I Long for Your Love

By Linda

October 9, 2019

3:24 – 4:12pm

Children of this World, you are of Me, as I have created each of you and I Love what I have created. I am ever your Father, your Lord God who is Almighty and Glorified.
My Doubtful Children whom I Love so deeply must come (to) the doctoring Heart of Mine and know what it is to be joyful and Redeemed.

Children of My Heart, you err and move away from Me and into this World of grief, ingratitude, and hopelessness. Why do you turn away from your Loving Father who protects you, and guides you, and gives you all that you need and nourishes you and gives you shelter? Why do you refuse the Gift of Love and Redemption that I have placed before you?

Stubborn Children of My Heart, I am betrayed and astonished by the wickedness I see, and My Sacred Heart is torn open by this World’s sins. Children, you cannot take what I have created. You cannot destroy that which is Mine. I am everlasting and One with Christ Jesus, My Holy and Benevolent Son. The Christ Jesus who was crucified that you may join Me in Eternity, the Christ is betrayed by your inhumanity, avarice, and disregard. He is appalled and yet ready to forgive, and as He forgives, so do I forgive.
Belovéd Children, do you not understand within the sacred parts of your own Belovéd Hearts that I LOVE you. You yourself are BIG in My Holy Eyes. You are more, so much more than simply important. You are the pinnacle of My Joy and your Love delights Me. Thus, I say, come to your Loving Father in prayer and submission and I shall bring you peace and compassion, the very Love within My Bosom is yours.

Hold tight to My Hand, young Children. Do not stray. The snares of the enemy surface at every turn and you must discern what is truth and Light from what is falseness and darkness cloaked and hidden. Pray for discernment, My Children, for soon there comes more confusion and you will not know which route to take and whose voice to trust. I say this with great urgency, My Children; do not cease in your prayers, for each one is a saving grace. When you know Me and you know My Love and have felt the joy of virtues and follow My Law with happy and content Hearts, how can you be deceived?

Cling to Me every minute of every hour of every day. I am your Father and Protector. I am your Loving Creator. Know what I Love and accept and do not stray from My Truths.
Children, pray. This World is in need of great prayer. I see such apostasy that confuses My Children and corrupts their Souls. Come to Me, Children. I AM HERE waiting for your calls. I long to bring you back into My Arms of Love and I worry over My Children desperately.

Belovéd Children, the Sacred has been profaned. Promises have been broken in halves. Children are corrupted, and you have put to ugly death millions of My Most Precious Little Flowers. You mock My Laws, and I am a Loving and Forgiving Father and a just judge. He who does not come to Me through My Belovéd Son cannot come to Me at all. Thus, Love My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who I adore. Love your Redeemer and trust in Him. Give your Hearts over to His gentle compassion and allow Him to heal your withering Souls.

I am a Loving Father, and I dote upon each of you. I will do all that is necessary to gain your attention. I long for your Love. Oh, Precious Children, pay attention to what I tell you. A Time that is difficult comes and black shall be revealed as white, and that which is white today will be revealed as black. You must not be fooled and succumb to the darkness and death this World has become. For I am a God of Light. When that which is dark or set in darkness emerges into the Light, it can hide no more, nor can it fool those whose eyes behold it in Light. But it is now dark and besotted with death. Be My Lights within this World, Little Ones. There is much that I need from you, and it originates in your Love and absolute Trust in Me. If you are faced with famine, trust that I shall nourish you. If you are facing fire, I shall dampen the land and extinguish the flames that threaten your feet. If something of this World should cause you alarm, trust solely in Me and experience the fulfillment of My Love and peace.

Children, you are My Belovéds, and as such, I want every one of you with Me in My Kingdom. My Kingdom does not allow for sin. It is perfect in its being and uncorrupted and chaste. You must repent of your sins and live lives of Holiness that honor your Lord God. I do not make Myself a burden to you, but when you say Yes to My Love, oh, how small and light your troubles shall feel. I am a promise of Love and Compassion. The Holy Crucifixion of My Most Belovéd Son is a promise of Love and Compassion. I cannot hate and I do not lie. I cannot describe the wealth and breadth of My Love for you.
Children, know that in My Love for you, I have whispered and then called out to you to lead you out of this darkening Time. I have called you to My Love with gentleness and a quiet Love. You did not hear My Loving Whispers, for the noise of battles in this World deafened you to My Voice. Then, when I called out to you, you believed in your own majesty and denied Mine. You did not hear My Whispers and would not listen to My Calls. Now I shall roar with indignation for your attention and enlighten you to your sins and the devastation inherent to them within your Souls.

Oh Prayerful Ones, do not be anxious or afraid. Your continuous and constant worship of Me and prayers have made Me glad. My Very Mother who is Blesséd and Belovéd by the whole of Heaven shall cover you in the safety of Her Mantle that your eyes are not singed, and your ears do not go deaf. She will guide your Hearts to peacefulness when you are shocked by the naked realities of your sins. Oh, Children, you shall be so dismayed and afraid, so you must hold tight to Love. I do not punish Mankind from spite or to demonstrate My Power. I strike My Staff into the Earth so that you shall turn your attention to Me and Hear what I say and See what I give to you. I strike My Staff out of extreme Love, although so many, too many of My Wandering Children will believe I have abandoned them. I have not.  I seek your attention and the release of sin that has made itself a vice around your necks. Children, trust in My Love for you. I do not destroy those whom I Love so greatly.

You must continue to pray and increase your prayers. Pray and I shall move the course of rivers and rain fire down upon the earth. Ask and I cannot resist the doting prayers of My Belovéd Children (SO MUCH AFFECTION!).

You are My Belovéds. Do not stray but be constant in your Love of Me. Show the Light of My Love to your Brothers who stand in darkness and are in need of guidance.
Pray, My Children, for My Most Precious Servants. Those who I have called must take up their swords to fight for My Word. My Servants cannot be meek in this endeavor but fearless and trusting of Me. I say to you, there are many who bring such (an unnamed badness) into the Mother Church and woe to those who do so. Without repentance, their punishments will be grim and terrible. Take Heart, My Belovéds, for what I create cannot be destroyed. Pray for My Servants. Do not forget, as so many have strayed, and this World is not friendly to those who wish Me to dwell in earnest in their Hearts. Children, the time that comes shall abolish the great apostasies that you witness and cleanse the earth by My Love. Be faithful Little Children, and trust in My Will for you. It is always based on My Eternal Love for you.

Children, I give to you My Enduring Peace. Pray and you shall be constant and strong in your prayerfulness. Trust in Me and I shall give you discernment in the most confusing of Times. Pray, for your Love of Me drives Me to Divine Ecstasy and My Heart is healed of its wounds. Pray, My Children. Pray.