail when her Children leave her fending alone for herself.

When this World is in such a state of sin, as now it is, it is abominable in My Eyes and I shall close My Eyes to your pain and be deaf to your pleas.  I am the Most Divine and Eternal One, the Lord God and Heavenly Parent.  I say to you, come to Me now, today and I shall render you helpless but only without My Love, and when you are abused by Man because of your surrender to Love (God), so shall I smite these people for wounding My Belovéd Child.

Thus I say to you, do not wait until the storm is upon you.  Prepare your homes and keep your family within safety.  So shall you survive this great storm of tribulation.  But when you have not prepared and attempt to find shelter in the full force of the storm, you shall find none and be swept away by the force of the winds before you.  Thus, I say to you, My Most Belovéd Children, you have not prepared for the storm, and when it shall come, so will you be swept up in the winds.

I say to you, Belovéd Children, My Love and Mercy are your constant and enduring shelter.  When you come to your Lord God with repentant and sorrowful Hearts, know that in your sinfulness, (when you think) Mercy is impossible, I shall embrace you in My Loving Arms and rejoice.  My Most AMAZING Love shall be poured upon you and the whole of Heaven will rejoice as another Child has sought and received My Mercy.  Thus I say, Belovéd Children, you must come to Me for Love and Mercy.  My Love is an unending source of water that quenches the heat of your tongues.

The Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son, has secured for you Mercy and is forlorn that so few rejoice in receiving such a treasure.  I say to you, Children of this World, you have put more value on your wealth than you have in My Love and Mercy.  You cannot expect to be wealthy in the next World when you do not attribute all that is good and given to you in this Life to your Loving God and Father.  Those who would seek the admiration of false idols will die in desolation with (a lack of comfort to the Heart) frightened Hearts and so shall your eyes be made to open that you shall see the mistake you made in worshipping these things.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, be prayerful.  Pray in every moment in every day.  By your prayers, you save countless numbers of My Belovéd Children.  Pray, and I shall bend down with My Ear anxious to hear your Loving words that are like song.  Pray, My Belovéd Children, and give a reverent adoration and thorough affectionate Love to My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  Pray and Love your Lord God above all that is temporal and so shall you be prepared for the storm.

Belovéd Children, pray, and I place My Peace and Love upon you that your Hearts will be calmed and your anxiety taken away.  Belovéd Children, My Peace is always yours as is My Eternal Love and Mercy.