My Heart is Scolded

By Linda

April 20, 2018

It is I, My Child who calls to you. I answer the questions in your Heart from Love and delight.  ***
***  I am with you every day, longing for your company and hoping for your notice. Come to Me, Child. Return your Heart to Mine. Hear My Earnest call and do not ignore My Pleas of Love. 
I do not hate, and I cannot lie. Surely Man is taking an evil path and accepts darkness in favor of My Light.  Do you not understand the deep consternation and grief that the death of My Belovéd Children cause Me?  My Little Flowers are slaughtered so painfully, dismissively, and with the loss of each beauteous and innocent life, My Heart is scalded
If you must wish for a chastisement, a warning, to bring Man back to the Glory of Love, know it is not I who shall cause your grief but Man Himself. Do not believe that I abandon you in your misery.  I am ever with you regardless of your misery and pain. Stay confident in your trust in My Love, for I do not fail My Belovéd Children.
***  Thus, I say pray and return to Me. The doors to My Mercy are temporarily shut to Man, for Man declined My Loving offer of Mercy, and so I close the doors with great suffering and un-joy. If you only understood the preciousness and value of your Souls.  Children, all that I allow is to bring you to Me.
The World has run afoul of My Laws and I can no longer wait for your repentance.  Oh, prayerful Children, hold tight to your faith in Me. I am your Lord God and Father and My Love for you is immense.
Children, admit My Light of Love and forgiveness into your precious Souls. I long for you and wait with great hope for your (unbinding) Love and attention. I bid you My Peace, Children, and hope with great ardor your Hearts will return to Me as One. Belovéds, pray as I request and know your preparation is not done in vain. Peace, My Children. Peace