I Provide You Constancy & Fortitude

By Linda

November 23, 2018

3:35 – 4:12 PM (37m)

Were we the first nation to make abortion legal? Did we export such a terrible sin to the rest of the world by convincing people it was okay? Did we redefine conception? What must it do to You, Father? Again, I think of all the ways the world hurts You, and I feel impatient for Your discipline, but I also know You have always told Me not to wish to experience it.  Father, will I be alive? Does it happen soon according to “man time” v. “Your time?” Honestly, I hope so. Not to experience it, but to end this madness of sin and the upside down thinking people seem to have these days.

Belovéd Child, you are so small and weak in your faith. With prayer, all things are possible. I can call on the lukewarm and by your one prayer, they shall hear Me. Do you not believe that I rule this World and have a ready hand to rebuke and to bring My Children to Me?

Child, what if I took your time and threw down My Just Chastisement now, today? How many Souls would come to Me? Yet, if I let people, My Belovéd Children, sin unrestrained, should I not postpone or wait to send My Warning so that more Children are woken by it?
My Children are sinning greatly, and the sadness within My Heart is that many no longer recognize sin. Indeed, how can a person recognize something they have not thought of for years? It grows faint in their Hearts. Thus, it is made easier for darkness to introduce new sin after new sin, and those are also accepted because My Children lack true intimacy with Me.

Belovéd Children, so many of My Children approach My Most Cherished and Beatific Son, with hollow Hearts and ignorant Souls. There is little understanding of His Sacrifice. The Name of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, is spoken without reverence. The Body of Christ is astonishing in the blessings you receive. So few know this, and of those who are told, so few believe.

Children, there is a barrenness in this World. Your Hearts lack the capacity for Peace, even though you are each capable of Love and generosity. This World prefers war and chaos to peace and tranquility. I know why this is so. Many have grown thick with gluttony and impertinent to My Will. Man has ceased to believe in Holy consequences and the Mystery of My Great Love and Mercy. They do not come to Me for Mercy, because they do not believe they sin. What a woeful state in which this World finds itself.

My Enormous Mercy is a rare and specific gift to Man, and yet, because you do not recognize your own sins, you see no need to ask for My Heavenly Mercy. Children, how shocked so many of you shall be that I cringe for you and the pain you will experience.
This is your own making, Belovéd Children. I do nothing that hurts My Children, for I Love you more deeply than the oceans or skies. You cannot fathom My Love for you. This is the reason why I am allowing detriments to take place. This is why the earth trembles and cracks below your feet. It can no longer bear the sins against My Belovéd Son. The ridicule is abundant and there is so little Trust for Him, the One Redeemer who has saved Man.

Saved, if only you would approach Me for My Abundant Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, when you do not nourish your bodies with that which is good, your body betrays you and you grow ill. When you do not drink (from) the Cup of Life, you cannot live. Your Soul has been betrayed.

Children, such winds blow and are yet held back through the great intercession of the Most Holy Queen and your avid prayers. Children, if you only believed with your entire being that prayer is powerful, how different things would be. But there is little prayer within this World and the temporal – the riches, the atrocities, the anger, the excesses – that bind you, hold you so tightly. Children, exonerate your Souls and return to Me, your Belovéd Lord God and Father.

Children, I am impatient for your Love. I am impatient about your attention. I am a Loving God and I do not accept My Station in your priorities. Children, know this to be true. Those who have died and who will die, die with the desire for more Time to Love Me more appropriately, but that is when it is too late. Love Me nowEstablish a loyal and reverent relationship with the Christ Jesus. He is your Saving Grace. Without Him, there is no Life for you. Without the Christ Jesus and His terrible Sacrifice for you, all of this World would be steeped in darkness, never to know Me at all.

Children, discernment is a gift I bestow upon the prayerful. Follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit and pray. Pray and you will not be led astray. Soon, and already many people, My Belovéds, stray from Me. Many disbelieve and teach their children that My Love is of no concern. They are convinced that I do not exist.

Where there is no light, there is only darkness. When there is even a pin of Light in darkness, darkness is broken. So it is with the wretched, the lukewarm, and the stubborn ones. They shall need a harder reminder that the Lord God does exist and Loves them despite their sins and depravity.

Children, listen when I tell you, prepare. Prepare a dwelling for those who will seek shelter. In return, you shall not go without the blessings of the Eucharist.

Belovéd Children, pray. All your prayers hold My Hand back and give Man more Time. Yet, My patience is tried each time Man sins against Me. Children, do not sin against your Lord God and Father. Those who continue to do so will receive no indemnification from the Son of Many or the Father of Life. Come to Me, Children, and keep your hands ensconced in My Own. Know that the (more) faithful you are, the more you shall have to endure. I provide you constancy and fortitude.

Belovéd Children, pray for My Servants. Many are steeped in the trappings of their positions and Rome was not always this way. Remove the gold that adorns your body and give your foods to those who hunger. Do not maintain such vanity and pride.[This is for priests, bishops, cardinals]

Children, the dragon erupts and even now challenges each of you. Where you are silent and accepting, this is when he attacks and drives you further into misconfusion. Stay close to Me, My Children. Stay close, and your prayers for Love and safety and the safety of your children and their own families is assured. 

Belovéd Children, you cannot serve two masters.

I am the One True God. He who does not have faith in Me dies. Those who are strong in their faith are given Eternal Life in the Glory of God’s Majesty. Belovéd Children, go forth into this World and convey My Love to your brothers. I shall see so many very soon.
Do not fear, My Children. I do not hurt those whom I Love so dearly. I give to you My Peace today and for all days.